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PRMLB April Thread: The Bloodening.

I don't know about you guys, but I can't be bothered with having an extra link between me and the PRMLB thread (now that the Smarch one is off the front page). This is the April thread. Let the...

Rockies Extend Raffy

Rockies extended Betancourt. I dig it as we were poised to experience some significant bullpen attrition in the near future.


Code Red: Some thoughts on how the Rockies can get back in the black.

In thinking about the offseason, the FO is obviously faced with some tough decisions. So far, the team is literally in the red at both 2b and 3b which have produced totals of -.5 WAR and -1.4WAR...

CarGo as actual Cargo!

Q: Is there anything he can't do and/or be?!? A: No.


CarGo's home/road splits = Hope?

Today, Captain Andrew Martin said this in the comments: "I don't have the time to look but xBABIP explorations would be someone interesting for Cargo's H/R splits" Now first, we have to...


The Rockies + 2012 + My (our?) thoughts!

So I don’t know about you guys but I’m looking more and more toward 2012. I still plan on continuing to love everything about this team except for one facet – their win/loss record which at...


Could Tulo hit 40 home runs? Also, lets project our players!

  Hey everyone, This is a very long fanpost, so if you just want the goodies (whatever that means), skip to the end. If you want to read and learn about some statistics and projecting our...

Rockies 3rd in Runs Saved on Defense

The Rockies are 3rd in the majors for defensive runs saved - awesome. The team is a plus at every position except 2b where we're average and right field where we're negative.

A Look into Helton's 2010

Someone puts a lot of effort into examining Helton's 2010 season so far. Pretty interesting stuff.

New Defensive Metrics Available on Fangraphs!

Hey peoples, they've just added a few new ways of measuring defense on Specifically Dewan's +/- system and RZR. Not too clear on the theory behind those (and until I am, RZR is still just something I shave with). But, if you're like me, you want more stuff to look through to confirm that Dexter is an awesome defensive outfielder (Bonus: Dewan's Fielding Bible was awarded to Tulo in '07 - not Rollins)


Make Your Opinion Count (Through Projection!)

Hey all, its projection time. No, not the classic Freudian defense mechanism, but rather, player projection. The fine people over at fangraphs have set up a ballot system where we can enter how we...

Tradition + Modern Approaches = Solid Organizations

With the Rockies losing the playoffs, seems like everyone's been pretty busy analyzing what went wrong (though the glass-half-full part of me says a lot more went right). A lot of comment sections have turned into tradition vs. SABR arguments (yawn). Anyway, here's a link to an interview with the Cardinals Assistant GM John Abbamondi where he explains how the Cardinals utilize traditional approaches to player analysis (scouting) and combine it with newer methodology (pitch FX). In it, he also describes the general organizational philosophy of the Cardinals, who as we all know are a fantastic club/organization (with or without good ol' Matt Holliday). This is also reminiscent of RockiesMagicNumber's interview with Marc Gustafson. Enjoy.

Tony LaRussa vs. Rockies head groundskeeper Mark Razum

During their series with the Rockies, Cardinal head coach Tony LaRussa and Cardinal pitching coach Dave Duncan had an argument with the Rockies' head groundskeeper Mark Razum over the condition of the visitor's bullpen mound. Read up, it's interesting stuff.


How does it all relate?

Hey all, I originally posted this over at Purple Row. Pardon me if it seems somewhat simplistic or a little "audience specific" or something but I figured hey it might have some interesting stuff...


How does it all relate?

Hey everyone, after reading RockiesMagicNumber's post about Chris Iannetta, it got me thinking about how much BABIP is correlated with other statistics. Specifically, in the post he discusses how...


Important Question About Jason Marquis

So now that Jason Marquis leads all of baseball with 12 wins and is clearly on his way to his first Cy Young award, it comes time to discuss a very serious question. As Silverblood just mentioned...

Free Seth Smith

An article at Fangraphs makes a claim that I know will make at least one person here very happy.

Destructobeam's swing is temporarily (hopefully) destructed.

I probably should have actually included Iannetta's name somewhere in the heading but I'm too proud. At any rate, perhaps at risk of getting lost in the Manny/PED aftermath - the fine folks at Fangraphs just dropped a brief piece on Iannetta examining his terrible batting average so far. Looks like Baylor has a new job - leveling out the Destructobeam.

Mashing Matt Murton

Hey all, I've mentioned it a few times sporadically throughout the comments that I'm a fan of Matt Murton and felt he's an above average player who has never really been given a full shot. Although I can understand why he isn't on the team currently (as there is a tremendous logjam), he apparently is dominating in the minors. Here is a link over to fangraphs that just published this piece on Murton. Should he get a call-up in an attempt to alleviate our offensive woes? Can we trade him for anything? What do you guys think?

Time Capsule: The Hardball Times assessment of the Rockies two years ago

So there's a chance this may be a re-post since it was a relevant article two years ago. However, I stumbled across it because it's talking about the things that are going to happen in 2007 and says some funny things like Tulo projects as a below average to average defender and that him and Iannetta won't help us to make the playoffs (I guess Iannetta really didn't but whatever). Anyway, I got a good laugh out of it and hope you guys do too.

Rockies Organizational Ranking

The guys over at Fangraphs are running a series where they rank all 30 MLB organizations. The Rockies check in at 23. I thought they would have been a little higher (19ish?), but as the author mentioned in an earlier edition, while the teams at the bottom have serious work to do, the things separating the organizations ranked 25 through 15 are very small. Enjoy!

Wolf signs with the Dodgers

It's a 1 year incentive-laden deal that could be worth up to 8 million. The Dodgers' rotation could use a veteran like Wolf. Good deal if he stays healthy.

Hawpe accepts Team USA invite.

Not sure how I feel about it as I have mixed feelings towards the WBC.

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