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Possible Deal Reached by Phillies/Comcast


Bitcoin will change hands, mongereth the rumorers.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching this summer


Thanks to the resourceful phil-er-up, who has the internets and things, this is a video of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez pitching in June of 2013. We're all hard up for baseball we haven't seen, and it is a nice 3 inning look at a pitcher who is largely unknown to all of us.

The Phillies, Fauxsto, and Incrementalism


Is the signing a half-assed, half-measure or a real improvement? Also known as, "Baseball Organizations are Freight Trains."

Doc Halladay Rides into the Sunset


Roy Halladay's playing career is over, and it is time to reflect on a brilliant, brilliant career.

Reviewing RtP's 2013 Phillies Predictions


Flush with optimism and hope on a delightful spring day in April, I deluded myself. How badly did I do? About as badly as the 2013 Phillies.

The Phillies Need to Hire Chuck Noll


The Phillies need the Chuck Noll speech. They aren't likely to get it.

2013 Phillies Exit Interview: Jake Diekman


Jake Diekman throws haaaaaard. Newly improved with fewer walks.

Phillies Puzzle Souvenir Solved By Nerd


I went to Citizens Bank Park with my son for a game and came home with an annoying puzzle. And an unsolved mystery...

Whiz Kids: Hiring an R&D Function for the Phillies


The Phillies are looking for a statistical guru. Shouldn't they be looking for someone to build a whole analytics department?

Autism and Going To See the Phillies


I like baseball. So does my kiddo. We like going to Citizens Bank Park together, but it has not always been easy. Here is what we have learned about making it easier for each other.

Phillies Break 3,000,000 in Attendance for 2013


I was not sure that this would happen in 2013, but the Phillies snuck over the 3,000,000 number for the year. Whether this is "paid" or "fannies in seats" I dunno, but it is a lot of people. Better start turning the ship around to do it again next year. Last year, the Phillies led MLB in attendance by drawing over 3,500,000, so it is a big decline.

Are the Phillies High? Larry Bowa? Really?


Unsourced rumors abound of Bowa as bad cop in Philly. Please god, do not let this be true.

Cesar Hernandez: Stroking It or Just Getting Lucky


Cesar Hernandez is a 23 year old 2B/OF for the Phillies. He's hitting .320 with a wRC+ of 116. Should we be getting excited?

Phils 12, Marlins 2: Cliff Lee Force Chokes Fish


Cliff Lee and Chase Utley. One is the master, and one is the apprentice. Together, they shall rule the galaxy.

Phillies Bullpen Parts for 2014


Shoots of green seem to suggest the possibility of a Phillies bullpen in 2014 that is not wholly wretched. Dare we hope?

Chase Utley Responds to Mac from It's Always Sunny


Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia wrote a letter to Chase Utley five years ago. Chase Utley finally responds.

Mets 5, Phillies Nil: Hedged Baseball


So the Mets kicked the Phillies in the shins today. It wasn't really that bad. You have lots of reasons to keep living. Mets fans don't.

MLB Rotation: Phillies Most Memorable Call Up.


As a child, the first baseball team I ever really noticed was the 1980 Phillies. Marty Bystrom helped me to notice them. His story is amazing, even today, but his hair, oh Lord, his hair...

Manship Goes Down on Long Mayberry Dong


In a flurry of homoeroticism inspired by a resurfaced photo of a slickly-oiled Glenn Wilson, the Phillies pounced on top of the Rockies early and stayed there until the last measure of resistance...

Interview: Rise and Fall of the Phanatic


Photogenically green and furry, he had it all: Fame. Adulation. Money. Phanaticesses. Like the Phillies in 2013, the Philadelphia Phanatic has hit bottom. Hard. What went wrong?

There is No Bottom: '13 Phils by August Strindberg


I received a package in the mail today, containing a yellowed letter sealed with wax. It was postmarked 1896 from Sweden, but the letter was written in French. My translation may be rusty.

Phillies 2014 Projected Record: 12 - 150


The Phillies have gone 1 - 13 over their last 14 games. That projects to 12 wins over a season. Ridiculous, right? Right. So calm down already. They aren't this bad, folks.

#EmbraceTheTank: Braves 6, Phillies 4


If Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, then the Phillies have gone full necroPhillie-ac. On the bright side, with a few more losses, the Phillies have pole position for a protected draft...

Fun With the 2013 Phillies and a Free Burial Plot


The FBI is sure to visit my household this week.

Am I Wrong to Be Optimistic About Darin Ruf?


Darin Ruf has been playing well since Ryan Howard went down with an injury. Part of me isn't surprised, but part of me is. Is what we are seeing sustainable, or just lightning in a bottle?

Bang the Tree Slowly: MLB & the Emerald Ash Borer


The Emerald Ash Borer is destroying ash trees across Pennsylvania, home of Louisville Slugger's supply of ash trees. What does this mean for the future of ash baseball bats?

Who is John Lannan? Phillies top White Sox 2 - 1


A turbulent day in the real world. An eventful day in baseball. Baseball does not fix the world, but it makes the tough days easier. Baseball gets me through times with no hope better than hope...

Nationals 5, Phillies 1 - Lee gets Phifered twice


The Phillies and Nationals combined for 5 solo homers tonight. Unfortunately, the Nationals hit 4 of them in two separate Phifers. What is a Phifer? Funny you should ask.

Michael Young, Braves Beat Phils into Submission


Michael Young and the Atlanta Braves crushed the Phillies tonight. Defensive gaffes upon defensive gaffes, homers against Kyle Kendrick and the bullpen. Just...blech. I'm going to huff some paint...

Ryan Howard sprains platoon split; to DL; Ruf up


Down goes Frazier Howard! Ryan Howard's balky knee sends him to the DL to set a spell. Darin Ruf should arrive in Philadelphia, but not before the start of tonight's game.

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