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Growing up in Northern New Mexico with a father who was a fervent Cowboys fan, Ms. Rollett managed to avoid any interest in football whatsoever. At the time she assumed that it was because she disliked the game, but since moving to Pittsburgh she realizes that she just hadn't encountered a sufficiently awesome team. She's a slow learner, though, and it took almost 13 years of exposure to the Pittsburgh atmosphere to ignite her latent fandom. She has spent the past two and a half years attempting to rectify the error. Besides her work on Behind the Steel Curtain, two articles will appear under her byline in the 2011 Maple Street Press Steelers Annual.

Her day job, ironically, is as a musician. She directs The Pittsburgh Camerata, Pittsburgh's only professional chamber chorus, and teaches harpsichord at Duquesne University. She is also currently engaged in writing a book which explores some of the issues of music philosophy that are raised by Historically Informed Practice in early music. She plays the organ from time to time, and fiddles around on the violin when the mood hits her. If this makes her sound like a total dilettante, that's entirely possible. She prefers to think that she takes the broader view.

She is married to a material scientist who is well known among other material scientists. He has managed to remain strangely unaffected by the Pittsburgh sports mania. She is the mother of four children and has seven grandchildren so far. Some of them have been suitably indoctrinated in Steelers fandom. Others are a work in progress. Mrs. Rollett is also half of the staff for two Birman cats, neither of which appear to be interested in football. If they were, they would probably favor someone like Tom Brady.

More information about Mrs. Rollett may be found at or at

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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User Blog

Should Ben be Ben?

and if not, who?

The Levi Brown trade and the power of change

in which the author fleshes out a throwaway comment in Neal Coolong's excellent article...

A deodorized interview with Ramon Foster

In which Ramon and the author chat about mentorship, touch briefly on the offensive line, and talk about Gillette's new music video.

Harrison on LeBeau


or, what James Harrison REALLY thinks of his old defensive coordinator

Why all the injuries in the NFL?

Part 1 of 2, in which the author ponders some possible reasons for the spate of injuries throughout the NFL, and (eventually) argues for a possible solution.

Teaching Ike Taylor new tricks, and other random o


In which the author throws out a few theories to see if they stick...

A punter's lot is not a happy one


Especially one who, like Brian Moorman, just got cut.

The NFL's Cruelest Season


Or at least the cruelest excepting, naturally, the cuts in February and March, but that's a long way away. I'll think about those in the morning...

Pittsburgh Gets Another '08 RB in Felix Jones


Rather like Rashard Mendenhall, the back he preceded in the 2008 draft, Jones has never really lived up to his pre-draft hype. Is Pittsburgh giving him the opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong?

Battle of the AFC North: Top Draft Picks

In which we begin the traditional lead-in to the season with the rookies. If only I could get them to carry my stuff...

Steelers Thursday training camp recap

In which the halfbacks were dropping almost as quickly as A.J. Burnett was giving up runs...

Will the Real Al Woods Please Stand Up?


In which the author harks back to her mis-spent youth watching game shows, and digs up some info on the winner of the first preseason game ball.

Losing a preseason game can be a good thing

With all due respect to the pundits, the division race isn't determined yet.

Day 14 Training Camp Recap

Backs-on-backers in coverage, Markus Wheaton with another good day, bad news for Plaxico Burress, and the only thing hotter than the weather was the Pirates.

Training camp recap: back to 'Football in Shorts'

In which the author learns the parameters for bringing children to camp and sees an awesome field goal competition.

Steelers Training Camp Recap: Day 5

In which the author enjoys a kickoff and a garbage can competition, as well as some actual football plays.

Steelers training camp recap: First day in pads

In which the author makes it to Latrobe for the first day in pads...

Character (Ac)Counts: Brett Keisel

In which we get in touch with Steelers Defensive End Brett Keisel's inner Mountain Man...

Character (Ac)Counts: Cortez Allen

There's a lot of excitement in Steeler Nation about Allen's presumed ascent to starting No. 2 cornerback. The author is also excited about how Allen carries himself off the field...

Character (Ac)Counts: Heath Miller

In which the author features one of the Steelers known for his sterling character as well as his on-the-field excellence.

A Fourth of July Steelers Roundup


Some of the Steelers who served their country in the U.S. Military.

Will Jarvis Jones Start at OLB Next Season?

In which the author muses about the difficulties of eradicating our bad habits

Steeler World: A Photo Essay

An account of personal interactions with the global nature of Steeler Nation.

Character (Ac)Counts on the 2013 Steelers

in which the author highlights some of the vets and speculates about the rookies...

Is There Really Gold in Them Thar Hills?

or, more to the point, have teams like the Steelers, the Ravens, and the Patriots really found a way to identify better-than-average players in the lower rounds of the NFL Draft? (Part III in a...

Does crime pay in the NFL Draft?

or, more precisely, does Bill Belichick-style horse trading pay off? Steelers fans are adjured to be very patient while we examine some of New England's trade strategies and compare them (at long...

Tunch and Wolf's Walk for the Homeless, Redux

In which the author proves that she indeed walked the whole 6 miles, and shares some musings from Tunch.

AFC North Drafting, 2001-2012: An In-Depth Look


And heck, let's throw the Pats in for kicks. Part One of a series comparing the AFC North and the New England Patriots to the league average.

Tunch and Wolf Walk for the Homeless


...and Momma Rollett and a whole lot of her new best friends are going to join them.

NOOOO! Say It's Not True!!!


Ravens WR Torrey Smith cuts his dreads. Hopefully for the Ravens, his considerable abilities were not, like Samson, contingent upon his hair.

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