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Mid forties dad and happily married, and not just to the Cubs. We have one great daughter, who I'm proud to say attended the Yankees at Cubs game in 2003 before she was 1 year old.

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Umpires adding Further Review without TV

In Thursday's Astros vs. Royals game, the umpire's missed a call leading to a double play. To correct the call, the umpire's recreated how the play should have gone, called the teams back out and continued the inning. This is why any replay system must be limited in scope. Umpires recreating plays is not umpiring, replay or no replay.

Ryan Theriot = Push It??

Ryan Theriot = Push It by Salt-N-Pepa?? Really?? The Cubs started playing at-bat music this weekend and I'm betting that is hear (pun) to stay. Shouldn't Theriot have to be a much better bunter to have Push It as his AB song? Who knows what the other player's AB songs are? Starlin Castro's song was popular at Wrigley on Sunday night.

Lou v Stone

Way to go Lou! I only wish there had been a base nearby to throw. Keep standing up for yourself.

Ricketts vs. Roof Tops

Tom Ricketts is starting to play hardball with the neighborhood. Pour it on Tom.


Somebody had to go to the Bullpen, who should it have been

Since this has been one of the most discussed topics, I thought we should have a poll to see which Cubs starter should have been moved to the Bullpen. For the poll, I am assuming that any of the 5...

Watch out for a Toyota coming your way

Toyota sign that is. Can't wait for the first homer (Cubs hopefully) to peg the sign.

A Little Ugly before the Home Opener

Sad to see in the line for the Bleachers before the Home Opener. The guy is wearing a Jim Edmonds Brewers jersey. He could get into the game and sit right next to a guy wearing a Jim Edmonds Cubs jersey.


First, I hear that Castro will start the ever important first spring training game. Now it's Theriot. How many times do I need to erase and re-write this line-up before it's locked down?

Tribune's David Haugh on Starlin Castro

This is a pretty standard days-before-fist-spring-training-game column with the fun quips on crazy uncle Lou. Where it gets interesting is when Haugh refers to Castro as "a light-hitting, slick-fielding rookie". Now Haugh is a baseball writer. But it is interesting to see the light-hitting label being applied to Castro when I've seen others tout Castro as the next Miguel Tejada.


Malware in Eric Hanna fanPost?

I have clicked the Eric Hanna FanPost and continue to get a message for Malware. The Red screen refers to www.takethehandle.com. It sounds like someone posted a like that has Malware on it. Or the...

Macier, Angels, 3-years

This is from Monday when everyone was busy with Nady-fest

A's Prospect turns to Priesthood

Name the Failed Cubs Prospect you wish had taken this route. I'll start. How about Luis Montanez from the 2000 draft?

Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation Dinner

Nice story by Tim Brown. You always hear about scouting players but you never think of what happens to those guys after they are done with the game. Good to see somebody stepping up to take care of their own.

A’s bring back Jack Cust

Smart moves by the A's. While Cust's batting average may be low, the walks he takes generates a huge gap up to his OBP. 3 years of consistently going 100 points above your BA is impressive. When Cust gets hot, he can drive the ball with power. And when he gets in a slump, he can fall back on his patience and get walks.


The Troughs Live!

I hope this is true. My Christmas will be saved. Let us now praise the new owners of the Chicago Cubs. Early on in their tenure, they were faced with a difficult decision, and they made the right...


Cubs 2010 Draft Position and Free Agent Compensation

Did the Cubs get ripped off in their 2010 First Year Player draft position? The Cubs will draft 16th in 2010 Major League Baseball First-Year draft. Texas got the 15th selection as compensation for...


Vernon Wells - prepping to be a Cub

The Milton Bradley for Vernon Wells trade must be around the corner... Blue Jays’ Wells to have wrist surgery TORONTO (AP)—Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells(notes) will have surgery...

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