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Lin may have been given over 6 seconds to inbound the ball to Harden on the play where he hit the game-tying 3


Was Jeremy Lin given over 6 seconds to inbound the ball to Harden before he scored the game-tying 3? If so, that would be a turnover giving Blazers possession with a 3 point lead and 11.3 seconds left on the clock. I understand that there were other missed calls and such during the game, but this one is pretty obvious, easy to measure, and directly affected the outcome. What do you think?

Batum joins Pippen as the only NBA players to have 150 rebounds, 130 assists, and 50 3-pointers after 25 games


People have been comparing Batum to Pippen his whole career. Most of the comparisons are contrived and unfair. Today, however, they alone share this statistic. It's great to have such a versatile small forward who plays good defense, passes well, shoots the 3-ball, and can score. In this team-oriented offense he's a great fit. Allez, Nico!

SBN Comment Notifier


I was combing through my comment history to see if anyone had commented one of my comments. I'm not ashamed, but I do wonder if there isn't a more efficient way to engage in dialogue. Introducing, the e-mail notifier! I don't know if BEdgers would use such a thing, or if it would be deemed annoying. I can imagine that the more prolific commenters would hate such a thing, but I haven't even reached 1,000 comments in 2 seasons or so. (I ditched my old account out of respect -- "Roy vs. Matthews... Fight!" when Roy retired. Plus, I figured the battle's victor had been determined.) So, what do you say? Would people be interested in such a thing? I could have simply suggested it to SBN, but I wanted to see if people were interested or annoyed before I did.

Upcoming Game day / time / broadcast network


I love to come to Blazers Edge for most things Blazers. Of course, there are other sites that have specialties like for stats and O-Live for reading jerkface comments. But I would love it for Blazers Edge to post the next game day / time / broadcast network somewhere on the front page. I think it's very relevant and well within the purview of the site. Perhaps it could be set up as a script all at once to read from a file or spreadsheet. I know it's asking of more work from a perhaps overworked staff, but it would help BE to become even more of the authority on all things Blazers. What do other BEdgers think?

Perhaps Aldridge's Rebounding is Just Fine


A Young Sabonis makes the case that LaMarcus Aldridge rebounds just fine, according to advanced stats. However, a deeper look into the advanced stats does not lead Respect_These_Years to the same conclusion.

The PF position had a slightly positive points-, blocks-, FGA-, and FTA- differential , but had a PER-, assist-, eFG-, and rebound deficit.

In short, the numbers don't appear to bear out the conclusion. Perhaps my numbers analysis is wrong. What does BE think?

Meyers needs to improve his technique on the P-N-R


A Young Sabonis does a great job demonstrating the weakness of Meyers' pick technique. His feet are too far apart, his knees point outward, and then he sometimes uses his forearms to make up for his poor technique. If he can improve this aspect of his play, it will positively impact the whole team.

License to Lillard 2013 teaser


A new License to Lillard is in the works, and it looks pretty great so far!

Lillard ranks #32 in the Top 50 NBA Players according to Saving the Skyhook


Saving the Skyhook ranks the top 50 players, and has an interesting methodology. "So what differentiates Lillard from Ellis, aside from the lack of a large tree tattooed on his chest? Ellis just doesn’t have the "It Factor" that Lillard has already shown in just one season in the league." "With an improved yet youthful roster, the Blazers might find themselves in the playoffs sooner rather than later with Lillard and teammate (and upcoming Top 50 player) LaMarcus Aldridge as the catalysts."

Hoopshype Rumors Aldridge wants to stay a Blazer


The narrator's voice is really annoying, but the photo on Hoopshype is of LMA and he is the #1 rumor in the video. For those who don't want to or can't watch the video, it just says that he is happy with the roster upgrade and "don't expect a trade anytime soon."


How does Olshey make the numbers dance for LaMarcus Aldridge?

via What if Olshey has figured out a formula for this decision? What would that formula look like? This post explores that question. Perhaps the formula would weigh the likelihood...

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