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The NCAA is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.

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RBR Investigations: Saban's contract demands


While Paul Finebaum takes credit for announcing the terms of the offer that would have lured Coach Saban to Texas, Roll Bama Roll has the real scoop on the precise details of the deal that didn't...

The NCAA ought to give Famous Jameis his own Uncle Nate


You have to wait a day to be able to post on Sea of Blue, and I would imagine that Bud Elliott is about to get an earful.

Rumors take no holiday in April


Rumors continue to swirl around Heisman-winner Jameis Winston. What can be sorted between fact and fiction? And who believes anything posted on April first anyway? RBR's Ricky Muncie has been...

Will being a granddaddy take the edge off Saban?


Nick Saban is now a grandfather. What will this mean for The Process going forward..?

Saban to Tuscaloosa


Multi-year extension signed. House hunt near the 40 Acres over.

No Tailgate for YOU


And this is why Ole Miss will NEVER accept an invite to the Super Bowl.

The proper way to criticize football players


To hell with those losers who won't let you vent! Football is LIFE! So Roll Bama Roll is now offering your exclusive chance to earn the license to complain about players.

A heartwarming tale of faith and football.


The Auburn 2013 season is beginning to take on a fairytale vibe. And who better to puncture that vibe than Roll Bama Roll's Ricky Muncie, out to share the greatest story never told, through the...

Your lack of faith is... disturbing.


Awbarn's bandwagon must be running on flat tires with all of the fans jumping on late. This is an actual screen capture from Facebook, just prior to the season kicking off. via

Your lack of faith is... disturbing.


Awbarn's bandwagon must be running on flat tires with all of the fans jumping on late. This is an actual screen capture from Facebook, just prior to the season kicking off. via

A Salute to the Seniors: Anthony Steen


Departing Senior guard Anthony Steen's stellar Alabama career has been overshadowed by the stars around him. Ricky Muncie throws non-existent statistics to the wind, and let's the pictures tell the...

How we could get TWO Iron Bowls this year


A scenario exists that would pit the Tide and Tigers against each other twice -- once for the West, and once for all the marbles. We've been there before with LSU, but this would be the last laugh...


A Hand gets the Bird

We landed a great player in our 2014 class. Speaking of "class," Da'Shawn Hand brings it. In buckets. Here is the proof:


Know Your Tigers - A Ricky Muncie Exclusive

After a delightful conversation with the lovely people from And The Valley Shook, I took the liberty of asking some questions of my own. The good-natured sports that they are, the ATVS crew...

Nick Saban - The Alabama Perspective

This is not a postulation on whether Saban would leave. Not yet, anyway. Frankly, that’s a discussion that would get skewed by the audience here. The Barking Carnival crowd (and just ask Sailor...

Les Miles' future news conference


Through the use of forbidden time travel technology, which looks absolutely nothing like a chemistry set and the Breaking Bad cookbook, Ricky Muncie brings us the post-game comments from LSU head...

Smacking of Roll Tide


Need a ruling from Fearless Leader. Does this count against Bama in the Fulmer Cup?

Ricky Muncie is a Man of Letters


Deep in the heart of the Vol Nation, Ricky Muncie strikes back with a coded message for the Crimson Tide faithful who are willing to solve for truth...

Bama is *the* standard


Apparently, we are the standard for "Being Remarkable." This is a video about marketing and branding, but Roll Tide!

Getting lost in the beauty of the Ozarks.


Forget the schemes on the field, and the stats leading up to the matchup between the Hogs and the Tide. A lot has changed since the Petrino days, and Arkansas is now as bad on the field as their...

Kentucky plays a different style of ball.


While fast break up-tempo offenses are all the rage, the Wildcats might be shifting yet again to a different style of offense. And no defense at all.

Breaking the Bad on Georgia State


In a fog of confusion and prehistoric technology, Ricky Muncie tries to make sense of this week's opponent at Bryant-Denny.

Reading between the lines for Ole Miss


The signs are out there, if you only know where to look. The RBR Investigations team needs your help deciphering the signals.

Saban: I'm too old to start over


Cecil Hurt asked it -- maybe the only guy who could do it without getting stabbed to death with Little Debbie wrappers. Coach says he's staying put.

Saban to Texas: The UN-Parody


Might there be some actual fire to all the smoke being blown about Saban to Austin?

It's homecoming for the CSUAB Blazerrams!


The Tide put the Number One ranking on the line against a team that looks and plays like UAB, coached by a man with BCS Title rings. And the Tide's secret plan to get more stars on the field.

Texas A&M preview, in a single graphical mess.


The things you didn't know that you needed to know about the Aggies, to properly understand what you will see on the field (and off.)

No victory for the Tide


The Alabama coaching staff shares insight on the one scheduling matchup they have no real hope to defeat.

Boots on the ground


ESPN is all about the new journalism.

Buzzfeed hates us, y'all!


This is one of those "We hate you because you're awesome and excellent and we can't think of a *rational* reason to hate you, so we hate you for THAT" articles. Enjoy, and stay Gumpin', my friends.

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