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Jordan Spieth wins the John Deere!

Jordan is the first teenager in like 80 years to win on the PGA tour. This nets him his tour card (though he was well on his way to earning it anyway) and a spot in next week's British Open. He...


Texas no longer recruiting Ricky Seals-Jones?!?

Via the Shag...a poster there says that one of the pay sites, 247, is reporting that Texas has cut ties with RSJ. Said no reason was given. I don't think the injury is the issue, though I guess...

Holy Halloween costume! The Baby Tebow might have cried...


Not sure if I should have included a 'sophomoric' humor tag in the title to alert those who think these things ruin the board, but I couldn't help but laugh at this one!

Could you imagine if the season were already over? Miami can.


Miami of Ohio finished their season last night! Granted if my team were 1-11 I would probably be glad the season was over too, but still it is just weird to think about college football being finished for a team well before Thanksgiving! If they were a national title contender they would have to wait 2 months before they would play in the title game!


Should restaurant's in Austin be fearful or breath a sigh of relief? Mangino out at KU?

KU guys are chiming in on the comments at BC that Mangino might not even make the trip down to Austin!  Word could even come down as early as this afternoon. Dimecoverage noted the players-only...

Mack Brown vs. the rest of the Top 10 winningest programs


While I generally find little of use over at Shaggy Bevo, its posts like this that keep me going back digging through the detritus. Mack really has taken the program to new heights and I hope this is just the beginning of our rise to the top of the heap.


Muschamp's 'hit or miss' Texas D...

Saw this in a comment thread about who should be Georgia's next DC should they get romped by Florida this weekend. On a side note. I know Muschamp isn’t coming. But can someone seriously explain...

BC forum post says Scott cleared to play


Please say its so. Can anyone find any confirmation?


In-State Talent Retention from 2002-2009

On the Darius White thread one poster did a little research looking at 5* player retention by some of the top teams over the past 5 years.  Some of us thought the sample size was a little small, so...

Tech's Harrell goes to CFL


Wonder what Leach will have to say about this?


Post-spring practice Top 25 from SI

Andy Staples has his post-spring practice Top 25 in college football.  Horns are ranked #2 behind the Tebows and just ahead of OU.  Again, there are 3 Big 12 South teams in the top 10 and 5 Big 12...


Texas among tops at producing NFL talent

Orangebloods Geoff Ketchum follows up on his look at Texas players in the NFL by comparing the drafts' top 26 college teams from 2000-2006.  Much like his earlier look at Texas v. Big 12, Texas is...


Best all-time NFL players for each Big 12 team

Best all-time NFL players for each Big 12 team An interesting post from ESPN's Big 12 blogger, Tim Griffin.  Earl shows his worth in a big way.  I would have thought a few more Horns would have...

How this year's top draft pick graded out as preps: based on SI's mock draft


We all know Orakpo's story, but it is interesting to see how other top names were graded coming out of HS. A lot of 5 stars in there compared to the few that actually get rated that high coming out of HS.

Study shows UT dominates Big 12 in NFL player production


Some number crunching from Geoff Ketchum at OB...he doesn't call out those KC Chiefs blogger, but you have to figure their post had something to do with this!

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