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Peyton Gatorade Ad


We all still love Peyton, so I feel this is relevant. These new Gatorade ad's are fantastic

Patriots Pull a Colts and snatch up a x Brown Executive


Don't know if they are undermining their GM with this move or not, but it seems that at least 2 franchises are not allowing these talented football minds to fall in rival's hands as the Pat's have just hired x Browns GM Mike Lombardi


Proof - Updated

How many articles did Stampede Blue have posted in the following 24 hours of last week's game and loss? How many articles did Stampede Blue post after this week's game and win? Does anyone...

Pep REAAAALY Likes Andrew Luck.... ALOT


Mentions pistol and wildcat within first minutes!?!??!??! Talked about protection first and foremost. Then talked about versatility of the vertical passing game and possessing all the different types of weapons we have, matchup (Wayne) Vertical speed (Avery and TY) post up (Allen) Speed and size (Fleener). Comfort in that "If we had to play today, the quarter back would know what to do." - Going to run a very similar offense to Stanford..... "Thinks the personnel we have right now on campus we could go out and execute the offense the way we want to." Was upset that the Heisman didn't go his way said to Andrew "You'll be back in New York real soon, and your name will be called first"(NFL Draft). "Details and Exactness" was one of a barrage of coach speak he spilled out in one section when speaking about what it will be like when camp starts back up

RG3 is a "Cornball Brother"?


What a joke.... Hope Parker gets the door shown to him, because we all know if his skin color was different he would certainly be sent packing....


Reggie Wayne Tributes

We've seen them all before, and if you're like me the second you got home from the game you went straight to youtube and re-lived some of the greatness that is Mr Wayne (Christ, I was watching in...

Did Mbakwe just say Devoe is coming back...


Did Mbakwe just say Devoe is coming back next week? Interview with Andy Katz

Goddamnit Donald (Volume)


Lil bit of humor I found on youtube today. Looked quickly to see if anyone already linked it but couldn't find anything. We all knew that Addai was the better blocker, but this sheds a whole new light on the blocking ability of Donald Brown.


just scored tickets to saturdays game

Anyone have tips on places and or things to see while I'm in town.  I'm from St.Paul Minn and been a Colts fan sice Clarence Verdin was returning kicks. (had about 20 of his rookie cards as a kid)...

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