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Mid forties dad and happily married, and not just to the Cubs. We have one great daughter, who I'm proud to say attended the Yankees at Cubs game in 2003 before she was 1 year old.

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Watch Derek Jeter tell Joe Buck to get the heck out of the clubhouse


Love it, Love it, Love it! You couldn't script this better.


How the Cubs sale to the Tribune almost didn't happen

I read this in Wednesday's Chicago Tribune, but it is behind the paywall. It's also interesting to note that there were 10,000 shares of Cubs stock before the Tribune acquisition. The article is "...

The Pioneer of Tommy John Surgery has passed away


Rest in Peace to Frank Jobe, a dedicated professional who provided a second chance to countless athletes. He led a great and full life. Interesting note - Jobe initially estimated (Tommy) John's chances of returning to the majors at less than 5 percent.


The Free Agent Class of 2012-2013

With the Free Agent market opening up, I thought it would useful to look back at the Free Agent Class of 2012-2013 and see how they performed in 2013. After you commit a significant sum of money to...

Fan’s case against Royals over bizarre hot dog injury is headed for the Missouri Supreme Court


This is why the Cubs don't have a mascot. The idea of a mascot giving away free hot dogs is repulsive to the Cubs business team.

A fan of Andy Pafko


I read this today on the train this morning. It's a wonderful tribute to not only Pafko, but also to life back in a simplier time.

Good News on Mike Olt


Looks like his vision problems may be understood now and are controllable. He's in AZ and working out. Best if all, there is a TANG reference. Ode to the TANG.

Say it ain't so, Joe!


The Yankees announced that they have re-signed manager Joe Girardi to a four-year deal that will keep him in place as manager through the 2017 season.

Ricketts vs. Rooftoppers - Does anyone care anymore?


Tribune/WGN polls finds that the public does not support either side to a great degree. I think the "level of fatigue" is starting to weigh in. Even here on BCB, where this FanShot may not even be found or read.

Bonds 756 home run plaque missing at AT&T Park


Robberies, shootings and home invasions, oh my!

White Sox Sign Jason Berken


As an Organization, the Cubs must be doing better. This is addition by someone lese's subtraction.

Dusty Tells Gibby - NO SOUP FOR YOU!


OK, no actual Soup was consumed or harmed during this story. But we do have 2 NL managers arguing over using the DH in a Spring Training game. NL managers, DH, Spring Training. Got it.

Jason McLeod on Javier Baez


Jason McLeod on scouting Javier Baez "When I left that game, I’m thinking about my report and I call Jed and he was like: ‘How did Baez look?’ I (told him): I don’t know if this kid is going to be Manny Ramirez or not get to Double-A. I don’t know what I just saw today.’ It shows how unpredictable scouting before the draft can be.

OT: The Red Bird Robber


This guy will probably get caught when he catches a foul ball at the World Series and hold it up to show off.

Peoria Journal Star reporter delivers Letters to the Cubs


And for his effort he gets a response from the City of Chicago - a Red Light ticket! No Good Journalistic Deed Goes Unpunished.

The New Moneyball


Since MLB rejected the Dodgers previous $2 Billion TV Deal in June, 2011, the Dodgers are now primed for an even bigger TV Deal after the current one expires in 2013. Per the link to Forbes, "Quite simply, the Dodgers roster moves are designed not just to boost on-field performance but also the team’s market value as a television asset. This Dodger team now feels like can’t miss TV with the stars it has assembled." If Attendance is Batting Average, then TV Deals are the new OBP.

Cubs Win!!! Happy Fourth of July, BCB!!! Cubs Win!!!

Cubs Win!!! Happy Fourth of July, BCB!!! Cubs Win!!!

Why Chicago Sports Columnists are killing themselves


Sport columnist - the supposedly better writers who don't need to follow a team to know what to write about - have forgotten how to write about real sports. No need to write about players, managers, strategy, roster management. No, now they write about attendence, beer, goats curses, and cancer research. Why? Because it's easier to do. You just pick one thing to be critical about ignore that sporting thing that occurred altogether. David Haugh: Honestly, the best way for Cubs fans to express their support for Rizzo is to stop buying tickets to watch a last-place team hitting .247, but that never will happen as long as the Cubs sell sunshine and beer. Cliche, cliche, cliche Rick Morrissey: It’s what happens when the paid attendance is 35,219 for an awful team on a nice afternoon in May. The years of losing have had very few punitive effects for the club. Sure, attendance is down from 10 years ago, but if you had stumbled upon the park for the first time, you might have thought a pep rally had broken out to celebrate badness. Rehash, rehash, rehash. And when you can't think of a sports thing to write about, attack the fans!

Bryan LaHair Reached Base Safely streak - Snapped


From Today's MLB preview "Bryan LaHair's streak of 32 consecutive games reaching base was snapped on Wednesday as he went 0-for-4. It was the longest such streak by a Cubs first baseman since Phil Cavarretta reached based in 32 straight games from June 10-July 12, 1945. " LaHair reached 2B on Pierre's error in the 4th and then scored on Soriano's Home Run. Congratulations to LaHair on a great streak.

Kerry Wood raising money for charity with cupcakes


Decorating cupcakes at Swirlz Cupcakes in Lincoln Park. Kerry and his wife Sarah did this on Wednesday before Opening Day. You can buy a Wood Family Foundation red velvet cupcake through May 5 and Swirlz will donate all of the proceeds to the Woods’ youth-focused charity. Maybe Wood still had some frosting on his fingers on Opening Day.

The Cubs Cacophony


"We're not going to be deaf to the concerns of the fans and to what's going on around the club," he (Epstein) said. "But we also will recognize, especially with respect to the media, that it's primarily just noise and we have to continue to focus on what we're trying to do despite the occasional cacophony." I think some Cubs fans will need to keep a dictionary nearby as they read the sports page. I'm glad my Kindle has one built in.

Cubs Special Event games


Which will be your favorite special event game? Social Media Night - forget the game, your tweets are bad ass. Halfway to St. Patrick's Day - "Everyone will be Irish in the Budweiser Bleachers". And security will be doubled. Or - Singles Night - "Playing the Field". I would feel bad if I made this up.

2012 Playoff format - this is Ass-backwards

Don't tell me this "This change increases the rewards of a division championship and allows two additional markets to experience playoff baseball each year," Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement. And then do this: For the 2012 postseason, the five-game Division Series will begin with two home games for lower seeds, followed by home games for the higher seed. After that, it will return to the 2-2-1 format previously used. Just dumb.

Ivy thief apprehended at Wrigley Field


I have an alibi. And no ivy in my pocket. A Cubs security officer spotted this guy on video surveillance. Frankly, I'm surprised that a security officer was awake on a Sunday morning. Must be the Theocracy taking hold.

OT: Sox trade Quentin to Padres for two minor league pitchers


Let the Chicago rebuilding wars continue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this may be one of the most active trade off-seasons since the 90s.

Uber Fire Sale in Oakland


The Oakland Athletics traded All-Star closer Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney to the Red Sox on Wednesday for outfielder Josh Reddick and infield prospect Miles Head and minor league pitcher Raul Alcantara.

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