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there are songs about back up OL men?!


Not to get all Foxworthy, but you know you're a chiefs fan when you think of chiefs players when you hear rap songs. OG KUSH!


Staying On this Offseason

The speculation and anxiety that comes with the offseason is unbearable. No one has ANY clue what the new front office is thinking because they're just figuring out a consensus between themselves....


What to Expect When You're Expecting, or You Owe Me One Year of Life Back, Chiefs

The season is over. I had post after post planned this season. I had every intention of checking in once a week to offer my two cents and boast about our division leading team. That all fell...

did anyone see this in a yahoo story? It's good to know I would have hated Sexy Rexy when he was...


did anyone see this in a yahoo story? It's good to know I would have hated Sexy Rexy when he was younger as well.


It's kind of a funny story, or: Nostradamus? More like...Nostradumbass

I had started a blog post in September of 2011. This is what it said.


Tears of a Clown: Maybe Amy Grant IS the Lucky One

You live and you learn. You don't:1) tug on superman's cape2) spit into the wind3) Believe that Peyton Manning would ever not shit on you4) (Most importantly) Satire Tim Tebow ( h...


Timothy Richard Tebow: A Gosh Among Men (A God of "Oh, Goshes")

I'm sure you opened this thread hoping it was a misplaced fanshot. Hoping that it was the red band trailer for the Zac Ephron starring, Oliver Stone directed biopic about everyone's favorite...

Off-season power rankings


Spoiler alert: Broncos #8 Chiefs #17 we'll see.


Pay Tons and Peytons: Eff 'em in Effigy

According to wikipedia, Gary Payton retired in 2007. I don't know what the big deal is. I thought this was a football blog. I also thought we lived in a civilized society. This is all pretty...


Skitzophrenia, Throwing El Bowes and The NeverEnding Stories 1-3 (A pessimistic view through the rose colored looking glass)

I will preface this with the following confession: I'm writing this for completely conceited, selfish reasons. I'm tired of every post being from the same vein. I feel like I can liven things up...

Romeo the boring choice?


This is from a couple years ago, but nothing has changed. I don't know who the right hire is, but this is something to keep in mind.


Franchise Quarterback or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the One Who Throws the Bomb

I've been fighting doing another "KyLe ORtoN RaWkz GUiz" post since, well, my last one. I've posted one. I've read about 30, and the comments around here have the same argument on every post. A...



The first reason for my vote for Kyle as our QB for the next 3-5 years can be found here: h...

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