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Hi there! I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan who's also a professional author (in the science fiction and fantasy genres)

I've been running all over the country the last 10 years, but I'm about to settle down and go back home where I belong!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NHL Boston Bruins
User Blog

OTM Fantasy: Weeks 3 and 4

Well the last post is well over 1000 posts so it's time for a new one. Things are very strange in the MLB with pitchers going down left and right and a gazillion players on the DL. Lots of great...


OTM Fantasy post: Week 1 underway

Well, the last post hit well over 1100 comments so it's time for a new one. Rec this one, unrec the old one. Y'all know the drill by now. Lots of excitement as most closers not named Koji Uehara...


OTM Open Thread April

Well since the last one fell off the featured list, I thought I'd put a new open thread up. Let's all remember the rules. No politics, religion, or discussion of Sean's testicles. Red Sox are in...


The "Spring Training is here" OTM Open Thread

Sir Xander Bogaerts welcomes you to the new Open Thread. (Thanks to JimEd14 for creating a must use picture :) ) Since the old one was getting buried (and would continue to be buried as BobZupcic...


OTM Fantasy thread: February continued

Well, the last thread got out of hand, so here's a new one. Rec this one. Unrec the other one. Y'all know how it goes by now. That Xander Bogaerts fella has some great projections by ESPN......


OTM Fantasy Baseball: The playoffs loom!

They playoffs are almost here (except in OTMD where they've already started) and a lot of the races are still up in the air as far as the last few spots are concerned. Good luck to all in the last...


OTM Fantasy Baseball thread: The playoff push begins

Since the old fantasy thread is pushing 1000 comments, I thought I would be nice and put a new one up. Well the trade deadline has come and gone in most of the leagues save for, I believe, the...

Bill Lee signed baseball


Love the inscription that the Spaceman put on this ball :)


OTM Fantasy Offseason Thread: deich móide trí

Another 725+ comments... means another thread. Drafts are coming up this coming weekend Keepers have been set (with some huge surprises) And OTM2 has a new commissioner. It's been an exciting...


OTM Offseason Fantasy Thread dhá cheann déag de

Y'all are a verbose and spammy lot, so in the interest of being nice, I am posting a fresh thread since the last one is close to 800 posts again. ANd yes. That's Irish for twelve. Deal with the...


OTM Fantasy Baseball Thread aon cheann déag de.

Yep. That's Irish for eleven. The last thread completely exploded due to a flurry of trades the past couple days, so here's a fresh thread ... Carry on. League Drafts Dates/Times OTM 1,...


OTM Fantasy: Thread deich

Following BZ's Icelandic Post Nine, I thought an Irish post ten would be fitting since it's almost St. Paddy's Day! Dynasty draft has come and gone... The other OTM drafts are coming up! League...


Quietly optimistic

I'm not going to make any bold predictions for this team like they're going to win the World Series... I don't expect they will. But I am quietly optimistic that this team is a lot better than...



Congratulations to the champions across all the OTM Fantasy leagues.... here's the list. OTM Wakefield Leagie: You Feel Lucky Punk? (upChuck) OTM Varitek League: The Laser Show (The Laser Show) O...


OTM Fantasy: THE FINALS!!!

Folks, we've come down to it... the finals! This is going to be the matchups that will decide who are our OTM champions for 2012 And all the finals matchups look to be quite awesome! Good luck...


OTM Fantasy: Week 23!

Wow, the playoffs got interesting really quickly! Just two matchups left to the end of the season and each of the three OTM leagues has just four teams left vying for the league title. In OTM2,...


OTM Fantasy: Week 22!

LET THE PLAYOFFS BEGIN! In OTM2, we have had some surprises in the last week as to the final playoff seeding. I'm sure the other two leagues had surprises too. Good luck to all that made the...


OTM Fantasy: Week 20

Just 2 more weeks until the playoffs start and teams are still vying for playoff spots. There are close races in all of the OTM leagues. In OTM2, we have 4 playoff spots locked up with a whopping...


OTM Fantasy Draft Rules Thread

Someone asked for it, so you got it. Here's the thread to discuss various draft rules. Topics to discuss include draft pick trading and what to do about rounds that are not full rounds due to...


OTM Fantasy Week 18!

HA! Stupid state holiday (I work in Rhode Island which, I think, is the only state in the union to make a state holiday out of Victory Day. Making me the only management level person in at work...


OTM Fantasy: Week 17

Really? We're already in Week 17?! It feels like this season has flown by. Anyway, keep in mind that the trade deadline for the ESPN leagues is coming up fast! August 17 at noon. Get all your...


An apology, an explanation and an announcement

This post is directly mostly at the OTM Varitek League although the rest of OTM may wish to read as well. And so after the jump, an apology, an explanation, and an announcement. :)


OTM Varitek League rosters

Well, after 23 rounds, the Varitek League is fully drafted. There were a lot of surprises, but it went very well. The league looks like it will be very competitive! Rosters are after the jump.


OTM Fantasy League #2

Hello folks. I'm the friendly neighborhood commissioner for OTM Fantasy baseball league #2 Here is the updated roster of players for the league: Team name (OTM Screen name) East Division 1...

Florida ballparks to become homeless shelters?


I know this has nothing to do with the Red Sox, but I found the idea of the Rays ballpark being used as a homeless shelter on the nights they don't play there to be a rather amusing one.

Indians sign Lugo


Apparently the Indians are desperate if they're inviting Lugo to ST...

Spring Training Reporting Dates


WOOHOO! We're getting closer to BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011 Red Sox final report card

I'm trying to stay, um, well not suicidal over the play we had to deal with over the past few days.  Sox are out of the playoffs.  OK.  Fine.  We have to live with it.  We don't have to like it but...

MLB Standings


Hey look. We done dug ourselves out of our hole!

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