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Winning Close Games, And Why That's Okay

The Chiefs have won a few close games this year. Two of them by 1 point, and the Titans gave them a bit of a scare as the only team to carry a lead in the 4th quarter against the 2013 Chiefs. One...


Alex Smith's 3rd down success (or lack of it)

This is a copy (with some things added) of a comment I made on Grant Cohn's blog. I was a bit frustrated at his use of general 49ers offensive data to make judgement calls about Alex Smith in...

Full-time referees for 2012?


Great news for all you fans of not having to watch dozens of terrible calls per week, particularly of the pass interference and personal foul variety. I think it's a great idea for at least the head referee to be fully invested in his job on the field.

49ers 2012 schedule


I know it's a little early to be talking about this, but really? Road games against New Orleans, Green Bay *and* New England? Can't we get ONE home game? Next year's gonna be pretty tough.


Field goals can't win championships? Says who?

Time and time again we've heard that the Niners must improve in the red zone if they are to win in the playoffs. Over and over we've heard about the merits of the New Orleans and Packers offense,...


Bold Predictions: Midseason Edition

Just wanted to kick off some lively discussion about some midseason predictions from around the NFL. We mostly focus on the 49ers here on Niners Nation, and rightly so, but I'd like to bring some...


A note on Detroit's running game against the Bears

This will be a relatively short fanpost, but I hope it will be helpful to some of you who worry about Jahvid Best's performance against the Bears on Monday night. Going into the game, the Bears...


Worst teams of the NFL after week 4: Who's in the hunt for Luck?

After Chad Henne's season-ending injury on Sunday, there's been a bit of discussion as to what team could fill the role of "worst in the league." I wanted to share my own thoughts on the subject,...

New DVOA projections: Niners win the division


It's not a pretty projection for the NIners, but the mean wins prediction for our closest rival (Rams) is a full 1.5 below ours. FO projected us right on the money last season: let's see if they've done it again. 8-8 FTW?


Alex Smith and the 49ers in close games

I was taking a look at just the point differential in Alex Smith's games as a starter, and I found something that may interest some readers. In games decided by 3 points or less, the 49ers have a...


Who Will Be the Niners Veteran QB?

Most of us agree we should get a rookie QB somewhere in the first round or two in the draft this year. What's less discussed is who the Niners should get by way of a veteran to either start or at...


Smith was more impressive than his numbers: here's why

Alex Smith has likely solidified his job as the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, but it wasn't just his numbers that impressed me. For him, a home game is a more hostile crowd than...

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