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Day 4 from Tempe - Position Players


Today I out guessed myself sadly. Rumor had it that Pujols et. al. were heading to a lower field since two of the college teams left so I got down there early to see more Stewart, Cowgill and my first shots of Grant Green and Brennan Boesch. I finally figured they weren't gonna come so down there, so i headed up to the field closer to the stadium and alas, Josh, Albert, David Freese, and Kole Calhoun were just wrapping up BP. So the rest of the day was watching the pitchers take fielding practice again, but towards the end I stayed to watch the catchers practice and got several shots of our esteemed dynamic duo of Mike-n-Jerry. One thing of note with the catchers is that Yorvit was with Conger/Ianetta while Hester was with the kids (Bandy and Martinez). I assume Carlos Ramirez was rehabbing in Amsterdam. Yes Josh looks like a rock, and as Definition of Insanity pointed out yesterday, Albert is a bit trimmer, I agree. Have to go back to work tomorrow. Not sure when I'll be back.

Pics from Tempe - Day 2 - Albert


A tremendously tremendous morning. I arrived early enough to see Albert this morning. I didn't mention it yesterday, there's a college tournament being hosted at the stadium this weekend and i happened to get of few pics of one of the teams' manager. A better look at Hunter Greene, & DiScar and Jerry also appeared. Nice to see Blanton practicing pick-offs to 3rd base! That's sure to come in handy and what Spring Training is all about!

Pics from Tempe - Day One


Back again from sunny Tempe with the annual tradition: when the Pitchers and Catchers report to Tempe Diablo, so do I, camera in tow, to share all its hope and glory with the HH community. Random thoughts 1. It was a good day to see Bobby Knopp (#1). I should just stop there, but life goes on..... A loss like today reminds me of the prior Spring losses of Preston Gomez and Nick Adenhart, just to name a few of the recent ones. 2. Mark Mulder looks huge and like a kid - hope this bodes well. 3. Does this #55 uniform make me look fat? A skinny Joe Blanton? If his ERA drops like his weight, start getting your October tickets now. 4. Arte was around, but I didn't see Jerry, Tim Mead or Bill Stoneman and usually they're there. 5. There are some nice historical posters of Cactus League/Tempe/Halo history in the stadium - a great touch - You'll want to check them out when you come. I tried to get photos of them, but the sun wasn't quite right so there was some glare. 6. Besides Mulder - Hector Santiago, Joe Smith, and Tyler Skaggs all aboard! 7. Day seemed rather business-like and crowds were light - probably due to the non contention the last few years, and the loss of #11 8. Albert hit, but early so all I saw of him was him heading back to a clubhouse when I pulled into the parking lot. Reports were that he looked good and was smashing it. As far as I know, he's the only position player to show up early in uniform. 9. Its awesome to see #25 back in HH. Welcome home, Don Baylor. 10. A warm day, I got a bit of a tan - if you are checking in from anywhere else besides the Southwest. I feel bad (please send water)


Remembrances of Angels Springs in Palm Springs

On this site I’m most associated with living within ten miles of Tempe Diablo and being one of the first to annually post photos of the early days of Spring Training. While the Angels moved to...

A Good Day for BP in Tempe (Feb 18)


Headed back up to Tempe Diablo this morning a got a few more photos of the lads. We caught most of the front line hitting BP and saw some old familiar faces too like Tim Salmon and Marcel Lachemann and new ones too like Travis Witherspoon and Kole Calhoun. I really can't wait to see this line-up taken on the rest of MLB.

A Very Happy Valentines Day from Tempe


I always maintain seeing Scioscia work with catchers is the highlight of any spring day in Tempe so that was cool today. But seeing Mike Trout on his first day? That was better. Attending the press conference? - much, much better - probably the best day I've had in Tempe. (seeing Nolan Ryan as a kid in Palm Springs was pretty cool too though, but this was by far the best day in Tempe.) But the last picture in the album, just cannot be explained. I caught Mike Trout and Albert Pujols leaving the press conference and asked them if they'd take a picture with my wife for Valentine's Day and they readily agreed. I was about to take the camera shot real quick (in shock at my good fortune), when I felt a tap on my shoulder from a stranger telling me to get in the picture, so i ran to join them and turned around and the dude who had my camera was Josh Hamilton. So here's my wife and I, with Albert and Mike, and Josh took the picture. All I can say is Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday (2-13) in Tempe Pics


Beautiful day in Tempe today. That's an understatement seeing Pujols and Hamilton in the batting cage together, not to mention Pitchers, Catchers, and the Coaching staff. This is my annual contribution to HH so enjoy. I plan to be there tomorrow and get some more pics.


Angels Spring Pictures from Tempe, Day 1, 2012

Photos and commentary from the Angels first day of Spring Training in Tempe.


Pujols is Reporting a Week Early

Reports out of the Dominican Republic are that Albert Pujols intends to report to Spring Training, his first with the Angels, one week early.


Is There a Spot for Garrett Richards NOW?

So Garret Richards won again yesterday, going all 9 innings, and the puts him at 11-1 in Arkansas with a 3.23 ERA. Angel management I'm sure has their 'game plan' - finish the year at AA, likely a...

All Star Game pictures

Pictures My first All Star game! I was thrilled once i finally made the decision to come. I came in thorough the LF gate as they were taking team photos, I just missed the NL, and caught the AL as I made my way to the AL bullpen to hopefully get some shots of Jered warming up. I saw Howie/s BP from RF --- Hamilton hit some monster blasts. McGuire is the only other person I've seen hit the video board. Jered finally came out to RF and did some stretching and long toss in the OF, but they were doing player intros, so I headed toward the IF on the 1B side, before heading to the third deck, so I missed Jered in the bull pen - sucked cuz I had situated myself nicely. But i did some shots of Howie and Jordan on intros - you could see they were nervous, even more so as the Fox camera moved closer and closer to them. My seat was the third row behind home plate in the top deck - a great shot for pictures I figured. It was nice to get a picture of Jered writing what I suppose was "NA" in the back of the mound before the first pitch. Striking out Beltran was the Halo highlight I thiink. I also liked the fact Walden and Howie came into the game at the same time in the 5th and my seats were nicely aligned to get the two of them on the field. Walden escaped, getting just one K and two outs on the bases - chalk it up to nerves. Howie had a chance to tie the game, and then again at the end he would have had the same chance if Kornerko didn't make the final out. Despite the shortcomings of Walden and Howie, I think this was an above average AS game for the Halos as Weave represented well, and all 3 of them got in the game with more than reasonable playing time. Hope you enjoy the pics. Sucks the NL won but I'm glad I went.

Thanks for stopping by, Russell Branyan

Being from Arizona, I was aware that Russell Branyan had been just out right released by the Diamondbacks (who were really even near first place at the time...but that's changed since). I also...


Harmon Killibrew, RIP

  The Killer died this morning of cancer. While always an AL and division rival with the Senatots/Twins, how was it not possible to admire this guy? His forearms were massive and just seemed to...


Angels Spring Training 2011 - Pictures from Tempe, AZ, Day 1

Here's my annual contribution to the HH community - Day 1 pictures. I got there a little bit later than usual as I had class at ASU and am not sure how much more i'll be able to get over there...


Angels rescind Beltre offer? Arte's again thinking long term I guess. Maybe Boras is overplaying his hand, maybe Beltre needs to have a reality check. Maybe...


Today is the REAL 50th birthday

It is just my opinion of course, but last week's post of Dec 6th was akin to announcing you were pregnant and had chosen a name for the baby. TODAY is the 50th birthday of the day we had ourselves...


2011 Halo 3B/SS - Derek Jeter

So the Times is saying the Giants are touching base with Jeter to see if he has any interest in playing for them and the article says Jeter's inevitably bound to go back to NY. OK, lets fire up...


Feb 26 - Heading to work in Tempe

The Angels were captured in great series of photos headed off to work this morning in Tempe, Arizona


Tempe Wednesday 2/24 - Batting Practice Pics

I was able to squeeze in an hour up there today mid-day so here are some pictures in the main stadium. Didn't see Kendry (absent); otherwise, here's all our starters. The other noticable absences...


ANGELS Spring Tempe: Pics of Day 2

Angels Pitchers and Catchers have reported and today they were warming up and performing infield drills


Pictures from Angels Day 1 in Tempe

Pics from Spring Training: Angels owner Arte Moreno has grown a beard


Team Health Reports at BP

I just read Will Carroll's annual pre-season team health report at BP, and surprise of surprises, he has the Angels as the healthiest overall team in the MLB! Its just a projection of course on...


Who was the first ex-Angel to appear in a World Series game?

Trying to figure this one out. Tex Clevenger and Bob Cerv were originals in 1961 and traded to the Yankees before the season was half over, but neither played in the World Series in 1961 or 1962. B...


What happened in Angel history the day you were born?

I consider myself to be born the same exact day the Angels were, December 14, 1960. It was the day of the AL Expansion Draft, and we formed the team and had our first players - Eli Grba was the...

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