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Let's Talk Extensions! (Or: Spend Bob Nutting's Money At Home)

So Uncle Bob's money is burning a hole in our pockets. We're practically itching to spend it for him! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much left worth spending it on. What to do? Easy! ...


Scouting Report: Eric Fisher

TALE OF THE TAPE Born January 5, 1991 6'7" 306 lbs. Offensive tackle Central Michigan University STRENGTHS: Mirrors pass rushers almost flawlessly Excels at riding the rush...


Scouting Report: Sharrif Floyd

TALE OF THE TAPE: Born May 28th, 1992 6'3" 297 lbs. Defensive tackle University of Florida STRENGTHS: Fast, active, heavy hands. Endless hustle. Pursues downfield. Thick,...

Scouting Report: Star Lotulelei

TALE OF THE TAPE: Born December 20th, 1989 6'3" 311 lbs. Defensive tackle University of Utah STRENGTHS: Anticipates the snap count extremely well. Consistently the first d-lineman...


Scouting Report: Jarvis Jones

TALE OF THE TAPE: Born October 13, 1989 6'2" 245 lbs. Position: Outside linebacker College: University of Georgia STRENGTHS: Jaw dropping first step Relentless in pursuit Always...

Roy Oswalt Clears Waivers; Reportedly Available For Cheap


According to MLBTR, Texas is looking for utility infield help in exchange for Oswalt. If someone like Josh Harrison or Yamaico Navarro is all it'd take to get that done, then I hope Huntington considers doing it. Oswalt's ERA (5.94) and HR/FB rate (15.7%) are certainly ugly but when you recall he plays in Texas's home run haven and that he's been to some extent hosed by a bad defense (4.07 FIP) and BABIP'd to death (.382 against a career average of .299), the idea becomes much more palatable.

Goldstein: Polanco "rapidly" becoming "an elite level prospect"


Free nugget from BP. Nice paragraph on Polanco headlines it.

Asking price for James Shields clarified


This link is the same one from the front page story about Hunter Pence, but since Shields was discussed in a previous fanpost I'd thought I'd put it here. According to Stark, the Rays want a young catcher, "high-end young pitchers" and a controllable outfielder to deal Shields. If the Pirates would be interested that reads to me as: -Tony Sanchez or Ramon Cabrera -One or two of the Indy Lefties -Alex Presley, Jose Tabata or Garrett Jones In an ideal world, Owens, Cabrera and Tabata would get it done. More realistically, we're looking at Sanchez, Locke, Wilson and Presley or Jones. Of course that all depends on "high-end." If Tampa means Cole or Taillon "high end," then no thank you, let's move on.

Unconfirmed report: Annoucement coming on Charlie Morton and Tommy John surgery


Chris Mueller of 93.7 the Fan has the following to say: "Understand that I’m not confirming this, but I’m hearing there will be a Tommy John announcement for C. Morton today. Just what I’m hearing." Let's all hope someone's feeding him bad info

Blue Jays release Vlad Guerrero


If only he could play the field anymore. Huge mark for Guerrero.

Astros sign Chris Snyder


1 year deal, mutual option for 2013. No word on how much money as of yet.

Carlos Pena signs with the Rays


1 year, $7.25MM Somewhere white angus breathes a sign of relief.

Olney: Asking prices for vet starters have dropped "significantly"


Specifically he says Oswalt's asking price is $8MM and Hiroki Kuroda has come down to $10-$11MM. Oswalt at $8MM is reaching the point where it seems to me Huntington should start sniffing around.

Cubs talking to Jeff Francis


Combine this with their interest in Maholm & it seems the Cubbies are dying for a lefty groundballer with upper 80's velocity. Frankly, if they want to take Francis and remove that temptation from Huntington, I'm all for it, particularly if this means Paul can be re-signed and Correia can be shipped elsewhere.

Red Sox to punt this season


In that they just signed Nick Punto

Don't go getting those Ike Davis hopes up


"It doesn’t make sense to trade [Davis]," a Mets official said. "But you listen. What if the Marlins decide they really want a first baseman because they aren’t getting [Albert] Pujols? We could say, ‘OK, give us Mike Stanton to play right field,’ and we could then move [Lucas] Duda to first base." The article notes that such a trade has not been proposed, but it gives a window into the kind of return the Mets would be looking for when dealing Davis. Somehow I doubt Marte and Lincoln would be enough. You're looking into Cutch-Tabata-Cole-Taillon cost if they'd want Mike Stanton from the Marlins.

Pirates to be "big players" for Wei-Yin Chen


According to this guy the Bucs have "the most interest" of any MLB team. His bio states he's a Yankees scout on the Pacific Rim, so he presumably is plugged into these things.

Heyman: Angels in search of a closer; Padres desperate for bullpen help


So the Angels want a closer. Kendrys Morales at 1st is probably expendable for them based on Mark Trumbo's emergence. The Pirates have Hanrahan. You see where I'm going with this. Heyman also notes that the Padres are big into the reliever market. They've lost Heath Bell to FA and Mike Adams to trade. They need a closer and are in a position where few players on their team can be considered untouchable. Cory Luebke would look awful good in a Buccos uniform.

Jonathan Broxton signs with the Royals


Why does this matter? Well, per the link (Jon Heyman's Twitter account), he got $4MM to setup. Let's review that: The reliever market is such that a guy who makes Ryan Doumit look like Cal Ripken just got $4MM for a year from a small market team to setup. Huntington has to be looking at this and preparing to shop Hanrahan around at the winter meetings. He better be, at the least.

Morosi: Pirates interested in Ramon Santiago


QnD info on the switch-hitting Santiago, who turned 32 at the end of August: Has alternated between SS & 2B for the Tigers. Playing primarily at second in 2011, he put up a 10.4 UZR/150 in 195 innings at short. In 2010, he played primarily at SS (617 innings) and was good for a 16.1 UZR/150. Last season at the plate he hit .260/.311/.384 with 5 HR. No info in the report as to the amount of money/years Santiago might be looking for. He made $1.35MM last year in the second season of a two year/$2.5MM deal.

Burres, Hart, Pearce & Wood Outrighted to AAA


And thus all can opt to declare free agency. The housecleaning continues. UPDATE by Charlie: Aaron Thompson is off the roster as well.

Feel the Autumn Wind... I'm not big on telling people how to be fans, but if this doesn't get...


Feel the Autumn Wind... I'm not big on telling people how to be fans, but if this doesn't get your blood aren't a member of Raider Nation. Period. My message to our beloved silver and black tonight would be a paraphrase of Phil Villipiano: A true Raider doesn't ask permission. He takes whatever he wants. Remember the spirit of the ultimate Raider, Mr. Jim Otto, and leave it all on the field. Go forth and kick ass this season, boys.

Do the Bucs have the next Cal Ripken on their roster?


"He's still going to get better. He looks like the next Cal Ripken to me." --San Jose manager Lenn Sakata Who is that about? Chase d'Arnaud? Maybe Jordy Mercer? Er, no. Brandon Wood. See, the link will take you to Baseball America's Top 50 prospects from 2006. I'm definitely on the side of "don't trade too many prospects" but in the interest of equal time to the other side, I thought I'd link to this showing just how uncertain prospects can be. Some other highlights: - Lastings Milledge called a future All-Star - Andy Marte will be a "special hitter." - Troy Tulowitzki called "better than Bobby Crosby"....back when that was a bold statement. - Conor Jackson compared to Superman. It's all worth a look as a trip down memory lane and a reminder that there's no certainty when it comes to prospects panning out.

Olney: Bucs "basically out of" the Beltran sweepstakes


Cleveland too. NH and Chris Antonetti doing the wise thing for their clubs.

Heyman: Bucs indeed shopping for an OF


Add another legitimate reporter saying that the Bucs are after outfield help. That makes Olney, Biertempfel and Heyman by my count. Probably missing others. Still speculation, but the accumulating weight of evidence would tend to confirm that NH is indeed working the phones to get another corner outfielder. I don't get it. Maybe Tabata's recovery setback was worse than has leaked out? If it were me, I'd try to bolster the rotation and pre-empt, to some degree, a starting rotation due to come back down to earth. But then I'm not an MLB GM.

Olney: Bucs looking for a "stable" veteran presence in the outfield


So sayeth Buster on Twitter. Have to think they'd want the veteran to have significant playoff experience to guide the young guys on the team if they make it. Speculations anyone?


2011 NFL Oakland Raiders Draft Results: My take on Wiz 2.0, Van Dyke and Jones

A scouting report on three of the newest Oakland Raiders

2011 Mock Draft v.1.0

It seemed to me wise to get out a preliminary mock draft to work on.  It's always best to have a baseline from which to work with as the Senior Bowl and Combine come along and the draft stocks of...


A Close Up View of the Carnage

Yes, Raider Nation, I was there yesterday and was an eyewitness to the gruesome spectacle.  It was ugly.  It was horrifying.  It left me speechless. But enough about the lady sitting on my...


Brainstorming: Fixing the Offensive Line...

....or "We Got 99 Problems (And the O-Line Is the Main One)" If yesterday's debacle in Nashville taught Raider Nation anything, it confirmed our collective worst fears about the offensive line. ...

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