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Editor for Cat Scratch Reader, the official SBN site for the Carolina Panthers.

Born in 1959, child of the 60s and 70s. Now living in Apex, NC.

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Open Thread ...NFL Combine is Underway


O-Linemen and Tight Ends are working today. Who are you liking for our Panthers (try to imagine we figure a way to get another pick between 1st and 65)...

The Quest : Chapter 2 "Casting Call"


For those who liked Chapter 1 of "The Quest for the Holy Lombardi Grail," I thank you for your support and kind words.  I have a rough idea of where I want to go with the next chapter, and I...

Update: I still believe there will be no work stoppage...and I have sources


An update on why one Tulane professor does not think their will be a work stoppage

I'm convinced there will be no lockout... and I have sources


Why this blogger believes there will not be a lock out

The Quest for the Holy Lombardi Grail


Clippety-Clop, Clippety-Clop, "Whoooaaahh." No, no…This is not going to be a story about coconuts and sparrows for those who know what I’m talking about. Although I may include a few French Quarter...

TD is ready for next chapter


 Thomas Davis' quotes from the article from the Official Panthers' site are very positive, and perhaps most importantly, do not suggest that he's at all considering playing anywhere else.  This is...

Super Bowl Matchups... Could we see the new Overtime rule?


When you look at the Steelers and Packers, it's practically impossible to find a clear-cut advantage anywhere.  While you tend to think the Steelers are more physical, and the Packers are more...

Who might get Tagged, and what does it mean?


According to a CBS.com Rapid Report: The Panthers are contemplating using the franchise tag before Feb. 24, but a source inside the organization said it might be someone other than RB DeAngelo...

My "Magnificent" Pre-Season Prognotistications for 2010


Some early 2011 season predictions


Sports Lawyer says there will not be a Lockout

and there was much rejoicing. I was so perplexed by the lack of progress and JRs gloomy outlook, I decided to do some research. At first, I could only find rhetoric filled interviews with Goodell,...


Panthers 2010 - The Fall into the Abyss

Oh what a season it was.  Dreams dashed, fans clashed, coaches/FO bashed, players slashed, and money stashed.  I'm going to try to make sense of what elements came together to create this perfect...


CSR2 FF League - It's on!!!

We may be the "B" league on this site, but these guys/teams have shown up every week.  The competition has been tight, and it's been a pleasure in this season of pain to have matched wits with...


FFL: Football and Beer on NFL.com - this is just wrong on so many levels

Okay, I overcoach every team I play with and  I accept that.  Others are much more subtle with their changes, but generally everyone has to make a change here and there due to injury, byes, etc.  F...


A logical argument that flies in the face of most "purists."

I posted this at the bottom of a long thread, but hell I haven't posted anything new in awhile.  Just a little something to make you think... Just think about it before lighting the match:1) We’re...

Defense shines in Saints scrimmage


The New Orleans Saints' defense racked up sacks, broke up passes, nearly returned a fumble for a score and left Drew Brees muttering to himself on the sideline. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?


Questions for the guys who watched practices...

or have had more time than I have to browse other sites.  It's not hard to glean from the excellent practice coverage we've had here that Kenny Moore and Lafell are having a great camp.  Same for...


CSR Fantasy League 2

I need nine other CSR players to create the second league.  We'll play by the same "rules and regulations" as the first league.  Let's get this thing going.  it would be a sacrelege if the best NFL...

Cantwell moves to #2 on QB depth chart


Headline is stupid, since he was still technically #2, but the article is interesting. Cantwell has been working hard to get better, and I hope he eventually gets a shot somewhere, if not here.


Fan vote - How should the coaching staff conduct Training Camp

By many measures, last year's camp was labeled as "soft," compared to other years.  Lots of no pads work, practices off, early endings, etc.  The obvious reasoning was that Fox & co. wanted to...


Fans Vote: Panthers Defensive stats tell a story (or don't)

A fan looks at the Panthers defensive stats


Requesting backup against Falcons flamer

On a slow day, I went over to Scout.com and posted my statistical analysis and predictions based on points for and against in '09.  I knew there were a couple af a-hole Falcons fans over there, and...


We've been so focused about individuals and positions, ...

I wanted to present a post that's more focused on team performance.  To do so, I have chosen to utilize '09 average Points Scored and Points Allowed per game as a benchmark to start from.  I've...

Interviews with Armanti and Lafell on CBS Sportsline


These two rooks are willing to do what it takes to get on the field. Feelin' good!


NFL glossary... where did these terms come from?

Most of the common terminology in the NFL makes perfect sense (pass interference, off sides, linebacker, etc.).  But as I was thinking about football terms last night, there were a few that made me...


Money, money, money, money... the big mean green

Much has been debated about the impact of the ongoing CBA uncertainty, and the possibility of no football in 2011.  Also, being the owners' primary representative in the talks, JR correctly...


Big Cat's strategy

I originally posted this as a comment in the story about Deangelo's contract, but I wanted to see what the rest of you guys think about this theory.   


Chris Berman's punny nicknames

Help me Cat Scratch Readers, you're my only hope.  We all know how Berman/Boomer comes up with the crazy nicknames ("Daylight come and me wanna Delhomme").  A link to many others provided after the...


Armanti, the truth...

Since we’re currently in a relative lull in off-season action, it seems a good time to pass along the following story related to Armanti Edwards.


Armanti the X-Man. How will he be used?

I've seen Armanti play twice, and I saw plenty.  He may be small, but man is he hard to catch.  I think he'll succeed as a returner with his incredible quickness,speed, and balance.  But I'm...

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