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DBD 12.7.11 CGB Superheroes

So it's well-known by now that all members of CGB are superheroes, part of an international, crime-fighting syndicate (or crime-creating, depending on your orientation). Superheroes have a...


DBD 12.2.11 So where do we go from here?

Hey CGB! So I've really enjoyed the time we've spent together. It's been a wonderful time, filled with all sorts of emotions, from angry (U$C), to hopeful (furd), to happy (Twist getting punched...


DBD 11.29.11 Your Favourite Christmas Movies/TV Specials?

What? Another Christmas DBD by Rishi? In other news, war in the Middle East, Republicans and Democrats disagree, and the English find another way to screw up tea. So one of the things I love about...


DBD 11.25.11 Post-Black Friday Madness/Stuck At Work DBD

Good morning/afternoon (lazy bums)/evening (Garfield?) friends of CGB! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with feasting, laughter, and love. And those of you who were crazy enough to...


DBD 11.17.11 Top Ten Ways You Know You're A stanfurd Student

We only have two days left until the Big Game! Let's keep our enthusiasm and continue to mock stanfurd students and stanfurd as much as possible!   So I'll start with a list of Ten Ways You Know...


DBD 11.15.11 Psyching yourself up for the Big Game!

Hello friends and lovers! So this season has not gone as intended. I know a few people here are feeling Bearish (ed note: this means down) about the Big Game on Saturday. Worried that stanfurd...


DBD 11.9.11 Return to Berkeley

Yesterday, I audited a class at Haas as part of the b-school application process. I took off from work a little early and BARTed over to Berkeley. Now it's been a few years since I've graduated...


DBD 11.3.11 Choose Your Own Adventure: CGB Edition

It is now 7:22 AM PST/10:22 AM EST. You've already done some work, had your morning coffee, and checked the frontpage news. There is no DBD at CGB. And you've already z'd through the old DBDs. D...


DBD 11.2.11 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And so we've officially kicked off what is, for me, the best time of the year. Spring is nice, with the flowers blooming. Autumn is cool, with the changing leaves and brisk air. Summer is great,...


DBD 10.28.11 Halloween Costume Blowout!

So what are folks wearing for Halloween? And what are your plans? I was going to do a write-up of Halloween is through your different ages, but then I remembered that The Oatmeal already did that...


DBD 10.26.11 Happy Diwali!

CGB being full of Indians as it is, it's time for a Diwali DBD! Happy Diwali to everyone! Diwali is a festival celebrated not just in Hinduism, but in Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and probably a...


DBD 10.19.11 Drop your fantasy football team now!

I know we've all been enthralled by the excitement of your fantasy football teams for the past few weeks. After all, it's so exciting debating the merits of Ahmad Bradshaw vs Rashard Mendenhall. I...


Temper Your Expectations: The case against irrational exuberance

Someone's gotta be the Debbie Downer. Sorry, guys, it's me this time. Like many of you here, I've been a lifelong Niners fan. I've dealt with basically a decade of nothingness from the team. And...


DBD 10.14.11 How do you vent frustration?

Totally unrelated to any happenings in football or anything else... what's your preferred method? Drinking tons? Petting a puppy? Punching Twist? Playing video games? Feeding the homeless? C...


DBD 9.30.11 That Awkward Moment When...

In the vein of websites like FML and TFLN comes "That Awkward Moment When..." that's gaining popularity.   It's a pretty simple game. Describe an awkward moment that you think others can relate...


DBD 9.16.11 GO BEARS ON 1000!

Yesterday's DBD was exhausting. Tomorrow we have a tough match-up against the Blue Hose. As such, I want the biggest GO BEARS! as the 1000th post in this DBD. Whoever does it and follows protocol...


DBD 9.15.11 Why is everyone getting married?!

Note: It's 7 AM and there's no DBD. If you wanted to avoid another Rishi-style DBD, maybe you should have posted one. Your parents/spouse/children/cats will be very disappointed in you!It seems...


DBD 8.31.11 You know you're getting old when...

So, as you may or may not know, depending on the rapidness with which you z through my comments, I'm going to Vegas this weekend with my buddies. Joy time!But as I started to break down the roster,...


DBD 8.12.11 What gets you pumped?

So rather than writing yet another self-absorbed Rishi-style DBD, I figured I'd open it up. Other than Cal sports, what gets you pumped up, no matter what?   I'm super-tired and desperately need...


DBD 7.29.11 Surviving a Best Friend's Wedding

It's almost 7 AM PST and there's no DBD up. So before anyone complains that I'm posting yet another DBD centered entirely around myself, maybe you should have posted something yourself? Seriously,...


DBD 7.8.11 Summer Appreciation DBD

With the weather forecasted to reach the 70s in SF today, I figure it's time for a long overdue appreciation of the joy that is summer and all that comes with it.   Sure, there are downsides. No...


DBD 05.31.11 Fish Out Of Water (or the story of how Rishi went camping)

As promised, this is my story (and I'm sticking to it)   Background: Chances are that if you're reading the DBD, you know who I am since I have an autobot that posts for me. Just in case you don't,...


DBD 5.26.11 Intern Season Is Here!

So as summer kicks off (sans the nice weather, in SF at least), our workplaces experience a trickling in of summer interns. Our office just got a handful of interns, all basically cut from the same...


DBD 5.12.11 IPL Fashion Political SoCal Slapflight Thread

Because this is what happens when no one posts a DBD and I have to make one!   Feature in today's DBD: Open thread for IPL Cricket Match between Delhi Daredevils, represented by Rishi, and the...


DBD 4.20.11 Just Say No

Hi kids! Rishi here with an important public service announcement. I understand the high pressure environment that we're all in. We're surrounded by high expectations constantly and expect to...


DBD 3.25.11 CGB Experts!

Originally, I was going to make a cricket-themed DBD, but I decided against it.   Instead, I realised that the DBD contains a variety of people (and people-like creatures) from wildly different...


Super Bowl Open Thread - Go Pack Go!

So I'm sure most of us are going to big Super Bowl parties, but figure for those that are watching it in the comfort of their own homes; enjoy the company of CGB! h...


DBD 1.28.11 Sup Girl

Last night, I went to an "MBA night" at a wine bar in SF last night. As I got to the bar with a buddy (my wingman), I got a glass of wine and sat back for a second, talked to the host (bartender),...


Hiiii how is the location?

It's as beautiful as I am, right? No, just joking, it's as beautiful as the San Francisco 49ers   Jim Harbaugh agreed to a five-year, $25 million contract to become the San Francisco 49ers'...

Harbaugh to sign 5yr deal with 49ers


Press conference at 3:30 http://twitter.com/sf_49ers

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