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Basketball blues

We looked terrible tonight--decidedly not an NCAA tournament level team. And with this loss, I don't see us making the tourney unless we win the conference tournament. I don't know why we are...


How to get to Hawaii

Now that I'm past the Coach Pete trauma and really excited about Coach Harsin and our future, I'm thinking about the Hawaii Bowl. I would really love to get to the game with my two kids. But at...


Still wondering about the hurry-up offense

As the season draws toward a close, I am really wondering about the efficacy of hurry-up offense all the time. Oregon, the mother of all blitzkrieg teams, has now officially fallen from grace with...


Going to SLC--2 free tickets to Wyoming available

Last minute, I have to make an unexpected trip to Salt lake City this weekend to take care of some family matters. So, that leaves me with two issues to resolve: 1. I've got two tickets to the...


QB Injuries

Like all of Bronco Nation, I am wishing Joe Southwick a speedy recovery. His injury does have me wondering about the toll exacted by the new offensive style that has taken over almost all of...

Fresno gets the week off


My daughter, who is a student at CU-Boulder (and is just fine, thanks, through the flooding) sent me this. Fresno gets the weekend off. It's the right decision. No point playing football when the resources are needed for far more important things in Boulder right now.

Lessons from Losing


Usually, my football fandom doesn't intersect with my day job. But on occasion, it does. A short post-UW debacle "sermon" of sorts.


BYU game

I'm planning to buy 3 tickets to the BYU game in Provo. Lots available on Stub Hub and the like. Before I buy, though, am wondering if there is any section where there are likely to be more...

Bronco Nation Lives. . . in Hoboken, New Jersey

I was in New Jersey for a wedding this weekend, and had a few hours to kill this morning before returning home via the Newark airport. So I decided to go to Carlo's Bakery, which is featured in...


Offensive line and rushing yardage

As I recall, last year, even with Doug Martin, we were not always terribly happy with our rushing yardage. That leads me to wonder: is it possible that run blocking is just not a traditional...

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