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Failing at Anderson or Maloof BS

I want to start off by saying that all the people that think we are set on our front court are not thinking clearly. We could have really used Ryan Anderson, first off because we dont even know...


What to take from this loss

It comes down to this, the defense got dismantled in the second half.  -Chris Johnson was a serious problem, this could (and probably will) become an even bigger problem against NYJ and NE. -We had...


Nnamdi Asomugha; a forum for your thoughts.

Dear Nnamdi, Stay with the Oakland Raiders and be the best CB in Raiders History (a tall task). Nnam, you mean more to Oakland than a dominate CB. You were the bright spot when we sucked. If the...

Lukenbill says we can, must find a way to keep Kings.


Ailene Voisin with an article on former owner Greg Lukenbills take on the possible move.


What do we have, and what do we need?

All this negativity surrounding our Kings moving to Anaheim has got me down. So for a change of pace, lets look at the prospects on our team and see what our future needs to be successful here in S...

NBA draft 2010: Winners & losers


According to Marc J. Spears, we are winners in the draft.

Around the League: Kings, financial outlook improving


"This could be a great team. … Honest to God, we have a real bright future in Sacramento."


Tyrus Thomas to be moved

I read on Yahoo! Sports that Tyrus is no longer in the Bulls plans and they will move him most likely before the trade deadline.  As of right now, NYK are the front runners in a trade that would...

JaMarcus Russell: A work in regress


Quick read on Jamarcus Russells progress as a QB


Jeff Garcia released by Philly

Do you guys see anyway that we bring him back in? I'm still on the side that says give Russell a few more games. Garcia would be a good insurance policy especially since he knows our playbook. If...

At-Risk teams: Sacramento kings


i guess its alot of what we already know, but nonetheless for those who dont know here ya go. :)


How to win more than 17

While building through the draft is always fun, lets figure other ways we could rebuild this 17 win team.   Good teams have been built through the draft, and it certainly looks like its working...


The case for DeRozan

With the draft less than a month away seems like everyone here at Sactown Royalty has an opinion on who to take. Some decide to take this exciting one month strech to bash our GM while others give...


This just in

I know this is a Raiders blog site but i couldnt help but shit my pants when i read this...   by the time you all wake up you will probably have heard but Albert Haynesworth signed with the...


Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen

both just got fired from the bucs. do you see ANY way al davis brings him back and do you see anyway that gruden or allen COME back? it worked well before so i got excited even though i kno its...


Too long to pull the trigger

Is it just me or does it seem like Geoff Pietrie takes to long to pull the trigger on deals? seems like 3 weeks ago that Pietrie had a bunch of offers for Brad Miller and now im reading around that...


Bill Parcels to the Raiders?!

Theres rumors swirling that Bill Parcels will yet again JET on his team. Word has it that since Wayne Huzeinga is selling his team that Parcels has an opt out clause becasue the sale is goign...

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