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Huge Portland Trail Blazers fan who now lives in Los Angeles.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NCAAF Oregon Ducks
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  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NASCAR Nascar sucks.
  • Boxing Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez
User Blog

Blazers better than Heat this season w/POLL

Did you guys know that the 2013-14 Trail Blazers were identical to the mighty Miami Heat this season? Both teams: played their way to 54 wins in the regular season. Both teams: Lose to the...


Blazers take over FACEBOOK!!

Hear ye, hear ye!! In honor of the Portland Trail Blazers making the playoffs, it would be amazing if every Portland Trail Blazer fan updated their profile picture with this Blazers Pinwheel. The...



After reading the thread about Damian Lillard being invited to participate in the dunk contest in the 2014 NBA All-Star game in New Orleans, I got a bit excited to think that he might still be...


Predicting Ducks Football final ranking 2014 - POLL !

Trying to figure out what the final top 10 rankings will be, specifically where the Ducks are most likely to finish. My worksheet looks like this: #10 Oregon (11-2) beat unranked Tx, 30-7 #3...

Simmons: Portland makes Playoffs! Olshey GM OTY!


Jalen Rose scoffs and DISAGREES with Bill Simmon's "Clairvoyant Bill" predictions that the 2013-14 Trail Blazer basketball team will make the playoffs AND that Neil Olshey is going to be the GM of the year. Bill tells Jalen that he gets to be the one to explain it to the Blazers Edge message board readers and posters. This is as meta as it gets, folks.


Thomas Robinson -- lotto bust or total steal?

I'm trying to gauge what's up with this guy. Optimistically, I understand how a dysfunctional Sacto team could have jettisoned him prematurely, and that Houston needed that $3.5 mil cap...


B.Roy to save money, invest in home arthro kit

After suffering another setback in a long line of chronic knee issues, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Brandon Roy announced Monday that he has finally purchased a do-it-yourself arthroscopic...


Sign Derek Fisher?

So, Derek Fisher is being waived by the Houston Rockets. I know he's got the stank of purple and yellow on is rings, but he's a healthy, veteran PG. Any interest in the Blazers signing him? Would...


LSU's Jordan Jefferson, three teammates to face battery charges(?)

Sometimes you just want to beat a team at full strength, with their batteries charged, so that you know you really beat them at their best.  Sometimes, however, they take the "battery" notion the...


Ben on Blazers TV right now!!

This is pretty interesting. Adam has a cool white hat that I want to own and wear on my head. I have to type 75 words but you should just click this link to watch Ben Go.Liver at the Trail Blazers...


Paul or Durant?

Hello, hindsight soapboxers, malcontents, would-be GM's, cry babies, armed make-shift militia members and/or fellow fans who just want to feel the confetti of a Trail Blazer victory parade on their...


SB Nation PARTY in LA tomorrow?

I got this in my mailbox, wondering if any Blazer fans are attending. Anyone going to this and want to meet up for a Blazer toast and handshake? Hey Sports Fans -- SB Nation is buying the drinks! C...


What's about to happen: Sack KP. Bag LBJ.

I figured it out. Or at least, just theorized what may happen. Ready? Here goes.... As has been reported, Paul Allen is envious of the attention that Kevin Pritchard has received for the success of...


Dealing with the L*kers on Facebook

Living in Hollywood and, thus Los Angeles, I have many friends in this city.  Many of them happen to be supporting the local professional basketball team that isn't named the Clippers.   Tonight,...


Blazers 6th Seed by week's end!

Yes, it's quite possible, Blazer fans.  We are only half a game behind San Antonio, one game behind Phoenix and two behind the Sonics.   The Spurs are heading to FLorida to get beaten by Orlando...


Wish we had Durant?

Has everyone read the recent article on Kevin Durant in SI? Has everyone jumped bandwagons and started wishing with all their might that the Blazers took Durant instead of Oden? I invite you to...

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