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Tim Taylor continues to speak before he thinks


From the Calgary Herald: "In my mind, I thought it would be no problem to beat them because they'd be tired after coming after us the way they did," said Bolts centre Tim Taylor. "They just come...

C of Green?


With the Flames' rampant success, and tickets for games selling out in an average of ten minutes, the profiteers have come out in full force. While you can land a pair of tickets to finals games...

Be careful what you wish for, Tim


I like the Tampa Bay Lightning, I really do. If they werent playing the Flames in this final, I'd probably even cheer for them. But could someone please gag Tim "the Tool" Taylor already? Taylor...

Random Western Championship Ramblings


I sit here at 1:00 AM Mountian time, and there are still horns going off outside my window as people celebrate the Flames third Campbell Bowl victory. Quite honestly, I am still too wired, and in...

Orange crushed


In Calgary, they call it the 'C of red', a playoff tradition that dates back 20 years where all Flames fans are asked to wear red for playoff games: In response, the Flames first round opponent...

The demise of the trap


New Jersey went out with barely a whimper in the first round. Minnesota was eliminated back in December. The Ducks even before that. Even the Red Wings and their mastery at the left-wing lock...

Below Par


Well, Vancouver has become the first division winner to be pushed to the brink of elimination, as the Flames are hoping to upset the West's #3 seed at home, in front of perhaps the loudest fans in...

Bettman gets it wrong again


So the playoffs have finally arrived. The time of year when men are men, goaltending wins championships, and the referees put away their whistles and let 'em play. Somebody didnt get the memo. M...

And the torch is passed to the Rangers


Proving that money can't buy you everything, the New York Rangers have officially taken the title of "Longest active playoff drought", as the Calgary Flames cliched a playoff berth, ending their...

But..but..but hockey violence is a Canadian only problem


Somehow I dont think this will get copy on CNN... Slovakian player Martin Mraz attacks an official during a Slovakian League playoff game. Senseless violence, or every hockey fan's dream?

Flames/Predators: A message that needed to be sent


Calgary and Nashville have a history. It dates back to last year when Tomas Vokoun left his crease to deliver a strong elbow to Jarome Iginla. It continued when Iginla fought back againt Vokoun...

America's culture of ignorance


Since the Todd Bertuzzi incident, many American "journalists" - the vast majority of which probably havent seen a game in their lives - have been chiming in on the game of hockey, its violence, and...

Go north young man


"It's a mixed up, mumbled up, shook up world..." Ok, enough about a song about a transvestite... The Oilers grabbed Nedved from the Rangers. Edmonton can thank Sather for that favour. The...

Hockey in the South


One only has to look at the NHL's average attendance charts to see why those of us in traditional markets remain skeptical about hockey's future in the south. Carolina dead last at 11,743. ...

The view from Calgary


The Calgary Flames. Nobody in Florida likely cares about them, and beyond Jarome Iginla, It is unlikely they could name many players. (You are welcome for St. Louis, btw. @#$%@) And I may be a...

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