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User Blog

In regards to the Haren deal...

Would you guys have given up Pelfrey or Niese to get him? Or one of our top minor leaguers? I'm incensed the Mets didn't put together a package to beat what the Angels gave. Even if this year is...

Phillies working on major deal for pitcher, and plans to trade Werth


Chase Utley Will Require Surgery on His Thumb


Sources say out 5-6 weeks sounds right. They'll be in the market for a 2B now, or maybe they'll have Polanco shift over to 2nd and grab a 3B. In any case, this is wonderful news. EDIT: Utley already had the procedure done on his finger this morning, in New York City.

Mejia to the Minor League DL


Execution by firing squad tomorrow.

Manuel Continues Talking, Says Beltran Might be Back by Monday


He's getting to be quite the tease. Of course, "What hurts Beltran's chances is that the field in Puerto Rico is Astroturf, which wouldn't be ideal for Beltran -- coming off knee surgery -- to play his first major league game of the season."

Mcfadden's Promotions at Citi


Someone was asking about what to do for a celebration at citifield, and I recently got this email package from them and figured it was worth letting the rest of AA know about. For 30$, you get: 1 ticket to the game (100's and 300's sections) 1 Hour Open Bar before the game 1 Appetizer 1 Free drink after the game sounds like a pretty solid deal for anyone interested. if you're man enough, that thirty dollars can work for itself during open bar.


Eddie Coleman is on the fan right now

They are talking about what happens to Pagan when Beltran comes back, and Coleman reports, that there's really no way this team benches Francoeur and plays Pagan in right. The reason being that...


Heilman will get a shot at Closing in Arizona

What do you think? Will he follow in the footsteps of Isringhousen, Dotel, Bell etc. and become a solid closer down the road?

And this is why Wally Backman will NEVER manage the Mets


tirade starts at 1 minute in, starts chucking bats/balls at 3

MLB Investigating Oliver Perez's placement on DL


from roto "Two sources tell Matt Cerrone of that MLB's review of Oliver Perez's medical records is not a formality. In other words, MLB is taking it very seriously. In fact, there is even a chance that the transaction gets reversed. The roster move was curious timing, of course, as the Mets were hoping to convince Perez to accept a minor league assignment. He ended up being placed on the disabled list with right patella tendinitis. Stay tuned, because it sounds like this might not be the last we hear of this situation."


Davis Sits, Tatis in his place


Gary Carter's Twitter Page


Filled with such gems: Went by Citi Field the other day. I took a monster piss on Alex Cora's Segway in the parking lot. When we'd get bitches pregnant on the road, we'd the call the little bastard kids "war babies" We called Sid Fernandez' wife "Natty Ice" cuz she had natural Double FFs and blew you w an ice cube in her mouth. Mike Piazza's blow jobs last so long his jaw gets tired! The worst part about visiting your mom for Mother's Day is finding a decent cum rag in her house EDIT**** New favorite: Just watched Precious with John Rocker. He said "I don't like the music, but that was one awesome rap video."


Jerry on Francesa

Interview is ongoing, but for a minute they were talking about the long term plans for Mejia. According to Jerry, there are daily discussions about what to do with him, and as long as he [Jerry] is...

Metsmerizedonline is the greatest website ever


because of this. really made my day. i was looking for video of matt francos hit in 99 against the yanks, but this treasure trove is just as good.

Hate to do this


Another report on Beltran, this one claiming "The Mets are hoping to get Beltran back from offseason knee surgery by the end of May."

What's Wrong with Wright??


Article discussing Wright's high K-rate, amongst other things. Although, nothing a nice swing through CBP this weekend can't help....

Citifield is Dirty


During Jeff Francoeur's at bat, a perfect example of how filthy the stadium looks with all the junk on the field. This has been bothering me to no end since last year.


Just got back from game

Couple things I wanted to note; First, at around the second inning they announced over the PA that all fans could come down the field level seats, regardless of where they were beforehand. Figured...


Juan Cruz Released

Via Roto---"Because he was simply killing the team with his 3.38 ERA. Wait! What? 3.38 ERA? Yeah, the Royals are giving up on Cruz after just 5 1/3 innings, even though he was dragging down the...

Rey Ordonez


Found a highlight video of my name sake, figured it was worth sharing. Has several of his impressive defensive plays. The one where he slides in front of alfonzo to make the play is unreal

Jeff Francoeur doesn't want to see Jose Reyes move to the third spot in the lineup. "I don’t want t...


Jeff Francoeur doesn't want to see Jose Reyes move to the third spot in the lineup. "I don’t want to see that," Francoeur said. "Not at all. He’s the most dynamic leadoff hitter in the game, and I want to see him there. Who knows what we’ll do? But I’m just saying, he’s never been really a run producer. He’s been more of a guy to score 150 runs. I want everybody to get hot and keep him right where he’s at." It's a bit of hyperbole on Francoeur's part as Reyes' career-high is 122 runs scored, but point taken. Reyes has said he's not quite comfortable in the batter's box yet, but Mets manager Jerry Manuel may try him there this weekend anyways."
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