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I find meaning, in this meandering life of mine, by finding things to care about. Finding things that arise passion and deliver me into the now. For whatever reason sports has always done this. Playing or watching, it is easy for me to get lost in the black and white boundaries of the action.

I want to root for athletes that care more than I do—teams that play together. Where their sum is greater than the parts. Enjoyment comes from success and success is measured by expectations.

On this note, let me leave you with a quote from the Bard, "If all the year were playing holiday to sport would be as tedious as to work, but when they seldom come they wish for come.... Nothing pleaseth but the rare accident" W.S.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Washington Huskies
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • Soccer Seattle Sounders FC
User Blog

Raiders vs. Packers Pregame Thread


Vote on your confidence level for a Raider victory.

AFC Wild Card Playoff Picture


Breaking down the race for the final AFC wild card spot.

Raiders vs. Packers: Oakland Should Destroy Champ's Rush D


The Packers suck at stopping the run. It is easily the worst part of their defense. That runs contrary to their defensive rankings, but if you look beyond those hollow surface stats it becomes...

Raiders vs. Packers Injury Report: We've Officially Slipped into Alternate Reality


Am I stranger in this alternate reality, or did all of you jump over with me? To find out, all I need to know is if your mind is blown by the statement.

Raiders vs. Dolphins Unveils an Undeniable and Persistent Weakness


A vivid reality came to light from that sad, ugly, disappointing and embarrassing loss.


Raiders vs. Dolphins Open Thread

It's time. Crack those typing fingers. We can't withstand any injuries today. Dolphins are smart...when compared to moronic fish! Flipper was a half-assed rip off of Lassie! Raiders! Raiders!...

Raiders vs. Dolphins Pregame Open Thread


My confidence for this game has been on a late week upswing. I'm putting it at about 71.34 percent right now. Last Monday, it was right at 50-50. Then after the McClain nonsense it was 22.64. We...

Fantasy Football Sleeper Week 13 Raiders vs. Dolphins


It is hard to recommend any Raider as a sleeper this week. Miami's defense is playing great, and the Raiders will be playing with their backup receiving corp. For the record, I don't consider M...

Door is Open for Rolando McClain to Play vs. Dolphins


Rolando McClain is going to play on Sunday...I think.

Rolando McClain's Poor Judgment Likely Won't Keep Him From Field This Season


The degree to which McClain was a bonehead, combined with the ability of his legal team, and his attitude going forward, will greatly affect his future with the Raiders.

Raiders vs. Packers: Game Moved, but Not to Primetime


The Raiders vs. Packers should have been flexed to primetime.

AFC West Playoff Picture: Those Pesky Denver Broncos


I counted Denver out of the AFC West race sometime about July. I haven't really admitted they were back in it until this week. Instead they are on fire. I expect them to come back to earth, but my...

Ndamukong Suh's 1st Game Back Will Be Against Raiders


Ndamukong Suh got a two game suspension.

Oakland Raiders' Power Play of the Week


For the second time in three weeks, Aaron Curry is at the heart of the Raiders power play. This time it is for a far different reason, and a reason we would never expect from Curry.

Bears vs. Raiders: Another Ugly Win for the Good Guys


That headline says it all. While you'd like the wins to be pretty, anytime you have another and win connected together it is a good thing.

Bears vs. Raiders Pregame Thread


I am fairly tepid in my confidence about this game. It is all the injuries. It sounds like Richard Seymour and Lamarr Houston will be able to play, which really helps, but how effective will they...

Week 12 Fantasy Football: Raiders Sleeper of the Week


With almost the Raiders entire receiving corp injured, the Raiders' sleeper of the week is a fairly easy pick. It's going to be a receiver.

Bears vs. Raiders: Kick to Devin Hester or Lovie Smith?


Shane Lechler needs to give Lovie Smith a hands check on Sunday. Or anyone else on the Bears' sideline, or on the Raiders' sideline. The point is, kick it to anyone not name Devin Hester.

Bears vs. Raiders Injury Report: Oakland May Have Enough Players to Avoid Forfeit


The Raiders injury list is the Energizer bunny. It just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, and growing.

Bears vs. Raiders: Victory Will Go to Team That Can Pound the Rock


Whichever team has more success running the ball will win this game.

Oakland Raiders' Top 5 Defensive Plays from Week 11


The Raiders' defense was making plays all day. There were at least 10 solid candidates for the award, but we are only picking five. Here are the five.

Monday Night Football Open Thread


The Chiefs are looking better right now with Tyler Palko at QB than they had the last few weeks with Matt Cassel. Now that's not saying much, but it's certainly saying something. And it might just...

Oakland Raiders Take Winning Beyond Charlie Sheen Levels of Ugly


The Raiders are winning despite their best efforts not to. That is equal parts exciting and maddening.

Raiders vs. Vikings Second Half Open Thread

Raiders vs. Vikings open thread pt. 2


Raiders vs. Vikings Open Thread

Bring your A games, Nation. It's time to rock.

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