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Gruden Breakdown of Geno


Very good points about the potential and the body of collegiate work. Don't Stop Believing


A Little Luck has Spread the Plague

Firstly, I want to quickly condemn you, Mr. Andrew Austin Luck, for having infected the entirety of draft analysts, experts, gurus, fans and crackpots across the world with the Unrealistic...

Did anyone else know this???


"And then, the day after Harbaugh signed his extension, the Kansas City Chiefs weighed in, seeing whether the Stanford coach would be interested in leaving, sources said. The irony was that Harbaugh's wife, Sarah, is from Kansas City. Had the Chiefs called 48 hours earlier, before Harbaugh gave his word and signature to Stanford on an extension, he might have been enticed. But the Chiefs were a little late, a delay-of-game penalty that would haunt them. Harbaugh stayed at Stanford, and Kansas City hired Todd Haley."

"Tyler Wilson a 2nd round consideration" says former NFL GM


Phil Savage, former Cleveland Browns GM of Brady Quinn fame and current Senior Bowl Director, states Wilson is "absolutely not " worth the top pick. Gives more praise to EJ Manuel through the Senior Bowl week. Speaks highly of Geno and the time he spent with him. Good interview.



The next head coach for your Kansas City Chiefs: Mike Nolan? via While I'm fully aware that our GM choice with the potential firing of Scott Pioli will...

Who does this sound like?


"Now Sanchez bears the classic marks of an overcoached player, rarely looking downfield, hesitating when his first read isn't open and settling for meaningless yardage on third down. (There's a reason the Jets went three-and-out on 30 percent of their drives in 2011.) " Quote from an ESPN Insider article by Sean McCormick, Football Outsiders. What could quality coaching do for our own "overcoached" QB? You're up, Daboll

With all of the Bowe trade talk recently, what about Alshon Jeffrey at pick 44? He's not as...


With all of the Bowe trade talk recently, what about Alshon Jeffrey at pick 44? He's not as physical as Bowe, but I think I saw a non-cartoon mock draft post about him recently on AP that stated it best: this time last year, he was the most pro ready WR in college and went through last season in a run-heavy offense. I like him a lot, and in the 2nd round, he might be the playmaker steal of the draft.


Man(ning) Down

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" - Michael Corleone Let me start this litte diddy by giving a H/T to the fellow AP members Wait and See and Fong KC They both shared links...


How Do We Know?

Close your eyes, clear your head of all objective clouds and ask yourself these questions: ...

Drama Queens


It sounds like the Indianapolis Colts didn't listen to the first rule spelled out by Haley and Pioli. "You do NOT talk about Fight Club"!

Very smart move by the front office if the report from this, regarding the team refusing to pay...


Very smart move by the front office if the report from this, regarding the team refusing to pay Haley the last year on his contract for cause. The Babb article was built on the Haley "unquote" that he thought his personal cell phone was tampered with by the team. If the team is using this as an individual under contract speaking negatively about the team to a member of the media to void Haley's remaining contract, it may force Haley to publically deny that he ever said that if he wants to be paid for that last season. Pretty smart move by the Chiefs brass, again, if this is in fact true they are denying Haley his last payment.


Curing Cassel Syndrome

I'm writing to raise awareness of a terrible affliction that many Kansas City Chiefs' fans suffer from, some right here on AP, and to see if we can all come together to find a cure for this...


The Pocket Problem

The QB's best friend.  Where his home should be.  Comfort and relaxation are afforded here.  This is the pocket.  Matt Cassel hates the pocket.  He would rather live on the streets.  Apprehension...


AFC West Head-to-Head (Defense)

Following up on my head to head offensive breakdown in the division, I'll look at and rank, in my opinion, the defensive players in the AFC West.


O-line Questions from a Chiefs Fan

Hello Raiders fans!  I'm sure you're immediate instinct is to assume I'm here to troll or post, but unfortunately, I'm only here to ask some questions about Oakland's O-line plans for the season. ...


AFC West Head to Head (Offense)

So here we are in early training camp, less than a week away from our first preseason game, and I'm getting a bit restless.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I need some head-to-head action,...



After the recent statements made by one James Harrison about our beloved Roger Goodell, it has become apparently clear that DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA's executive director, has sent Harrison into...

Players filing 'motions'???


How about the players file a CBA counteroffer, instead of filing court motions, so there can be football in 2011! It takes two to negotiate, and the players show no interest in that, once again

Allen Bailey at SILB???


I was just comparing the combine numbers of Bailey to some of the other LB prospects, specifically the ILBs, and his size, athleticism, stack/shed ability, and run defense. I'm curious if the team might consider him at SILB at some point. He's obviously limited in his coverage experience, but could be a fine 2-down SILB that might develop into a 3-down ILB if he works on his coverage. I like the idea


Dwayne's Time to Shine

Show of hands: who sat straight up in their chair, couch, lawn chair, bean bag, bar stool, toilet, or whatever they were perched on and shouted, "WHAT???  WOW!"  when the 1st Round Selection of the...

Which college produces the most NFL talent?


This was fun to look at, as it breaks down the number of each conference and respective team's NFL draft picks, including 1st round picks. I fully expect to see a Pac-10 v. everyone else debate here at some point

Mallet admits drug use?


Ryan Mallet apparently admitted to some NFL teams in interviews of his rumored drug use. So, here we go again, first Phil Taylor's alleged foot injury red flag by teams, and now Mallet admitting he's a user. More misinformation to cause Mallet to drop on draft boards, or facts from the days of prospects' lives? You be the judge


The 'Tweener Anomaly

The landscape of the NFL has changed quite dramatically over the course of the last 5 years, and us diehard fans have seen it in full force, as the age of the high flying, pass heavy offense has...

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