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Minnesota police groups sue NFL over weapons ban at stadiums


This has been a issue the last year or so that has started cropping up. Schools aren't wanting off duty officers to have weapons when they drop off or pick up their kids, etc. IMO this is a really stupid reaction to highly publicized shootings that weren't done by cops anyway. Why take away a chance for someone who is trained for it to actually stop something like this?

Skins TE Davis suspended


This isn't likely to hurt them at all, he is a FA.

QB testifies in bid to form college athlete union


Eyes will be watching closely to see how the Labor Board rules on this one.

Cowboys shuffle staff, hiring 2.


These are "lower" staff, asst coaches.

Lee's neck not cleared yet by medical staff


It seems he did have a torn ligament in his neck after all.

Cards restructure Larry Fitzgerald, details and cap impact


I am linking this to show that other teams also have huge, nasty contracts and push the money off into the future. His cap hit in 2015 after this restructure will be $23.6M, ouch. Oh yeah, he is currently 30 years old. The story from NFP is the link, here I will also link to Spotrac showing the actual $'s in table form.

Cowboys work out QB Mike Kafka


They put in a waiver claim on him last summer, but the Jags had a higher priority and got him instead.

1st "Mass transit" Super Bowl is already failing the test.


Several people have collapsed from the heat and long lines at at least 1 subway station. "Security officers at first were checking every bag, but by 2:45 p.m., more than three hours before the game, checkpoints were overwhelmed by the crowds and people they were pouring through with little or no examination of what was on their person or what they were carrying."

Suh a problem in Lions locker room


I can't tell you how much this shocks me... ""The bottom line is he would just do things, whether it was showing up for a meeting late, or little different antics to kind of let the team know. ... it was more or less Suh just trying to show his dominance, his power," he said. "That he was basically untouchable and he could basically do what he wanted to do.""

Northwestern football team files for union status.


Needless to say, the NCAA isn't happy with the college football players attempting to form a union. The labor board should hold a hearing in the next 10 days.

NFLPA debating whether to use $2M option on cap for 2014.


Interesting reading. I didn't realize the union was manipulating the cap every year.

Super Bowl media "duh" moment


5h Albert Breer @AlbertBreer That might be the winner ... @LATimesfarmer Some guy at media day just asked Shaun Phillips if he considers this a must-win game. Retweeted by Rowan Kavner

Mara rules out Green Bay Super Bowl


Mara says Green Bay doesn't have enough hotels to host a SB.

Brent is found guilty


Hat Tip to D-Mac who informed me of the news.

Geno Smith reportedly kicked off plane for refusing to get off his cellphone


Smith was kicked off a Virgin America flight out of Los Angeles International Airport on Friday because he refused to get off his cellphone after being asked three times by the flight crew.

Harbaugh way out on the field during play


This picture shows Harbaugh way out on the field during the Niners TD play. IMO it should have been flagged.

Missouri football standout's WR arrest tied to drugs


Dorial Green-Beckham was also charged with possession from smoking pot a year ago.

DeSean Jackson wants new contract


He signed his new deal before last year, now he wants to tear it up and get a raise.

Gif app for iPhone and iPod


App from Yahoo that says it is quick and easy to make gifs. I know that is popular at times.

Scouts and Agents


I nice read from a writer at NFP that is a longtime agent about how important scouts are to agents. " I also noticed that the higher maintenance a player is the less successful they will be."


Creating an SB Nation "Do Not Read" List

A couple of years ago I found a story on the Saints blog, Canal St Chronicles, that showed how to block other users if you use Chrome or Safari. I linked the post in a FanShot and several people...

Texans reportedly close to hiring Penn State’s Bill O’Brien as HC


" reported that O'Brien is "the overwhelming favorite" to be the Texans' new head coach, and the two sides are working on a deal that could be done next week. "

Kitna to donate Cowboys salary to high school


The title pretty much says it all. His boss may decide to let him stay with the Boys after winter break is over if he keeps donating his weekly $53k pay, if the Boys end up in the playoffs that is.

Belichick correlates practice limits, injuries


The Pats HC says he thinks the rise in injuries are due to less offseason practices. I have to agree.

Vaccaro and Von Miller are both out for the year with major injuries


Von Miller tore his ACL and Vaccaro broke his ankle in their games yesterday.

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