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Now That Teddy B. Is Here, What Should We Expect From Him?

Hello Vikings fans! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Earlier this week I looked at how I thought Kyle Rudolph would perform this year. This time around, lets take a look at the Vikings...


Don't Expect Kyle Rudolph to Be Jordan Cameron This Year

via Hello Vikings fans! I'm back this time trying to dig into Kyle Rudolph's fortunes this time. Specifically, what can Vikings fans expect from him in the coming season?...


Statistics and Football: Do They Even Mix, and If So, How Can We Use Them?

Hello fellow Vikings fans! I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. Its been a while since I've written anything, as I've been pretty busy these last few months. With the draft in the rear...


Breaking Down This Year's WR Class

Hello everyone! Its spring break for me here, and I decided to throw together a piece on this years rookie WR class. I realize that we most likely won't be in play for any of the top receivers come...


Predicting Future Success: Can College Efficiency Metrics Predict Successful NFL QBs?

Hello everyone! I'm back with another off-season QB article. After showing how each QB did in relation to each other this year, I went back to the 1996 season to see if I could develop a system...


QB Primer: Who Should the Vikings be Looking at in April?

Hint: Not these guys. Hello again everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and a fun and safe new year. As I'm on vacation at my dads house, where he managed to...


What to Make of Cordarelle Patterson's Rookie Year

Hello DN! I'm back from a semester long self-imposed hiatus. Blame engineering school. During the previous summer, I took a look at a few players from a purely statistical standpoint to try and...


RedHat's Fantasy Football Guide: Fixing Some Broken ADPs

Hello fellow norseman! I've written a few articles recently using statistical analysis to analyze a few of our players recently, notably Christian Ponder. Now that I've alienated/pissed off most of...


What Should Viking's Fans Realistically Expect From Adrian Peterson in 2013?

via I'm sure many of you can immediately recall the play that was captured here. That picture comes from what may be my favorite play made by my current favorite...


Christian Ponder: What His College Statistics Can Tell Us

via Continuing my look at Christian Ponder's career, I'm going to look back at his college history to see if there were any indicators to the type...


Forecasting Christian Ponder's 2013 Season

via My last post on Christian Ponder looked into his past, trying to assess how he fared as a passer these past two years. This time around, I'm going to attempt to look...


Cordarrelle Patterson: Scouting vs. Statistics

Hey everyone. I'm back again with another stat-based article, this time looking into the Vikings last but certainly not least first round pick, Cordarrelle Patterson. Many people throughout the...


Adjusted Yards per Attempt and How it Relates to Christian Ponder

Hey guys, this being my first post, bear with me here. I know Arif expertly laid out a piece on BR last year detailing Ponders chances as being a legit QB, so I'm not going to re-hash the...

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