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Hardcore Hockey chick... I love the game and envy those who play it... but also support them through it all, most of the time any way.

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Recap: Blues Play 60 Minutes Of Dumb


The 2006 Blues started their season in appropriate fashion as the 2013 Blues decided to stay home tonight. It was ugly, it was brutal, and it was just pure dumb. Lets recap to cope with the...

Recap: Blues Stick It to the Rangers & Zebras


Another game in the books and another Blues History marker made, Blues beat the New York Rangers 5-3 starting off the season 4-0-0 for the first time in franchise history! Let's recap this bitch!...

Recap: Blues Beat Hawks in Series Opener


The St. Louis Blues Prove the Rivalry Isn't Dead, They defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in an intense playoff style matchup. Its Recap time!

October 2013 St. Louis Blues Schedule Wallpaper


Hockey season is back!!! That means it's Wallpaper Schedule time!


For Those wanting to Play in the Brentwood Novice League with me...

I am officially Registered! YAY!!! Any way If you are interested in playing with me or in the league in general call the Brentwood Ice rink and register for the Saturday Night Novice...

LA Kings at St. Louis Blues Game 5 Recap


Panic buttons? Shitting the Bed? And the good old F-word. These are all great adjectives that explain the St. Louis Blues right now.

An Ode to the Playoff Beard


It's Beardy Time Again!

Alexander Steen: Because It's The Cup


Fan Made Because It's The Cup TV Spot

St. Louis Blues vs. L.A. Kings Round One Schedule


It's that time again! Playoff hockey is upon us, keep up to date on what your Blues are doing with a new Schedule Wallpaper by RealBadRobot.

Blues @ Avalanche Recap: Well That Sucked


Some one told the Blues we needed to clinch at home to actually be successful in the playoffs didn't they?


A Loss in my Hockey Family

Yesterday in the early afternoon I was celebrating Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. I and my Cousins were pretty close to being done with the unwrapping of our presents and we were...

Wednesdays Links: Hump Day Work Day


SO classes were fun. one of my text books is called "The Guide To Getting It On" I don't think this one will be returned... its hilarious! Love the pictures it has. CBA WATCH: 10 Days till a...

Tuesday Links: Back in Black


Classes start this week... yay! BUT I can't afford my textbooks... why the hell are they so damn expensive!? I hate the economy... so I am open for ideas if anyone has any! please and thank you! H...

Monday Links: Its From a Prop House in Philly


Hello fellow Gametimers... Happy labor day to all!!! I am officially back into the swing of things. YAY! I got up before 10 today... aka 3 am... I am very proud of myself and the productiveness....


Thoughts and Prayers to The Families Involved in the Theater Shooting

I send my thoughts, my preyers and my heart out to every family, victim, anyone involved in the senseless murders. When something like this happens it puts things in perspective. No one deserves to...

Thursday Links: Life Without Hockey is a Very Empty One


I hate the summer. I hate it so. I miss my hockey boys. My life is empty and full of heat. I need my cool breeze and the smell of snow in the air. I need my soul alive again... Really Crappy...

Wednesdays Links: Someday my Prince Will Come


Anyone else ever get the feeling of just wanting to give up, go live in the forest and wait for the day that you are sweeping the steps of the house you share with the 7 dwarves singing along with...

Tuesday Links: I'm as Mad as Hell, and I just Can't Take It Anymore!


People of ear... I mean... St. Louis Gametime, I come to thee bearing great tidings of a return to link land! I have been rather absent of late due to a breakdown of epic proportions, School became...

Thursday Links: Migraines Are A Witch!


So I am back! Sorry for my absence but my Migraines took over the last two weeks and I have been pretty much incapacitated from all things that glow... so that makes linkage hard to write since i...

Thursday Links: Holy Crap The Devils are Still In It!?


So I fell asleep at my desk again last night... Its getting old REALLY quick. so Quick links! Blues News: Still none that I can Find in the 2 mins I took to look (sorry but homework owns ALL...

Tuesday's Links: SO RBR has Been MIA because of Homework.


Homework has consumed my life! AHHHHH The monsters book of monsters is going to EAT ME! (+1 For Harry Potter References!) Sunday Night I crashed literally on my desk into a fit of slumber that I...

Thursday Links: Individualistic Approaches to Creativity


These are going to be quick. Due to my migraine state these past few days I have been unable to work on homework like I like to... so hence the no links yesterday and the weird title today (YAY...

Tuesday Links: Migraines and Other Shenanigans


So Memorial day I slept in for the troops and I send them all of my rest, I also cleaned. Just my kitchen, it sparkles while I still have to climb over things like I am on a jungle gym to get any...

Monday Links: Minor Difficulties in Links Land


Hey Look the Links Department is still living! I think all of our lives kinda took over these past few days... in my case my sleep schedule just kept fucking me over... so did you miss us? are you...

Wednesday's Links: Editing Makes Your Brain Forget Things...


Hello one and all! I am late... I am late... said the red headed "rabbit" that was inside my brain today. I was up all night last night working on this damn DVD for my swim lesson kids. (Whom I...

Tuesday Links: RBRs Internet is Down


Hey guys! My internet has been down since last night and still isn't back up, so I'm posting from my phone. Enjoy this link to NHL.com for all the info on last nights game.

Monday's Links: All The Pretty Girls On A Saturday Night


OMG NO BLUES HOCKEY IT SUCKS!!!! *RBRs Brain is in MAJOR Withdrawal* Hartigan (& Other Females or Males who'd like to join) can we do a synchronized Gilmore Girls Marathon/weekly "GDT"? I am so...

Thursday Links: What is Life With Out Blues Hockey?


My nights are so boring now a days... I have no puck to watch, unless you count the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But honestly I could care less about who is left. No team is really exciting to...

Wednesday Links: Don't Forget to be Awesome!


Flick is off stuck in an endless cycle tending to a boom pole and very little sleep... That sounds a little wrong... eh. SO while he is off recording sound on some set that I will never see I am...

Sunday Links: As We Go On...


What's up people of the blues fandom? I have missed you all! Hartigan is off trying to make it around the world in 80 days so y'all get me! This afternoon the St. Louis Blues embark on a quest to...

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