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Rebs to face Tigers... No, not those Tigers... no, not those either.


They play basketball at Auburn?The Roundball Rebs will be facing the Auburn Tigers tonight on the Plains. Auburn is statistically the conference's best defensive team so if the Rebels go cold, it...

The Local Voice #74


Our piece for this edition of TLV is about how obsessive a few of us get over recruiting. Take it with a grain of salt, like always and don't forget to comment, criticize, or politicize below.Click...

Rebel Roundup: Friday Morning Linkage (EDIT - 2 More!)


Hardy Undergoes Another Foot Surgery - Greg Hardy, emo poet and destroyer of galaxies, will miss Spring practice but should be healthy enough to participate in fall drills after Wednesday's foot...

Dwight K. Schrute, Landshark


All Ole Miss fans who watched the Office earlier tonight thought the exact same thing when they saw this:

The Local Voice #71


I completely forgot to post our piece from last week's Local Voice and, for that, I must apologize. Click the image to get a full PDF or, if you're only looking for what we wrote, check it out...

NUTT on ESPN: How to Defeat the Florida Gators


If anybody knows how to beat the 2008 Florida Gators squad, it's Houston Nutt and our Ole Miss Rebels. Check out the video below. It's a good mixture of the same old Houston Nutt babble and actual,...

More salt, more wounds


I'm bored, alright?

Blogger Q&D - Double T Nation


Double T Nation, a very well written and detailed Texas Tech blog, agreed to exchange some questions with us in traditional game-week fashion. Juco All-American's questions and Seth of Double T...

TLV #70


Click the graphic for the full PDF. Look below for our column as written by The Ghost of Jay Cutler.-----Rebels, the time is nigh. On January 2nd, we will have made our long anticipated return to...

Merry Christmas from The Red Solo Cup


Updates have been slow around here for very obvious reasons. Everyone, enjoy your holidays with rest, relaxation, and family. You've earned it.

New Banner (with cups)


Goose, one of the Cup's good friends (and someone with whom I consult on nerdy shit) threw a new banner together for us. He wasn't at all prompted; he was just overtaken by the giving spirit of the...

Cotton Bowl Bound


Sources have informed le Cup that the coaches met with the players today to inform them that they will, in fact, be headed to Dallas in January.Your thoughts?I know many people wanted to see our...



So we looked at an ad at the bottom of our page that we actually felt like clicking. It's a company that provides personalized toolbars for websites. We've done a little bit of work to personalize...

Are we LSU's rival?


The short answer is, of course, yes.The long answer is as follows:"I mean, Ole Miss isn't really our rival." "Ha Ole PI-YUSS thinks were there Rival haha taht's dumb LOL!"How often have you heard...



This week's blogger Q&A is with a blog that we didn't make up. I promise. Pelican State Sports is an LSU blog. Really. Anyway, they have our answers up over there. Here are their answers to our...

SEC Power Poll - Week 11


Click here. Look out below.

SEC Power Poll - Week 11 Ballot


This weeks Ballot reflects no change whatsoever. Sure, Florida/Bama, UGA/LSU, Vandy/Kentucky, and UT/State are all "closer" to each other than they were last week, but nothing happened this week...

New Layout?


Let us know what you think. Also, the new banner is temporary.

SEC Power Poll - Week 10


Remember when we told you we'd have the poll results up about "noon-ish." What we meant was "early in the next morning-ish." Click here for the breakdown and look out below for the nifty graphic.

SEC Power Poll Week 10 Ballot


I'm fairly certain that the end of the season Power Poll won't look too different than this ballot (or the results which will come your way noon-ish). Georgia/LSU, Ole Miss/South Carolina, and...

RSC Pick 'Em


Sorry for not being more regular with the standings. Here are the top 5 scores through week 10.1 RebelRH - 68-23, 3842 olemiss21 - 66-25, 3832 twellis1 - 67-24, 3834 biggus scrotus - 66-25, 382...

You be the Judge.


This is the offensive pass interference call which many Arkansas fans are upset over. I'm not going to say anything towards the validity of the call. I have my opinions but I'm just going to let...

A VERY Tardy Q&A Exchange


As was mentioned in Straw Man numero tres, most of the cup contributors spent their weekend at a wedding. This, naturally, kept us away from the wonderful daytime distraction that is our blog. We...

Arkansas Straw Men - Part 3


Omigah like HaPpY hAlLoWeEn Y'a-wulll!! Shazzam! The Ghost of Jay Cutler is gettin' ready for what is likely going to be the most bomb-ass weekend this side of Mardi Gras. A good but of us Red...

SEC Power Poll Week 8


It's up at Garnet and Black attack. Sorry for the lack of a ballot. Maybe we'll throw it up here tonight sometime. The new numbers represent the average amount of points each team received in weeks...

5 Keys to Beating Alabama.


Do you remember our 5 keys to beating Ole Miss? Well that was a part of a link exchange we're doing this week with the Bama Sports Report. Would you like to see the 5 keys to beating the Tide? C...

RSC Pick Em league


Everyone. I've redone the matchups for this weekend. I know it's late but work's been killing me. Redo your picks by visiting Don't complain, it'll only take you 5 minutes.Have...

5 Keys to Beating the Ole Miss Rebels


1. Throw the ball on first, second, third and fourth down.This just in. The last time that Ole Miss could effectively stop the pass was when Ken Lucas was playing corner for us. That was a long...

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