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DeSean is the man.


Great little moment from Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and his therapist.


Is the NFL pricing itself out of the market for most fans?

Okay, let's just completely disregard the Superbowl from this conversation from the beginning. Clearly the League hasn't cared for years if the average fan (or worse, the average fans of teams...


Is It Time For New Chiefs Uniforms?

In many ways I am a very traditional, very old school sports fan. I hate the revolving atrocity that is Oregon Ducks uniforms. The Adidas uniforms foisted on college basketball teams during this...


Are Teams Over-Thinking the Draft?

I've been watching a little bit of the Combine this weekend, though I have to admit a lot of it's pretty dull. My hats off to the NFL Network for presenting it in a way that makes it infinitely...


How much of the quarterback problem falls on the coaching?

So Kirk Cousins started a game for the Redskins yesterday. As you probably are all aware, the rookie QB led Washington to a 38-21 drubbing of the Cleveland Browns. Cousins was 26 of 37 for 329...


Why do the Royals get a pass?

I'm really genuinely curious about this. Six weeks into the NFL season Chiefs fans are ready to commit ritual suicide. The only way this season could be worse would be if the real refs had...


Seventeenth blowout of the Pioli era

I'll keep this brief: I'm defining a blowout as any loss of over 14 points. We are now 3 and a quarter years into the Pioli regime and the Chiefs been blown out 17 times in that time period. ...


Book Club Discussion For Marty's Book

Marty Schottenheimer's book "Martyball: The Life and Triumphs of Marty Schottenheimer, The Coach Who Really Did Win It All" was released today. Despite a cover photo of him wearing Chargers gear,...


How good does the GM/Head Coach relationship need to be?

First of all, let me paraphrase Allen Iverson: We're talking about preseason. So there is a possibility things will look entirely different in a couple of weeks when the real games begin. But for...


The Sports Media Is Atrocious

First of all, I am aware of the inherent irony in posting this to a sports media site. I've been a big hater of the national (and to a lesser extent localized) sports media for a long time. ESPN...


If Manning is a Bronco and Tebow is trade bait... is reporting that if Peyton Manning goes to the Broncos then Tim Tebow might become trade bait. I think that's a weird idea since Manning likely only has a couple of years left. If this...


Romeo is a very un-Steelers-like hire

Mike Tomlin. Bill Cowher. Chuck Knoll. Three coaches. Over the past 5 decades the Pittsburgh Steelers have had only 3 head coaches. The Chiefs by contrast have had 4 head coaches since 2005,...


Where will Haley land?

The speculation is all on the Chiefs' coaching situation but I've been kind of fascinated with where Todd Haley will end up. He's a great receivers coach and did a fine job of OC in Arizona. But...


Why the Chiefs vacancy is one of the very best coaching jobs in the NFL.

There was a lot of of speculation on Monday that the reason the Dolphins fired Tony Sparano was in response to the Chiefs firing Haley--to get word out fast that they're looking for a new coach. I...


The Penn State mess and action you can take

Sorry that this isn't directly Chiefs or football related, but I think there are a lot of informed and thoughtful people who read and contribute to Ap. The past week has weighed on my mind a lot...


Turnovers Are Killing The Chiefs

I would assume nobody saw this coming. I know everybody thought this season would be tougher than last year's due to the increased level of difficulty in scheduling.

Minka Kelly is single. . .


This is only football related in that she was on Friday Night Lights, but for all you single dudes, Minka Kelly is back on the market...


Highway Robbery: NFL Preseason tickets vs. Broadway Show tickets

Sorry, this turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. . . . They're opening up a new Cirque du Soleil show at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and a few of my friends are working for it.  They...


In case you missed it, Friday Night Lights to ESPN Classic

There are often posts on AP debating the merits of various sports/football movies.  With that in mind I'd like to point out to everybody that ESPN Classic announced today they will be the cable TV...

Rams back to LA?


AEG has spoken to 5 teams about moving to Los Angeles.


Way off topic: the Kings to return to Kansas City?

Hey guys, I live in Los Angeles and I was wondering if there was any news about this in KC.  Right now the talk is the Sacramento (formerly Kansas City) are going to relocate to Anaheim, which...


Chargers to Los Angeles? There are some KC connections to this story.

A short time ago, Magic Johnson sold his ownership stake in the Lakers and announced a partnership with Tim Leiweke of AEG designed to bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles.  KC residents should...


Retribution is coming for the Donkeys

I was out of town last week and didn't get to the computer much, so if any of this was already covered in the Mini Spygate posts from last week please forgive me. As we know, the Donks got busted...


Back to the Future and Haley's Fourth Down Calls

I just wanted to point out a little flaw in some of the logic as Haley's fourth down calls get debated.  While everybody has a right to their opinion on the matter (personally, I would have tried...


London Calling*

So the NFL plays its fourth regular season game in London this week.  This comes after the league has mounted various pre-season games in cities all over the world for years.  I distinctly remember...


Extremely Bright Future

I was responding to the post about how much good fortune the Chiefs have had this year, and I was thinking about what a great job the entire organization has done over the past 21 months with...


Why isn't ejection an option?

This may wind up being really rambling and incoherent as I've had a few drinks.  So apologies if my logic is faulty.  To my mind in its current state, this all makes perfect sense to me. There's...


NFL investigating ESPN over MNF timeouts

I've never been much of a fan of ESPN, but apparently the NFL is investigating allegations that both Jeff Fisher and Jack Del Rio were asked to take timeouts during this week's game in order to...


LJ + Shanny = New Nickname?

I know he's gone.  The Chiefs organization is rid of him and we are moving forward without him.  Cutting him lose was sort of like having that 11 pound tumor removed from your lower intestines.  So...

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