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What's up guys? My name is Shawn and I'm a blogger over at Cat Scratch Reader. Currently I attend York Tech in pursuit of a associate's degree in Computer Technology with a focus in Networking. One day I would like to get into journalism and make money talking about the team that I love. But for now, I blog on Cat Scratch Reader for fun.

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Throw the ball to this dude on Sunday. We all need a taste of his manliness.


Throw the ball to this dude on Sunday. We all need a taste of his manliness.

49ers fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye


This is significant because the 49ers have second fewest points scored in the NFL behind Carolina. In a league where firing coaching staff in-season is becoming more and more common, perhaps Jeff Davidson being shown the door is soon to follow? Something to keep an eye on, especially with our bye week coming after our upcoming game with the Saints.


Alright guys, next Sunday is a new week.

Let me make this perfectly clear so that all of you guys out there can hear me. If Jimmy Clausen starts next week, I will personally go to the game and record stuff for you all. If Matt Moore...

Josh Freeman: The Real Deal or Fantasy Football?


Is Josh Freeman the real deal, or Fantasy Football? Take a good look at Josh Freeman's career up until this point!

Charly Martin out for season via concussion, CJ Wilson in.


It seems that Charly Martin's season is over. He's not been practicing for a while now, so this decision comes as no surprise. Another interesting note though, Chris Gamble hasn't been practicing at all this week, leaving his status for Sunday in doubt.


Who I'm Mad at: Week 1

Well, how do I explain my feelings at this moment. Disappointed? Nah, that's probably the understatement of the century. I think I'll just say that I am overall just irritated with the Panthers...


Mike Goodson or Tyrell Sutton?

This is one of the biggest battles going into camp this year. On one hand, we have Mike Goodson. He has the advantage of being one of the Panthers draft picks, and a rather high one as a 4th...

The 7 Steps the Panthers have to take to win the Super Bowl


Can the Panthers really win the Super Bowl next year? A deep, in-depth look at the 7 steps the Panthers have to take to win it all this season.

Armanti Edwards signs 4 year deal!


Armanti Edwards has signed, leaving just 2 players without a contract. Brandon LaFell, and Jimmy Clausen! Edwards is looking like he will be the #3 receiver in order to start the year.

Panthers Position Review - Fullback


Who are the guys being looked at as the future of the FB position now that Brad Hoover is gone? Can anyone step up and replace his big shoes?

Game 2 of the NCAA Baseball National Championship Series


For all you Gamecock fans out there, it's the bottom of the 11th inning and the Cocks are at bat. Who wants it more? Can the Cocks take home the championship tonight, or will UCLA force Game 3?


Mike Florio Busts out the "Multiple Sources" line in live action! You do not want to miss this!

Someone gave Mike Florio a mike and dressed him in a business suit! OH THE INHUMANITY! I watched this video this morning purely to see if he would bust out the 'sources' line, and I was not...


How Mike Florio fails again.

Oh, Mike Florio does it all in this article. You thought quoting the CSR site without permission was bad, he absolutely pulled the roof down in this article. Mike Florio's goes on a tantrum about...


Discribe your reaction!

We all didn't expect the pick for Jimmy Clausen, so discribe your reaction! What did you do at the exact moment the NFL Commissioner uttered those inevitable words?   I'll start. I was drinking a...

Could we have a possible Jason Campbell to Carolina in our future?


Carolina has been listed as one of the landing spots for Jason Campbell. Will the Panthers get him? The room is open for discussion!

John Fox Explains Why Jake was Cut, Expresses Faith in Matt Moore


John Fox Explains why Jake Delhomme was cut! Just a little note from Revshawn

Vikings sign former Panther Kickoff Specialist Rhys Lloyd.


The first of Panther players to be signed to a contract, the Panthers would not afford the 1.01 million dollars it would take to sign him to the lowest RFA tender. Look for a kicker in the later rounds of the draft, John Kasey has a reliable leg but it's not getting there from 50+ yards and on.

An Eulogy for the Panthers that have now left us.


The Panthers have lost a lot of good players on our team. Tune in to hear Revshawn's Eulogy for our Fallen Panthers


Jacoby Ford breaks 4.3 barrier at combine!

According to Inside the Panthers, Jacoby Ford has run a 4.28 and a 4.27 at the NFL Combine today. On one side, I'm extremely happy! This will definately push him up the draft boards and put him on...


Go Panthers! Get Antonio Bryant! GO! DO IT!

A while back I made my 5 points on how to get a undevalued receiver in Nate Burleson. However, the Bucs have just release that they have no plans to resign Antonio Bryant. Why don't we recap my 5...

Matt Moore's Performance as a NFL Starter in 2007: His Humble Beginnings


Matt Moore is going into the Panthers 09 Season as the favored starter. How did he begin this journey in 2007?


Peyton Manning Pep Talk Comparisons

To put it in a nutshell, today I am giving you guys a homework assignment. Don't worry, it's only going to take a few minutes. Today we are going to compare the Peyton Manning Peptalks with the...

Here comes the Julius Peppers crap again!


Revshawn provides a new prospective on the Julius Peppers situation in Carolina. What is the true story behind the Julius Peppers situation?


The Pain behind the loss, a grumbling over a silly rule in the NFL.

There is something that bothers me about the NFL. The Sunday night game with the Saints and the Vikings was a perfect example of it. Listen, everyone that knows me knows that I'm a serious fan of B...


Help Save Haiti! Play Halo 3? >.>

http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&link=BeAHero   Another reason why Bungie is the greatest game company on Earth! ^^


MLG Orlando for Halo 3 starts tonight at 6PM

Just to give you guys a look into how good you have to do to be the best at gaming, check it out here at http://www.mlgpro.com/live/2009/Orlando. These guys are the geeks that play this game 40...

Jacoby Ford comes into the NCAA Draft ranked 5th overall WR in the NCAA Draft. Here he shows off...


Jacoby Ford comes into the NCAA Draft ranked 5th overall WR in the NCAA Draft. Here he shows off his speed in the track by missing the NCAA Record in the 60 meter dash by a hundredth of a second. Not only will he be a brilliant receiver with break-away speed to add to our lineup, but he'll also be able to add to our team with his PR and KR abilities as well. It's time. The Panthers need a little more orange in their lineup, and I know exactly where it needs to come from! Jacoby Ford for 2010 baby! Woooo! :D

Rip Scherer looking to get back into College Football

"Carolina Panthers quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer interviewed for the University of Virginia offensive coordinator position today, The Observer has learned. Scherer recently completed his first season with the Panthers. He has an extensive college coaching background, including serving on the Virginia staff in 1979." Yes! Take him away! Please! It's good that he's getting back into college football. He would be hard pressed to find a job anywhere else in the NFL, especially when you consider that he was probably a good part of the reason that Jake faltered this year when the report came out about Rip reportedly working on Jake's mechanics during the off-season.

Nate Burleson to Carolina. Mark it down now.

How will the Panthers solve their #2 receiver problem in the offseason? Hear why the Rev believes that Nate Burleson will be a Panther this upcoming season.


Just a repost of Reggie Bush getting jacked up!

Here's hoping that the Panthers relive a fond memory!

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