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What's up guys? My name is Shawn and I'm a blogger over at Cat Scratch Reader. Currently I attend York Tech in pursuit of a associate's degree in Computer Technology with a focus in Networking. One day I would like to get into journalism and make money talking about the team that I love. But for now, I blog on Cat Scratch Reader for fun.

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  • MLB Detroit Tigers
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  • NCAAF Clemson Tigers
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65$ for a damn parking ticket. What?

No. I am not in trouble with the police. This is just a minirant incoming. So I've been watching TV lately on ESPN and NFL Network in the morning of the start of the NFL Playoffs. And all over the...


Dear Panthers: Tomorrow will be my 25th Birthday.

The first football game I ever watched in my life was the 2003 Super Bowl with the Panthers against the Patriots. It was a wonderful game that remained competitive until the final minute. The...


DeShaun Watson 100 Committed.

Usually as a college football fan, I don't put too much stock into commitments. Your word as your sacred law, especially in the South, just doesn't seem to apply to the rest of the country as much...


With Cam Newton firmly entrenched as our QB, I decided to go back and see what people had to say when we drafted Jimmy Clausen

Walter Football 48. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame This is a great situation for Jimmy Clausen. Unlike Sam Bradford, he's not part of a rebuilding project. The Panthers are ready to win now, and ...

Cows with wings spotted hovering over Bank of America Stadium


In an event that has the city of Charlotte in an uproar, a herd of cows from nearby Mecklenburg County have inexplicably grown wings and are now flying in circles over Bank of America Stadium. Some...

This is my vision of Free Agency up to this point


This is my vision of Free Agency up to this point

Clemson Pro-Bowl Day Recap! Hurry and pick Brandon Thompson Panthers!


Will the Panthers get a Clemson player in the draft this year? Tune in to read Clemson's Pro-Day Recap and who has the best chance to land with the Panthers.


The Most Shameful Action in Bobcats History: The Airball Freethrow. Done twice this year.

This afternoon I was browsing SB Nation and I came across this article by Jon Bois who attempted to gather all known instances of missed free throws in the NBA and listed all the ones he could...

2011 Season Panther Player Recap: Greg Hardy


How good did Greg Hardy do in the 2011 Panthers Season? Tune in for stats, laughs, and other such sillyness.


OT: Fun and interesting news stories.

Rules are simple. I'll start by posting a fun and interesting news story. You can reply with one of your own as long as it isn't X-Rated material. Have fun guys! I'll start! A 33-year-old man who...

Which QB would you want on your team today? Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?


With the New York Giants winning the SB the age-old debate is revived! Which QB do you want on your team if you owned an NFL Franchise? Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Goodell's Contract extended through 2018


I don't have time to make an article about this right now, but this is a topic of discussion that should be worthy of note to all of you. In my opinion, it's a bad thing. Just last year Roger Goodell entertained talk of banning the 3 point stance. That's reason enough for me to not like him. Hat tip to NX75649 for posting about it in the sidebar as well.

Steve Smith guarantees playoff berth for Panthers in 2012. Smith's contract runs through the end of...


Steve Smith guarantees playoff berth for Panthers in 2012. Smith's contract runs through the end of '12 season. -Joe Person via Twitter


There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks who believe the Panthers should draft a defensive tackle...


There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks who believe the Panthers should draft a defensive tackle in the first round next year. Rivera is not convinced. "That's a little bit of a stretch in light of the way guys have played. We've had a number of guys who have stepped up and played well for us," Rivera said. "To me, the tackle position is not really a concern. We'll see. We'll evaluate."


That Front Page article on SB Nation criticizing Cam Newton for not calling his critics racist irritates me...

If you look about 20 comments down from the main post you'll see my comment talking about why, but this guy truly irritated me today. Who is he to talk about what Cam Newton is and isn't allowed to...


OT Open Thread: ACC Championship

Sammy Watkins is the new Jacoby Ford. Dwayne Allen is a NFL Caliber TE. "I'm a real boy" Tajh Boyd is going to crush the enemy with his cannon of an arm. Virginia Tech plays in Bank of America...



May his name be praised! The almighty one has returned to us in human form! Jesus Christ has finally found a host to come to visit among us mere mortals. May the sinful be washed away in holy...

Turkeyday Food for Thought: Learning Patience from the Success of Matt Moore


How long should the Panthers wait for Cam Newton to deliver us to the promised land? Learn how the Panthers should learn to be patient from the success a former Panthers QB in Matt Moore.

"I like winning." -Tim Tebow


"I like winning." -Tim Tebow

Chris Harris has been granted permission to seek trade.


At CSR, we have a vested interest in bringing back Chris Harris of the Chicago Bears for the glory of epic blogging. Who here is in favor of throwing a conditional 7th rounder their way and bringing him back?

Aaron Curry to Raiders for 2 draft picks


Aaron Curry was dealt to the Raiders in exchange for a 2011 pick and a 2012 pick. They're probably mid to late rounders. Panther fans can now cross this option out. A Curry to Panthers trade is no longer possible. Props to SouthernPanther at beating me to the punch 3 minutes earlier.

The Cam Newton Banwagon Personified


There are those of us that think we are mad. They think that we are overrating Cam Newton. They think he's had a couple of lucky games. On the other hand....we've boarded the Cam-Bus


Here's a good idea! Why don't we get Steve Smith a sidekick?

The Clemson Tigers have a new shining light in Sammy Watkins. The Panthers need to pick him in 2013


Dear NFL Retirees: You know those helmets you wear? They aren’t there just to look pretty.

While the lockout seems to be reaching near its end, 75 NFL Retirees have recently hit the NFL with a lawsuit claiming that the NFL withheld information for years about the dangers of concussions. ...


What kind of haircut is this? What the devil?

My name is Revshawn and I have been a fan of sports ever since the Panthers made the Super Bowl in 2004. I am a passionate Clemson fan and an even more ravid Panther one. Throughout my days, I am...

Kerry Collins Retires from the NFL.


While Carolina begins a new era with Cam Newton, the core piece of our original Panthers team has decided to call it quits after a 16 year career. His 4 year career in Carolina was one of early success culminating in a heroic playoff run in 1996, but then a quick fall due to his alcoholism and his supposed ‘quitting on the team.’ After he then went on to have some pretty good years with the Giants and more recently with the Titans as well, I can understand why a lot of our older Panther fans don’t like him. Maybe it's a good omen?


Why I'll miss Darin Gantt:

I'm not gonna go too much into philosophical crap, but right now I'm probably a very upset Shawn right now. Darin Gantt always churned out article after article, truth after truth. I'm highly...

How to participate in a debate!


Will the Cat Scratch Reader blog fall into anarchy! Can our Carolina Panthers survive the chaos?

The Panthers Trade for Jacoby Ford!


Glorious elation breaks out in the Carolina today this morning as the Carolina Panthers ship two draft picks ((undisclosed)), David Gettis, and Armanti Edwards to the Oakland Raiders in exchange...

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