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Postgame open thread


Use this forum to discuss what you just saw. That is all.


Game 121: Reds at Pirates

Maholm has given up 2 or fewer runs in 4 of his 5 starts against the Reds, although he's never gotten a win against them. Josh Fogg has given up 18 runs in 3 starts against...

Open Wednesday thread


  I think Micah Owings -- who reportedly will be one of the players to fill out the Adam Dunn deal -- would be a good candidate for a move to the outfield. He batted cleanup as a DH for...

Farmers only: Juan and on and on


Francisco Triple-A: Paul Janish laced a walk-off single to center as the Bats won 4-3. Josh Roenicke gave up a run, and Matt Belisle (5-1) got the win. High A: Juan Francisco was 2 for 4 and...

Adam Dunn is gone


  After years of debate between strikeout-hating, fat-loathing Dunn bashers and on-base-and-home-run loving supporters, Adam from Milwaukee is now a Diamondback. Here's how the trade breaks...

Farmers only: 9 bases for Valaika


Valaika Triple-A: The Bats needed just a couple sac flies and an RBI single to win 3-0. Bobby Livingston struck out 6 in 7 innings for the win. Double-A: Chris Valaika was 4 for 5 with 2...

Farmers only: 2 homers for Francisco


Francisco Triple-A: The Bats' winning streak ended at 8 games in an 11-5 loss to Columbus. Chris Dickerson was 2 for 5 with a double, and Adam Pettyjohn took the loss, giving up 11 runs in 5.1...

Farmers only: Maloney and Thompson return


Maloney Triple-A: Matt Maloney returned to the Bats, striking out 7 in 5 innings and allowing a run in a 7-1 win, putting Louisville up 10 games in the International League West. Adam Rosales w...

Farmers only: Stat-stuffing the OBP


Ramirez Triple-A: Another big day for Ryan Hanigan as he singled in the winning run for the Bats, 2-1. Ramon Ramirez struck out 11 in 7 innings, walking just 2 and allowing 4 hits, including a...

Farmers only: The Backyardigan


Hanigan Triple-A: Drew T. Anderson homered and Ryan Hanigan was 5 for 5 in Louisville's 8-4 win. Adam Rosales, Chris Dickerson and Danny Richar each had 2 hits, and Carlos Fisher and Daniel Ray...

Farmers only: Harang is close


Harang Triple-A: Aaron Harang struck out 6 in 6 innings and Adam Rosales, Drew T. Anderson and Chris Dickerson had 3 hits each in Louisville's 11-0 win. It was Harang's first start since July 8,...

Farmers only: Get to know Yonder


Dickerson Triple-A: Chris Dickerson went 3 for 5 with a run and the go-ahead RBI as Louisville won 2-1. Adam Pettyjohn (12-4) won his 5th straight start, and Josh Roenicke threw a perfect inning...

Farmers only: Dayton had a bad day


Richar Triple-A: Newly acquired infielder Danny Richar (pronounced REE-char) went 0 for 5, but Paul Janish delivered the go-ahead double as the Bats beat Charlotte -- Richar's old team -- 7-5. K...


Game 110: Reds at Nationals

With a win tonight, we will move a game over .500 in the post-Ken Griffey Jr. Era. That is something! Junior makes his debut in center for the White Sox at 8 tonight in...

Farmers only and the curse of Tomo Ohka


Ohka Triple-A: Drew T. Anderson was 4 for 5 and Shaun Cumberland was 3 for 4 in the Bats' 6-3 loss. Bobby Livingston gave up 9 hits in 6 innings and had 0 strikeouts, and Tomo Ohka struck out 9...

Trade day thread, continued


Ted Warren/Associated Press Here are a few links to keep the conversation going... Jim Molony looks back on what calls the "Disappointing Griffey era." Jay Mariotti doesn't think the...

Farmers only: Dragons go nards


Soto Triple-A: In his second game of his latest rehab, Jerry Hairston Jr. homered in the Bats' 9-0 win. Chris Dickerson also homered, as did Drew T. Anderson, who went 3 for 5. Ryan Hanigan a...

Farmers only: Juan Francisco keeps hitting everything


Geronimo Triple-A: Paul Janish and Michael Griffin homered to back Ramon Ramirez's 6-strikeout night, but the Bats lost 4-3. Daniel Ray Herrera and Josh Roenicke each struck out 3 in 1.1...

Failures only: At least we've got the dude


Mesoraco Were it not for Mesoraco, Rip Torn would be making another appearance. Triple-A: The Bats squeaked out just 4 hits in a 2-0 loss. Nobody did anything good. The entire game. Double-A: T...

Farmers only: Just so everyone knows, Danny Dorn has a .931 OPS


Dorn Triple-A: Rob Mackowiak and Chris Dickerson homered and Paul Janish delivered the deciding double as the Bats won 5-3. Bobby Livingston had a solid start, striking out 7 and leaving in the...

Farmers only: Zach strikes back


Jukich Triple-A: Ben Jukich got roughed up again as the Bats lost 10-5. He has an 8.68 ERA in his 2 starts for Louisville. Adam Rosales was 2 for 4, and Michael Griffin and Luis Bolivar homered....

Farmers only: Better wear a helmet and some chain mail if you're planning on taking in a Peoria game any time soon


Dorn Triple-A: Adam Rosales had a double and his 8th homer and Josh Roenicke got a strikeout and induced a double play to escape an 8th-inning jam as the Bats held on 4-3. Ryan Hanigan went 3...

Meet the Red Reporters

Today's an off-day, and I thought it'd be a good time to resurrect one of my favorite open threads from back in the day: Meet your fellow Red Reporters. This one from a couple years ago was my...

Farmers only: The Curious Case of Rob Mackowiak


Mackowiak Triple-A: Alvin Colina was 2 for 4 with a walk-off, 2-run double in the Bats' 2-1 win. Shaun Cumberland was 1 for 4, Carlos Fisher pitched 2 hitless innings and Rob Mackowiak went 1...

Game 103, Thread 2


Valentin has tied things up at 1 with a homer.

Farmers only: Juan Brawn


Francisco Triple-A: Rob Mackowiak's average continues to tumble, but he homered and extended his hitting streak to 16 games as Louisville won 7-5. Mackowiak was 1 for 4, and Adam Rosales was 2...

Farmers only and the Devin Double


Francisco Triple-A: Bobby Livingston's Louisville debut didn't go quite as well as he hoped. He gave up 7 runs and 8 hits in the Bats' 8-3 loss. B.J. Szymanski hit his first Triple-A homer, and J...

Game 101, Thread 102


Let's finish off this inning and get Homer in line for a win.


Game 101: Padres at Reds

We've never faced Josh Banks as a starter before. Then again, Homer's never faced San Diego. So who knows?

Farmers only: A lot to like


Dorn Triple-A: Ben Jukich wasn't so impressive in his debut for the Bats, but Carlos Fisher was. He struck out 5 of his 7 batters and earned the win in Louisville's 9-4 victory. Rob Mackowiak s...

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