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Former third bassist in Angry & Burning Skulls and stat stringer for the Losantiville Northwest Ordinances. I'm a big fan of anything.

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User Blog

Reds vs. Cardinals, Game 2: Preview/Predictions


We last saw Michael Wacha mopping up for Adam Wainwright in the Reds' 10-0 romp. That was the game that saved the season, the dignity of a city and probably some lives. Despite the mercy rule...

Is it worth it? (To make a move)


Maybe it's only 10:30 pm. My watch is fast.

Tiny Sample Size Reflections on AAA Baseball


Not for use in drawing any conclusions.

Slumpin' ain't easy (to explain)


Friday night looked like it could be the triumphant  turnaround for Todd Frazier. By breaking his 0-for-31 fugue state, he avoided being mentioned in the same sentences and STATS, Inc queries as D...

A small cavalry unit is coming


In a manner of speaking.

Taking the Feast with the Famine


As Vin Scully (respect) mentioned several times during the last series, the Reds are second the NL in runs scored. While Vin is certainly correct, there are a couple of caveats (at least if you're...

Choo's left-handed complements


Just as a reminder, Shin-soo Choo cannot hit left-handed pitching- which gives us an indication of just how talented a hitter he really is. I know that sounds illogical - and maybe it is - but Choo...

Appreciating third place


Perpetually five games back, perpetually very good.

Heisey + Frazier + Ludwick = Zero sum ball game?


Ryan Ludwick gets his rehab assignment underway this Wednesday in Dayton, which should be good news for a Reds team that's seen a few too many games on the order of Sunday's teeth-pulling against J...

Embracing novelty


While the NL has been enjoying its 3 game-win streak, the Reds' All Stars have been trying to stay out of the way. The hometown delegation is currently zero for its last 10, dating back to 2010....

When barely losing isn't enough


It's not what I was taught growing up playing Coddle Your Child League underhand coaches pitch softball, but losing sucks.

Time to make a move


The Reds are limping into All Star Break. And the plan seems to be to keep limping. Facing two hobbled catchers, Dusty Baker threw up his hands: "There's not a whole lot available," he said....

Game 87: Reds vs. Mariners (4:10 PM EDT)

It's a 4:10 Saturday start, but I'm happy to report that his game is not a Fox Blackout Night in America special. Despite winning 3 of their last four, the Reds are somehow a half game further...

A little help?... Hitters edition


Step one: admitting you need help.

About the Reds (not) beating good teams


Is this a real problem?

A little help?... Reliever edition


The Reds still have a really good record, even though they lost just last night. But this is increasingly cold comfort as the Pirates and Cardinals continue to cakewalk toward July. Maybe the help...

Saturday Evening (re)Post(er)


In this weekend edition, we discuss a draft signing, a marginalization and some underwhelming relief options.

How good is the Reds' offense, really?


Pretty good? Or really only kind of good?

Scribbling a shopping list for the trade deadline


Finding an edge. With a microscope.

Series Preview: Steeling yourself for Steel City


it's the Mid Coast's best potential rivalry.

Reds sign Zack Duke, then try to fix bullpen


The Reds just signed Zach Duke - a lefty and former starter who turned reliever sometime in 2011 - to a minor league contract. Duke pitched 20 terrible innings for the Nationals this season, being...

Will Hanigan be the man again? (at the plate)


Ryan Hanigan's prowess behind the plate is pretty well-proven. He seems to coax better performances out of the Reds' staff, frames pitches effectively and generally makes crouching look easy. Not...

Depth perception: Do the Reds have enough back-up?


They should consider putting it in "the cloud."

Game 52: Reds vs. Indians (7:10 EDT).

Next Game Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 7:10 PM EDT Great American Ball Park Zach McAllister vs Mat Latos Partly cloudy. Winds blowing...

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