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Growing up in Northern New Mexico with a father who was a fervent Cowboys fan, Ms. Rollett managed to avoid any interest in football whatsoever. At the time she assumed that it was because she disliked the game, but since moving to Pittsburgh she realizes that she just hadn't encountered a sufficiently awesome team. She's a slow learner, though, and it took almost 13 years of exposure to the Pittsburgh atmosphere to ignite her latent fandom. She has spent the past two and a half years attempting to rectify the error. Besides her work on Behind the Steel Curtain, two articles will appear under her byline in the 2011 Maple Street Press Steelers Annual.

Her day job, ironically, is as a musician. She directs The Pittsburgh Camerata, Pittsburgh's only professional chamber chorus, and teaches harpsichord at Duquesne University. She is also currently engaged in writing a book which explores some of the issues of music philosophy that are raised by Historically Informed Practice in early music. She plays the organ from time to time, and fiddles around on the violin when the mood hits her. If this makes her sound like a total dilettante, that's entirely possible. She prefers to think that she takes the broader view.

She is married to a material scientist who is well known among other material scientists. He has managed to remain strangely unaffected by the Pittsburgh sports mania. She is the mother of four children and has seven grandchildren so far. Some of them have been suitably indoctrinated in Steelers fandom. Others are a work in progress. Mrs. Rollett is also half of the staff for two Birman cats, neither of which appear to be interested in football. If they were, they would probably favor someone like Tom Brady.

More information about Mrs. Rollett may be found at or at

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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User Blog

Character (Ac)Counts: Steelers Safety Will Allen

In which the author continues a series from last year...

Jerome Bettis learns 'the game inside the game'

...or should that be "on the Bucs' Bus?" Steeler great Jerome Bettis was interviewed at Sunday's Pirates game, and had things to say about life, the world, and everything...

Aptitude, not attitude, is what needs adjusting

in which the author attempts to refute some of the claims in an earlier article about the Steelers, as well as defend one of her all-time favorite players...

Tunch and Wolf's 2014 Walk for the Homeless which Momma gets sore feet, an ant bite, and some more opinions and predictions from Tunch Ilkin...

Evaluating the 2014 Steelers Draft, Part III

in which Momma examines our second-round pick, and gives you all an opportunity to join her in something even more important...

Evaluating the Steelers Draft, Part II which Momma looks for flaws in the Steelers' 2014 draft picks, hoping not to find any. Instead she finds the material for a rant...

Evaluating the Steelers 2014 Draft, Part I terms of Best-Looking Fastest Player Available...

Steelers mock draft 2014: Best Looking Available

in which Momma gets to choose players with little regard for their position, enjoys herself hugely, and finds a possible replacement for Brett Keisel...

Steelers BLA mock draft 2014: Rounds Two and Three

in which Momma struggles through a bad case of eyestrain to bring her mock to the world, and finds some outstanding players for her trouble...

Best Looking Player Available mock draft

…in which Momma uses her patented BLA metric to judge the pool of prospects

Steelers Free Agents: Wide Receivers

in which the wide receiver corps is scrutinized to see whether any of them have gotten any taller since the 2012 season...

Steelers Free Agents: Outside Linebackers

in which a whole slew of guys are perused from every angle, almost...

Some random thoughts from Ben Roethlisberger


in which he holds forth on current events, and drops some dismaying news (to me at least)...

Steelers Free Agents: Receivers and tight ends

Let's look at the offense for a while, and see what we can see...

Steelers Free Agent Musings: the secondary

in which I break down the free agents in a sort of geeky way...

Richard Sherman and the NFL culture of respect

in which the author explores the quaint old-fashioned notion of sportsmanship and why it seems to be lacking in these degenerate days...

A season of inches

in which the author explores just how close the Steelers came to being relevant...

Mike Tomlin apologizes, but not for what you think


Some of the worst singing you'll ever hear, along with other rants in preparation for Pittsburgh's Week 17 game against Cleveland.

Character (Ac)Counts: Ben Roethlisberger

in which the author makes a case for the fact that people can change, and sometimes actually do...

Character (Ac)Counts: Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin


In which the author makes a case for the man Tomlin has shown himself to be throughout the years, and wonders at the ease with which Steeler Nation suddenly seems prepared to believe otherwise...

Is it better to have hoped and lost...

than never to have hoped at all?

A very happy Thanksgiving...


from my family to Steeler Nation!

Can Chef Tomlin's recipe tenderize a tough bird?

The Ravens may be "too hungry to lose", but the Steelers are hoping the boys from Baltimore will be eating some crow on Thanksgiving...

Character (Ac)Counts: Fernando Velasco


in which the author continues her series on the members of this season's Steelers squad...

Quarterback Dance Party


Want to see how well your favorite QB dances? You still won't know after you've seen this. In fact, you'll be dumber in many ways afterwards. It's funny, though. I particularly liked Andy Dalton...

Character (Ac)Counts: Or Does It?


in which the author rambles as usual while exploring the issue of how much character matters in an enterprise in which winning is everything...

Ravens Throw Down the Gauntlet


Will the Steelers pick it up? C'mon, guys, don't miss this opportunity...

Preparation, Coaching, and the 2013 Steelers


in which the author takes issue with the conclusions reached by PaVaSteeler in his analysis of the data from the first half of the season...

Character (Ac)Counts: Shaun Suisham

in which the author continues the series she began in the off-season with a paean to a man who refuses to praise himself...

Heinz Field turf 3, Ravens 0

Mucked-up turf may have played into something of an advantage for the Steelers, or a detriment for the Ravens.

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