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What's up guys? My name is Shawn and I'm a blogger over at Cat Scratch Reader. Currently I attend York Tech in pursuit of a associate's degree in Computer Technology with a focus in Networking. One day I would like to get into journalism and make money talking about the team that I love. But for now, I blog on Cat Scratch Reader for fun.

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  • MLB Detroit Tigers
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  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAF Clemson Tigers
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  • Golf The Man.
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User Blog

Panthers vs Saints Matchups: It's Hunting Season for the Panthers in 2010!


The Panthers go up against the New Orlean Saints this week. Do the Saints stand a chance while resting all of their starters?

The Story of the 2009 Season: The Rev's Version


When people look upon this season several years from now, what will they remember? Listen to Rev tell the story of the 09 season, and why it failed.

John Fox and Marty Hurney to Return for 2010


John Fox and Marty Hurney will be offered the opportunity to return in 2010. Please note that this is NOT an extension. John Fox's current contract ends in 2011, and a possible league lockout the same year could have influenced the Richardson decision. Love him or hate him, the Panthers are going to roll with him.


Great Job on the win Panthers! Now here's why I still think we should fire Jeff Davidson.

The Panthers have performed a great upset against the Vikings. Hear why we should still fire our Offensive Coordinator!

The Panthers place DT Tank Tyler on IR


The injuries just keep piling on. This latest one hurts the depth of the Carolina Panthers D-line yet again, but with Hollis Thomas and Damione Lewis entrenched as starters with one decent backup in Nick Hayden, it won't hurt our run defense as much as you think. It's a shame though, the Panthers had to give up a 5th rounder to pick up the Tank. Landri will replace him. Don't expect him to see the field much, he is heavily undersized at the position.

"...Steve Smith owners should be doing cartwheels right now." -Rotoworld on Matt Moore starting...

"...Steve Smith owners should be doing cartwheels right now." -Rotoworld on Matt Moore starting for the Panthers.

Can Matt Moore be the Spark?


Matt Moore starts this Sunday against the Bucs. Can he be the spark our team needs?

Steve Smith involved in Car Wreck.


No worries Panther Fans. It's just a minor bump on his car. Steve Smith is not injured. Word is that he's helluva pissed though, watch out Miami!

The Carolina Cats plot for the game against the Miami Dolphins.


The Carolina Cats plot for the game against the Miami Dolphins.

Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins Preview: Top Matchups for Thursday Night


Can Jake Delhomme and the Panthers rise up against the Miami Dolphins and show the NFL that they're not ready to throw in the towel yet? Check in and see the matchups for Thursday Night Football!

Pondering the Panthers vs Falcons Game, the Matchups within, and the fate of the Panthers Season.


Can the Panthers salvage a 3-5 start? Shawn gives his opinion in the game against the Falcons

Injury Report


The Panthers will be without Daunte Rosario and Moose, who didn't make the trip to New Orleans. Among the many questionable players that did make the trip but did not practice on Friday include Tony Fiametta, Charles Godfrey, John Kasey, and finally Brad Hoover who has been declared out for next game. Update: Charles Godfrey is out, and did not make the trip to New Orleans as well.


Navy vs Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen of the Fighting Irish had 37-51 pass attempts completed for 452 yards, two touchdowns, 1 INT. Navy wins the game, 23-21. Something just seems wrong with that. Something seems...

Questions about the Panthers vs Saints game.


There are lot of questions to ask about the upcoming game against the Saints. Do the Panthers have the power to answer them?


Giants get picked as the Stone Cold Lock of the Century....of the Week

http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeID=8a250aae24829297012482a951c10005 This is a series I've had my eye on for a while now. It's pretty fun to watch, always good for a chuckle. Last week was...

Rev Preaches the Good Word on the Cardinals and the Panthers Game


Can the Carolina Panthers rebound from a 2-4 start to beat the Cardinals on Sunday? Find out what the Panthers DO NOT WANT to do during our next game.


Let's take a look at our Offense and Special Teams :D

Why do the Panthers suck so bad? Let's take a look at every single one of their drives and see why!

Panthers vs Bills Preview


The Carolina Panthers go up against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. Can Jake Delhomme avoid another sewer game?

Bonehead of the Week: Week 6


Who will win the Bonehead of the Week in Week 6? Here's a guy with a forehead made of pure steel.

Why didn't the Panthers draft another Steve Smith?


Where would the Panthers be if we had gotten Steve Smith instead of Dwayne Jarrett? Would it have been enough to get us to the playoffs in 07?

The Panthers vs Redskins: The Good and the Bad


The Panthers beat the Redskins in a ugly fashion. What can they do to improve?

Week 5 Offensive Matchups: Carolina's offense vs Redskins Defense


The Panthers offense vs the Redskins Defense, Week 5. Can the panthers beat the Skins?

Monday Night Football Open Thread: Packers at Vikings


The ultimate showdown has commenced. Aaron Rodgers vs Brett Favre. Old school vs new school. King John vs Prince James. Need I say more? Let them play! This is now an Open Thread

Bonehead of the Week: Week 4


Who will win the Bonehead of the Week award for Week 4? Tune in to find out!

The State of the Carolina Panthers


Why are the Panthers 0-3 when they went 12-4 the last season with the same offense? A deep look into a team that has forgotten who they are.

Happy Days in Fantasy Football, and a deep look at the Cowboys Game.


What happens if the Carolina Panthers win against the Cowboys? Can they recover from an 0-2 start to make the Playoffs?

Week 3: Panthers Offensive vs Defensive Matchups


The Panthers offense matches up with the Cowboys defense in Week 3. Listen to the Rev rant once more!

Carolina Panthers Week 2: Offensive vs Defensive matchups


The Carolina Panthers go up against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2. How does the offense of the Panthers stack up against the Falcon defense?


The Best Conspiracy Theory on Jake Delhomme Ever.

This Journalist presents an interesting question: What happens when a QB hits rock bottom? This situation that the Panthers have is the most unique situation in Sports History. Jake Dehomme was...

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