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2011/2012 Roster Projections: Cornerback

First off I would like to apologize for forgetting the tight ends in my offensive projections.  As far as that goes, I think we will add another TE or two in free agency.  Harbaugh LOVES his tight...

Glen Coffee: The Story Gets Weirder...


So he left the NFL to go into ministry, got pulled over and was found to be carrying a loaded weapon, and now is back to playing football but on defense AND is finishing college. No mention of his goal of going into ministry. Wow.


2011 Niners Roster Projections: Offense

  Read on after the jump to find my roster projections for our 2011 season.  But first, my $0.2 on what the heck Baalke was thinking with this draft.  It seems to me that he was playing at being a...

Gabbert vs. Ponder (SO COOL!!)


A nice story with an AWESOME video of Mooch putting Ponder and Gabbert through QB drills. Ponder is officially my draft crush.

A good reminder. No matter how ugly things get...At least we aren't starting JT!


A good reminder. No matter how ugly things get...At least we aren't starting JT!


Niners Taking Ponder In The First?

Well folks, many of you might think that the QB discussion has been done to death.  However, after Christian Ponder's strong Senior Bowl and Combine showing, I think this discussion deserves a...


My Entertaining Pipe Dream (No Justin Bieber involved!)

This is really just to start discussion and for the fun of imagining things that would probably work but will never actually happen... This draft has a lot of early round talented guys that could...

He also said: "Skov credits defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and a cohesiveness on a unit that grew...

Stanford star's perspective on Vic Fangio's D.

He also said: "Skov credits defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and a cohesiveness on a unit that grew to trust and rely on one another. "We’ve really stuck together," Skov said. "When you can play that way, good things are in the cards for you." ( Video wouldn't post. You can view it here: Stanford star's perspective on Vic Fangio's D.


Unofficial "Caption This"




All right guys, it's time to let you in on a plan that's been brewing for quite some time.  That "Post From The Future" was correct, but this situation has forced our hand.  This is the first step...


Why Draft A QB?

This may sound dumb, but let me explain. This QB class is very dodgy, and there don't seem to be any guys who have a high probability of coming in and starting day 1 for the Niners and succeeding...


Taking 49ers Experience Bus, What to Expect?

I apologize in advance, I know this is more of a fanshot.  However, seeing as the game is tomorrow, I'd really like this to get noticed and my question answered asap. My question?  Given the rain...


My Confession: I Cursed Michael Crabtree

(Disclaimer, this post is not meant to be taken seriously.)   When you read the title of this fanpost, you might have thought this would be a comedy article.  Given my recent fanpost about Mount...


Mount Lombard or The Incredibles? The Niners Exposed...

Anthony Dixon is a like a body builder terminator that does parkour.  He's 240 pound of pure muscle, but he outruns people to the corner, hurdles defenders on some plays, shoves them into the dirt...

Brandon Jones to Seahawks


Not that this is too surprising...

Is this evening's practice open to the public, no tickets required?


Is this evening's practice open to the public, no tickets required?


Storytime With Da Niners (Re-incarnated!)

During the last season I wrote up a couple of post game recaps in sort of a "storytime" fashion.  I thought I'd repost the one about the Texan's game seeing as it is summer and we are all starved...


Can You Realistically Start Playing In College?

I got the idea to post this after reading the post about experience we've all had playing football.  I've never played organized football, but always wanted to.  I played for years on the street...


Who Should Be Our Returner?

As many of you know, the 49ers pick up Ted Ginn for a 5th rounder, got WR/PR Kyle Williams in the draft, and (reportedly) signed KR/PR Leroy Vann as a UFA.  I would think Ted Ginn would be a lock...

Briggs Activated!!


According to this article from Matt Barrows, Marques Harris has been released and Diyral Briggs has been activated (making room for a Kansas City offensive lineman on the practice squad). Is anyone else excited about this? I have a feeling that Briggs may be the pure pass rusher we so desperately need.

It came to mind how much the game today resembled an old western, including Alex Smith bursting...


It came to mind how much the game today resembled an old western, including Alex Smith bursting onto the scene guns blazing when all hope seemed lost... It was a dark day in Texas as a ragtag band of soldiers struggled to beat off a ferocious assault by a wandering band of cutthroats. The leader of the patrol was Captain Shaun Hill, a man crippled from birth who had nonetheless won a captaincy by his heroics on a previous campaign. Unfortunately, bravery is not always backed up by precise military stratagem or a straight shot with a gun. Such was the case with Captain Hill. Although he fought with great courage, he ended up accidentally shooting himself and bled to death as his troops sold their lives bravely around him. All hope seemed lost, and the brave soldiers began to waver, not knowing whose orders to follow without their beloved Captain. Just as the troops were about to break and run, Captain Smith burst onto the scene with guns ablazing. The soldiers were shocked, as this man had been stripped of command and put in solitary confinement on charges of cowardice. (These charges were, of course, filed by the old general who had been discharged along with his chief of staff. The commander had been suspected of sabotage and the chief of staff seemed to be insane.) Yet with a calm demeanor and a steely glint in his eye, Captain Smith loudly yelled to follow him. With hope renewed, the soldiers gave a shout and poured forth. It was a glorious sight, Sergeant Davis alone stepping thrice to the forefront of the fight to encourage the rest by his example. Though a raw cadet, Private Crabtree followed this example and went with him into the thick of the fight. It seemed that they would yet win the day! However, the marauders quickly recovered from their shock at the ferocity of the onslaught, beat back the soldiers, and completed their slaughter. Captain Smith however, succeeded in withdrawing honorably from the field along with the bravest of the patrol. His command was restored and Captain Hill was buried unceremoniously in an unmarked grave. Among the dead and wounded were Privates Pashos, Brooks, Spikes, Franklin, and J. Smith. Pvts Rachal, Roman, and Battle were put in solitary confinement for dereliction of duty.


Takeo Spikes: TV Analyst?

I was just watching the end of the Chargers/Steelers game (amazing finish by the way), and I caught the local NBC sports news.  I was delighted to see Takeo Spikes teaming up with Raj Mathai as an...

Alex Smith's Monster Block on Greg Ellis!!!


Alex Smith's Monster Block on Greg Ellis!!!



As I was browsing the net looking for 49ers news, I came across a very entertaining article about the 49ers practice with the Raiders. ...

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