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What's up guys? My name is Shawn and I'm a blogger over at Cat Scratch Reader. Currently I attend York Tech in pursuit of a associate's degree in Computer Technology with a focus in Networking. One day I would like to get into journalism and make money talking about the team that I love. But for now, I blog on Cat Scratch Reader for fun.

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  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Orlando Magic
  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAF Clemson Tigers
  • NCAAB Davidson Wildcats
  • Golf The Man.
  • NASCAR Jeff Gordan
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Blaine Gabbert scores a 42 on his Wonderlic.


Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert revealed on a recent Rich Eisen podcast that he scored a 42 on the Wonderlic at Athlete's Performance training.


Revshawn rants on the lockout today.

Today is the last day that the NFLPA and the NFL meet with each other for negotiations. They have 3 choices: To make a deal, to extend the negotiations, or to end it and wage a fiscal, legal, ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, today may be the single greatest day in Panthers history.


Will the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton in 2011? The Panther fans watch the Pro Day with inevitable stroking of beards.

"Steve's handle on the NFLPA chat is "AgentSmith89." Of course it is. Agent 89 never fails to...


"Steve's handle on the NFLPA chat is "AgentSmith89." Of course it is. Agent 89 never fails to entertain." -Darin Gantt


Revshawn’s guide for drafting Clemson Tigers: 2011 Version


A loyal Clemson fan writes the Carolina Panthers a guide for drafting Clemson Tigers. Will the Panthers take Jarvis Jenkins, a extreme bargain in the 3rd round of the draft?


Well, the Trickshot fad has officially started.

One video makes a interesting topic, and two videos mark a trend. Whether this ends at a fad or develops into a tradition is going to be an interesting thing to see. For now, here's Alex Tanney's...

The Most Popular NFL Teams according to Facebook. Where do your Panthers rank?


Revshawn compiles the list for the most popular teams in the NFL...by using Facebook! Is your team as popular as your rivals, or are you shunned from society?

NFL, NFLPA agree to mediation from The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.


This is a story fresh off the pressers, so I'm trying to get this information to you as soon as I can before I head off to college. First of all, don't worry! This is voluntary from both sides....

The Most Underused Players of the John Fox Era.


Who were the most prestigious players that John Fox held back on our team? Some of it is hind-sight, but how bad did this veteran love hurt our team?

"Quick question. If I go to the Justin Bieber movie alone tonight, will I have to register as a sex...


"Quick question. If I go to the Justin Bieber movie alone tonight, will I have to register as a sex offender before or after the movie starts" -Dan Connor


The Off-Season Survival Guide: Week 1


How will the Panther Fans survive the off-season? Revshawn starts a guide that no Panther Fans can do without!

Jay Cutler. A quitter, or a QB that couldn't play?


Did Jay Cutler quit on the Bears? One would wonder why he would walk the sidelines and ride his bike and not exert the effort to play on the field.


Look at this man in the eyes.

"Really, I just want to start handing over the torch," Smith said. "I don't want to be one of these guys that can't let it go when it's time to go. To be honest, the next five years I want to...

Revshawn Endorses a Player for the NFL Draft.


Who should the Panthers pick in the 2011 Draft? Revshawn narrows it down to 2 and then he flips a coin.

Jim Harbaugh hired as coach of 49ers.


Even though he was long scratched off the Panthers list after hearing that Jerry Richardson was interested in a coordinator from the NFL instead of a college guy, this marks the official end of Jim Harbaugh's tenure in Stanford. Is it too late for Andrew Luck to change his mind? Heh. Like that will ever happen. Kudos to ERL for cracking the news first.


The Clemson Tigers take a big orange poo right in the middle of the Bank of America stadium.

This game guys, I wouldn't watch it again if you pointed a gun at my head and forced me too. Let me tell you guys one amazing statistic why we need major change at Clemson: First losing season...

"I hope he dunks on me. His highlights is stupid." -Ron Artest hating on Blake Griffen's...


"I hope he dunks on me. His highlights is stupid." -Ron Artest hating on Blake Griffen's impressive play in the NBA.

"Lockout is coming." says NFLPU in a letter to all it's players.


Will the NFL and Players put their differences aside and get this deal done? I surely hope so, because I need my Panthers in 2011

Jimmy Clausen Narrowly Avoids Injury to His Arm!


Jimmy Clausen narrowly avoids injury

Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks: Please run the ball. Please.


Will the Panthers run the ball on Sunday? We can only pray.

The #1 Pick: How will the Panthers use it?


Who will the Panthers take with the #1 pick if they get it? A quandary of a decision on whether they will grab a corner, a DT, or a DE.

The Most Epic Redskins/Sports Rant You Will Ever Hear In Your Life


DC Sports Talk host Chad Dukes goes on the most epic rant you will ever hear in your bloody life. Props to Jason B for posting it on the Eagles blog, and props to MyFriendCory for posting a link on...

Jeff Davidson calls offensive plays.

"Fox is a defensive coach so he doesn't call offensive plays n the def has been consistent for the most part." -Chris Harris via Twitter

Panthers Offense Vs Saints Defense: Week 9


This week the Panthers go up against the New Orleans Saints, the reigning Super Bowl Champions. The Panthers currently lead the series 16-12, but all of the experts are predicting that the lead...

Carolina Panthers Offense vs Defense Matchups: Toilet Bowl V2?


This week the Carolina Panthers go up against the St Louis Rams. First thing I have to note: The Rams don’t suck as much this year. But I have to call this a Toilet Bowl for the second week in a...

Is this something big? Time for anticipation building guys.


"Last word for tonight on Panthers coaches. Wide net will be cast. Preconceived notions will be shelved. Looking for a special, 10-year guy." -Darin Gantt

Deion Branch Traded to Pats for 4th Rounder.


Everyone can quit worrying about a potential Steve Smith trade now. The Pats go with the guy that is familiar with the system. Everything is fine now. The world has been put back into perspective, ect ect.

The Problem with the Carolina Panthers is....


Is there a simple reason that the Panthers are doing so bad? Revshawn thinks so, and read his article to find out!

Week 4: Panthers Offensive Keys to the Game against the Bears.


The Panthers face the Bears this weekend at home in the Bank of America Stadium. What are their offensive keys to ghe game?

The Panthers Offensive Breakdown against the Saints Defense.


Can the Panthers awaken the beast in their game against the Saints this Sunday? Revshawn breaks down the offensive keys to the game.

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