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Growing up in Northern New Mexico with a father who was a fervent Cowboys fan, Ms. Rollett managed to avoid any interest in football whatsoever. At the time she assumed that it was because she disliked the game, but since moving to Pittsburgh she realizes that she just hadn't encountered a sufficiently awesome team. She's a slow learner, though, and it took almost 13 years of exposure to the Pittsburgh atmosphere to ignite her latent fandom. She has spent the past two and a half years attempting to rectify the error. Besides her work on Behind the Steel Curtain, two articles will appear under her byline in the 2011 Maple Street Press Steelers Annual.

Her day job, ironically, is as a musician. She directs The Pittsburgh Camerata, Pittsburgh's only professional chamber chorus, and teaches harpsichord at Duquesne University. She is also currently engaged in writing a book which explores some of the issues of music philosophy that are raised by Historically Informed Practice in early music. She plays the organ from time to time, and fiddles around on the violin when the mood hits her. If this makes her sound like a total dilettante, that's entirely possible. She prefers to think that she takes the broader view.

She is married to a material scientist who is well known among other material scientists. He has managed to remain strangely unaffected by the Pittsburgh sports mania. She is the mother of four children and has seven grandchildren so far. Some of them have been suitably indoctrinated in Steelers fandom. Others are a work in progress. Mrs. Rollett is also half of the staff for two Birman cats, neither of which appear to be interested in football. If they were, they would probably favor someone like Tom Brady.

More information about Mrs. Rollett may be found at or at

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
User Blog

AFC North Drafting, 2001-2012: An In-Depth Look


And heck, let's throw the Pats in for kicks. Part One of a series comparing the AFC North and the New England Patriots to the league average.

Tunch and Wolf Walk for the Homeless


...and Momma Rollett and a whole lot of her new best friends are going to join them.

NOOOO! Say It's Not True!!!


Ravens WR Torrey Smith cuts his dreads. Hopefully for the Ravens, his considerable abilities were not, like Samson, contingent upon his hair.

Drafting in the New World Order

Discussing the Le'Veon Bell pick in the light of the new realities in the NFL.

Steelers Drafting vs. League Average, 2001-2012


A graphic look, if you will, at how the past decade of drafts have measured up.

Best Looking Player Available mock draft

Best Looking Player Available, a seldom-used metric when evaluating draft prospects, might weigh the 2013 NFL Draft a little bit differently than standard metrics.

AFC North Drafting: How Well Have They Done?

In which the author attempts to assign values to the draft class of each team league-wide and compare it to the teams of the AFC North.

Y ahora, directamente desde la Cuidad de México...

Reporting on the NFL Experience south of the border. Sort of.

Ray Shero Brokers Deal for Steelers

Breaking news about the stunning trade with the New York Jets.

AFC North Roundup Finale: Linebackers

Analyzing the linebackers of the AFC North and their performance over the 2012 season.

AFC North Roundup Finale: Defensive Line

In which the author re-examines her conclusions from before the 2012 season and finds them unduly pessimistic.

Matt Spaeth? Steelers Fans, You're In Luck!

In which the author demonstrates, via the stats she loves so much, why this is a much more exciting signing than it seems at first glance.

Momma's Free Agent Picks for 2013

In which the rigorous metric of BLA (Best Looking Player Available) has been applied to this season's crop of free agents.

Putting Numbers to a "Steelers Championship Roster

In which the author takes a deeper look at Ivan Cole's "bold" projection.

Tunch Ilkin Holds Forth on Head Injuries


Bob Labriola's latest from

AFC North Roundup Finales: The Offensive Line

And some of them were more offensive than others. To find out who and why, read on...

Tomlins Receive Award

The plural in the title isn’t a typo—the award in question was presented to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and his wife Kiya. Read all about it...

AFC North Roundup Finale: Running Backs redux

In which the running backs are viewed in terms of how well they, well, ran. Never fear, the offensive lines will eventually be scrutinized for their complicity.

AFC North Roundup Finale: Receivers II

In which we look at the numbers for the non-wide receivers, including running backs. (Would that be "narrow" receivers? Eligible tackles need not apply...)

AFC North Roundup Finale: Receivers Part I

For which the author spent way too much time looking up data and making charts...

Ravens versus Steelers, 2013 Edition

In which the author proposes postponing the Ravens' coronation as 2013 Season Champions for a few more months...

Some Wise Words From the Pittsburgh Media

For those of us for whom the Super Bowl had no good outcome, there are a couple of articles just for you in Sunday's Trib...

Off-season Rant No. 3: Roethlisberger vs. Haley

In which the author attempts to make a case that isn't the usual one...

Offseason Rant No. 2: Quality Control Matters

In which the author makes a case for deficiencies in what seem like minor matters affecting the Steelers in major ones.

AFC North Roundup Finale: Quarterbacks redux

In which we go a bit deeper than the raw stats and take a final look before bidding them adieu.

Offseason Rant No. 1A: A Followup on Head Trauma

In which the author, with the help of Autoweek Magazine, addresses some of the questions in the comments to Rant No. 1.

Offseason Rant No. 1: Unnecessary Head Trauma

In which the author makes a case for eliminating an entirely gratuitous source of brain trauma.

AFC North Roundup Finale: Quarterbacks

In which a whole bunch of meaningless statistics (thanks, PaVa!) are used to come to some rather obvious conclusions...

Comparing the 21st cen. Steelers Super Bowl Teams


In which the 2005, 2008 and 2010 teams head for the playoffs and the 2012 team cleans out their lockers.

AFC North Roundup: The Bell Tolls for Thee Edition


In which the Steelers and Browns battle it out for—what? Nobody knows. And the Bengals and Ravens battle it out for nothing.

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