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The name is Rj.
Just a simple man from Carolina.
Was born in Durham, NC.
Now live in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Love fishing, especially in the surf and in the inlet.
The salt water must run through my veins at this point.
Live heavy metal.
Bleed blood and salt, Purple and Gold, Garnet and Black.
Go East Carolina Pirates, Duke Blue Devils, and South Carolina Gamecocks.
I think that is all the info you need to creep on me with.

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAF East Carolina Pirates
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • General Duke Blue Devils(Even in football!) and South Carolina Gamecocks
User Blog

@CapitalOneBowl Capital One Bowl Obligatory awkward staged handshake shot!


@CapitalOneBowl Capital One Bowl Obligatory awkward staged handshake shot!


I am totally a chinese spambot, so lets facelift bar.

Hello,everybody,the good clemson Fucking place,the Regula season ending, click in. Let’s facelift bar!= ===The website wholesale various clemson Fucks, such as dabo,...


East Carolina to the SEC East! (A pretty stupid idea.)

When the SEC finally goes to 16 in the year 2025, after the Melvin Ingram Clone Wars and a failed robit uprising that was lead by BLOODCHAMP that did not seem to have a decided schematic advantage,...

Something I made......


Something I made......

Thoughts on the MWC / C-USA merger from the ECU head brass.


"The conference situation remains, depending on who you listen to or read, chaotic at best," Ballard(ECU chancellor) said Monday inside ECU’s Spilman Building. "I think changes will continue for the foreseeable future. We’re at a lull here that might last a day or a month or two months, but the realignment picture will continue." Ballard said he expects the proposed 18- to 22-team merged football league will benefit ECU by limiting travel, but stood firm on his belief that such a league deserves an automatic qualifying berth into the BCS for its champion. "The automatic qualifier status is under great pressure and review and criticism, and I personally don’t think it can last past 2013," Ballard said. "After that year, the automatic qualifying thing which seems to be driving so much of the conference change is likely to be done away with, and I think it’s high time that performance replace any automatic qualification criteria." The ECU chancellor said he expects the merger to be approved in January, at least for football.


How Paul Johnson spent his last 30 minutes before the game.

  1. Made Al Groh sacrifice an entire beehive to gain more power. (40 seconds)2. Made Attaochu apply salve to Groh’s face and hands. (1 minute 35 seconds)3. Sat down and drank a coke, to gain more...

"East Carolina quarterback Dominique Davis has set two NCAA records for successive pass...


"East Carolina quarterback Dominique Davis has set two NCAA records for successive pass completions. Davis completed his first 26 passes against Navy on Saturday, breaking the single-game record of 23 set by Tee Martin of Tennessee in 1998 and tied by Aaron Rodgers of California in 2004."

From the AP.

C-USA exit fee is $7 Million.


"If the Knights ultimately decide to join the Big East, Conference USA officials told the Sentinel that UCF would have to pay an exit fee of about $7 million. Schools leaving C-USA must pay their annual share of television revenue under dual contracts with Fox Sports Network and CBS Sports for five years and an additional one-time $500,000 fee." "Conference USA also plans to enforce its exit rules, which means the earliest UCF could join the Big East would be for the 2013 football season."


Paul Johnson on shitty Dr. Pepper ad.

  Now come and take a seat. Well let me tell you why I hate this Dr. Pepper commercial.Now they play this commercial once every 10 minutes on every channel it seems goddammit and they have this...

NDNation your expectations are too damn high!


NDNation your expectations are too damn high!

Countdown 4. Terrible Thursday games can't come fast enough.


Countdown 4. Terrible Thursday games can't come fast enough.

Paulk brothers to share field for 1st time since 2005.


Gamecock senior linebacker Rodney Paulk will be playing against his younger brother, ECU junior defensive back Leonard Paulk next Saturday.

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