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Hardcore Hockey chick... I love the game and envy those who play it... but also support them through it all, most of the time any way.

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Recap: Blues Lose Series 4-2, game 5-1


This game was brutal. The St. Louis Blues would implode against the defending Stanley Cup Champions to lose the game 5-1. Heres the Final STLGT Recap for the 2013-2014 season.

Recap: Blues Fall in OT 3-2


Tonight was like getting stabbed repeatedly in the heart until you can't make a sound. Am I surprised? A little, but not really. There is one game left we will see what happens.

Recap: Blues Fall to Chicago 4-3 in OT


Game Four would be an action packed, emotional game for the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately for the Blues they would fail to hold a lead and end up in OT. The Blackhawks would...

Recap: Blues Fall to Hawks 2-0 in Game 3


Tonight was a familiar feeling for many a Blues fan. Game Threes just are not the Blues thing. They lost to the Chicago Blackhawks 2-0 tonight but still lead the series 2-1.

Recap: Blues Rally to Defeat Hawks in Game 2


This afternoon took a dark vicious turn and would see the St. Louis Blues down a captain and a goal with five minutes remaining in regulation. The team would secure the win to take a 2-0 series...

Recap: Blues defeat Hawks in Triple OT Game One


Welcome to the 2014 NHL Playoffs where you get two hockey games in one! Tonight's matchup of division rivals, the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks, well BOY was it a treat! Blues win 4-3...

Recap: Blues Get Shut Out, the Streak Continues


Blues were shut out tonight by the Dallas stars. It was horribly Frustrating and disappointing. WOULD THE REAL ST. LOUIS BLUES PLEASE STAND UP!?

Recap: Blues Fail to Capture Win Against Caps


The St. Louis Blues took on the Washington Capitals tonight in the hops of catching up to the Bruins in the race for the Presidents Trophy. Needless to say it did not go well for the Blue and...

Recap: Blues Fall to Hawks 4-2


This morning the Blues took on the Chicago Blackhawks. It was the final match up between the St. Louis team and the Chicago team in the regular season. It was a rough 4-2 loss. Its Recap Time!

Recap: 11 Reactions and Observations from the 4-0


The Blues were shut out by the Colorado Avalanche. It was crappy. We need scoring.

Recap: Ryan Miller is God in 1-0 Shoot Out Win


Ryan Miller, the god of the St. Louis Blues Net showed us his god like skills in tonight's EPIC 1-0 Shoot Out Win. There were glove saves, There were pad saves, and there were spectacular saves.

GifCap: Blues Fall to Hawks in 4-0 Blowout


The Blues lost, Hawks won. I am gifing this recap. I require effort to analyze uninspired play.

Recap: Blues Reach 101 Pts With a W over Jets


Tonight the St. Blues fought tooth and nail against the Winnipeg Jets. Blood, sweat and tears were spilled and shed as the game went on. The Blues were able to pull out the win after being tied the...

Recap: Vladis & Blues light up the Oilers 6-2


Tonight the St. Louis Blues went full throttle, full steam ahead against the Edmonton Oilers. It was a rough and tumble sort of game with tempers flaring where ever you looked. The Blues smoked the...

Recap: Blues Fall in OT to Stars, 3-2


Tonight was an emotional game for the Dallas Stars as they took on the St. Louis Blues. The Stars would take home the win in Overtime after a physical battle winning 3-2.

Recap: Rocky Mountain Blues Defeat Aves, 2-1


The St. Louis Blues took on the Colorado Avalanche in an afternoon match in the Mountains. It was a Conference III Belt Match and it was a good one ending with the Blues winning 2-1.

Recap: Blues Power Through Lightning, 4-2


Tonight the St. Louis Blues took on the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a hard fought battle and intense driven game resulting in a Blues win, 4-2. Its recap time, Blues fans!

Getting to Know Ryan Miller and Steve Ott


Yesterday me and Andy Bolton traded off perspective of those who were involved in "The Deal". I had a few questions for him that pertained to Ryan Miller and Steve Ott on what we can expect and...

Recap: Blues Go Back to their Roots to PHX, 4-2


Tonight was a wild one for the St. Louis Blues against the Phoenix Coyotes. They somehow were able to get it together in the third and defeat the the Yotes, 4-2. You know what that means! It's your...

Recap: Blues Fall to Ducks 1-0


For the second time this road trip the Blues fall to the opposition 1-0. The team has failed to show the spark and motivation they had shown before the Olympic break. How did the game go down you...

Recap: Blues beat Jets 4-3 in SO


The St. Louis Blues are heading into the Olympic break with the lead over the team from northern Illinois after getting a win this afternoon against the Winnipeg Jets. How did this go down you ask...

Recap: Blues Disappear in the 3rd, lose 5-4


Well I already had the first two periods partially written soo... I blame Canada... Here is your game night recap.

Recap: Vladimir Tarasenko says No to Preds, 4-3 SO


Who cares what happens in Soviet Russia, cause HOLY SHIT VLADAIMIR TARASENKO Carried our Team! Teach me how to Senko! Blues Win, Here is your Game Recap!

Recap: Blues get 'Caned in Carolina, 3-1


Tonight was just a load of $#!T. Just rawr Blues.

Recap: Halak says No to New Jersey, 3-0


Tonight the St. Louis Blues and Jaroslav Halak took back their revenge from the New Jersey Devils. It was a game clearly burdened with Glorious Purpose!

Recap: Blues Come Back to Beat Isles in SO, 4-3


Todays afternoon tilt between the New York Islanders was a weird and wild game. Somehow the Blues stole two points from the New York Islanders. What happened during the game you ask? Well, here is...

Recap: Blues Defeat Broadway Babies, 2-1


Tonight the Blues of this season decide to hop in the the Doctor's TARDIS and get back to the present and stop trying to play like their past selves. It was nice. Thank you Doctor.

Recap: Blues Roll Over and Die Against Devils, 7-1


Well that sucked hard donkey dildos.

Recap: Blues Fall To Kings, 4-1


Tonight the St. Louis Blues played like a pile of dog doo. That is playing it nice. What happened? Get your drinks ready ladies and gents - it's recap time.

Recap: Blues Steal 2 pts From Yotes, 2-1


Tonight the St. Louis Blues took on the Phoenix Coyotes. The game would be best described as a boring mess of weirdness. How did they win you ask? Let's find out?

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