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Editor at Pats Pulpit. Always seeking the bright side of analysis. Opinions clearly my own.

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Taller Targets Can Improve Red Zone Production


The Patriots need to improve their red zone production if they want to take back the AFC crown.

Tom Brady Only Cares About Winning


Tom Brady has a shocker of a statement. Get your pitchforks ready!

The Unheralded Battle at Defensive Tackle


The Patriots have a fight on their hands at defensive tackle. How will it play out?

Tom Brady is Better Looking than Peyton Manning


Freakonomics is the application of economic principals to sectors that are non-traditionally linked to finance. Just like Tom Brady's cleft chin.

Tom Brady Needs More Help on Third Down


The Patriots offense struggled to succeed in 2013. The improvements along the offensive line could go a long way.

Tom Brady's Cap Hit To Fall Below League Median


You're sick of the debate about Tom Brady being a top quarterback. It doesn't matter- he's still a bargain.

Mark Harrison Era Ends in a Whisper


Patriots make a roster move to strengthen the team. Hard to disagree.

Patriots Receivers Drop It Like It's Hot


Tom Brady had terrible luck with drops last season- but part of it is the nature of the Patriots offense.

Patriots, Passer Rating, and the Super Bowl


Have the Patriots done enough to put Tom Brady in the best position to win another Super Bowl ring? What if they've done the best they've could?

The Patriots Almost Dynasty


Andrew Healy has broken down the top teams in each decade. The Patriots, by his count, should have a championship or two in this decade.

How Bryan Stork, Jon Halapio Improve the Offense


People are concerned with the weapons that were provided to Tom Brady in the draft. Here's why the offensive linemen are the greatest gift of all.

High Risk of New Knee Injury With Prior ACL Injury


The Patriots have a lot invested in players with injured ACLs. Studies show this might not be the wisest investment.

Closing Thoughts on "2nd Round" Jimmy Garoppolo


Here's my final defense on the Patriots selecting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round. Have at it.

Follow Friday: Follow the Staff on Twitter!


As we turn into the off-season, make sure you're following everyone on Twitter!

Patriots Cut Tyler Beck and I'm So Confused


The Patriots make some moves on their roster today, further proving that we know nothing.

Jeremy Gallon Could Provide Offensive Spark


The Patriots spent a flier in the seventh round on a short receiver out of Michigan. Is there any chance that he could contribute?

Aaron Hernandez Indicted in 2012 Double Homicide


The latest in the Hernandez trial still has implications on the Patriots.

A History of Draft Overreactions


We're lucky that the Pulpit acts as an archive of reactions. Let's take a stroll down memory lane as we review how we've reacted to the past few drafts.

Bang For Your Beef or How Brady Needs a Sandwich


Bang For Your Beef; or How We Need To Get Tom Brady a Sandwich

Predicting the Drafted Patriots Rookie Contracts


In order to get a sense of the Patriots rookies, I've decided to try and project how much each contract will cost New England.

2014 NFL Draft: Patriots Postmortem


We've had some time to finally digest this past weekend's draft. Here are my thoughts on how everything played out.

Harvard's Tyler Ott Answers Our Prayers


We needed a sign that the season was going to be a success. Bill Belichick made an offering to the football gods in free agency.

What You All Are Saying About the Draft


Let's take the time to highlight those in our community who have put forth their opinions.

Your Patriots Draft Pick Cheat Sheet


Not sure how you're supposed to feel about the Patriots' draft picks? Too lazy to form an opinion? Here, I've made them for you!

Which Draft Quarterback Best Fit the Patriots?


I made a claim that Jimmy Garoppolo was the quarterback who best fit the Patriots offense. I went back and compared the production of all the prospects to determine if that claim was correct.

The Talented Jemea Thomas


Thomas wasn't remotely interesting in 2012, yet he made some tremendous strides in 2013. How will his trajectory continue in 2014?

So What Will the Patriots Do at Tight End?


The Patriots seemed to let the position go by the wayside; how are they supposed to move forward?

Patriots Have Delivery of Beef on Day Three


The Patriots neglected their offensive trench in the first three rounds, but they more than made up for it on day three.

Film Room: Patriots Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo


I sat down and watched four of Garoppolo's games to see what type of player he is and what type of player he could eventually become.

Patriots Spoke to Atlanta Before Jimmy Garoppolo


The Patriots selected their quarterback of the future, but they had to turn down some offers before making the decision.

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