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Colts release injury-prone Bob Sanders


I know he has been hurt a lot, but wow he would be awesome next to Troy if he could stay healthy.

Canucks lose another defenseman to injury


Could the Canucks be the team that looks to trade for Martinek? It would be great for him, a real nice chance at the Cup

Sens' Murray nowhere near done


Spezza possibly going! I always liked this guy, he is way too expensive for us. who do youthink would want to grab him?

Ducks deal for Beauchemin; Leafs get Lupul


wow Leafs got nice return. Lupul may still come back now that he is healthy, Gardiner is a good young D, and a late round pick

Super Bowl gets a cold shoulder


This article just pissed me off. It basically says that the SB should only be played in Miami, NO, and SD. It says it is stupid to have it at cold weather stadiums. I say the opposite, every city that has an NFL team should be able to host the SB for their fans and their small business owners. the $$$ it generates would be great for a city like Pittsburgh.

Roloson gets 4th shutout in Lightning win


Rollie playing awesome for Tampa. I hope he wins the cup


Face of the Team

I saw this on the AZ Diamondbacks page and thought it was an interesting topic. There is really no 1 absolute right pick and should create some good posts. All MLB teams have a face of the...

Twins and Thome agree to $3M contract for 2011


I think he is a good fit and am glad to see him stay.


Argument that Jack Morris was better pitcher than Blyleven

If you look past the longevity of Blyleven Jack Morris has better numbers, I would even say that Al Leiter was better during his prime than Bert.   Bert Blyleven's numbers are impressive when you...


I doubt we make the playoffs, but...

The way I see it, for us to have any chance we have to start pulling for the team standing 6th-9th to lose. We are still so far behind, Atlanta- 48 points Rangers- 47 Montreal-45 Carolina- 41 b...


AAOP after thought

Sign Francis now, and then if Johan comes back in time, trade him at the trade deadline.  It is a thought, maybe not that crazy. We will have a rotation now of Dickey, Pelfrey, Neise, Francis and...

2011 NHL All-Star Fan Balloting after five weeks


JT(12,384) and Streit ( 6,382) only Islanders on list. Frans not getting enough votes

7 games losing streak for Caps


Misery loves company, I am enjoying someone else losing. Maybe we can trade for Ovechkin guy

Answer Man: Luke Scott talks Nugent, hunting and Obama origin


Luke Scott my new favorite player because he answered honestly and had supporting reasons for his opinion. I love this country and am tired of people giving vanilla answers. Plus I agree with him.

AP source: Blue Jays trade RHP Marcum to Brewers


I know a few of us had Marcum in AAOPs, and it appears we were trading way too much for him


AAOP from Maine

I am really not that good at this, but will give it a try.   Our current guys are C- Thole - $440,000 1B- Ike Davis- $440,000 2B Murphy/Turner- $440,000 each 3B- David Wright- $14,000,000 S...

Rockies Acquire Jose Lopez


I saw some people mention him for 2B with the Mets

Pat Burns' widow has car looted after funeral services


This sucks beyond words can describe. What kind of world do we live in, sounds like something from the Dark Ages, where people would rob graves.

Vikings fire Brad Childress after falling to 3-7


Packers send 2nd head coach packing this season

New Jeter deal taking longer than expected


Is Mr. Yankee going to be scorned. Could Jeter get so insulted by the Yankees that he leaves, would he seek out a place with the Mets or Red Sox just for spite. Can he play 2B?

Westbrook agrees to $16.5M, 2-yr deal with Cards


I was kind of hoping he would stick around as an option for the Mets

Phils’ Halladay unanimously wins NL Cy Young Award


Halladay seems to be best pitcher in NL East not Johan. Just remember Johan's interview in ST

Danica consist, can she break top 20?


she has been 21st,22nd,22nd inher last 3 races. Can she break top 20

Rays decline club options on Wheeler, Aybar


Wheeler may not be a bad pickup, but not at $4 million, more like $2 Million

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