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Why I am happy and you should be too

There has been a lot of discontent around the Knicks fanbase and that discontent is sure to grow now that the Miami Heat appeared poised to win a title. First Pat Riley jumps ship without...


Why trade proposals for Amare are point less

Let me start by saying I do not believe that any player is untouchable. The Knicks traded Clyde and Ewing so they damn sure can trade Amare Stoudemire if they choose to. But that would be a...


Why the Knicks have more of a chance of beating Miami than you may think.

With five games to go in the regular season it is looking more and more likely that the Knicks will face the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs. Now if you are a Vegas book maker, the...


Was Amare Stoudemire a bad signing?

Many of you lament Amare Stoudemire and his uninsured contract everytime he gets a head cold. Let me make this perfectly clear, signing Amare Stoudemire was the smartest thing that James Dolan has...


Keys to the second half Carmelo and Amare

The first half of the season has been a nightmare for the teams two "stars." Not only have they had a difficult time staying on the court together, playing in only 19 of the teams 35 games...


Did Jeremy Lin get exposed? Or Why the Miami Heat would be wise to employ a different strategy next time they face the Knicks.

With all due respect to Stephen A. Smith Jeremy Lin did not get exposed against Miami. Lin played poorly for sure, however he, not the Heat stopped himself last Thursday with an assist from his...


Turning the Posse into a Parade: or How D'Antoni can win a title in NY now

D'Antoni for the moment has seemed to channel his inner Coughlin and has found a way to survive questions about his job status. D'Antoni finds himself a coach with a talented roster and the...


What needs to happen for the Knicks to make a run and turn the season around.

At 8-13 the Knicks are still not out of play of contention and have 45 games left this season to make a run. Now while many appear to be waiting for Baron Davis, I believe that there is enough...


Why it may be time for D'Antoni to say goodbye

Whenever you make a decision there are risks involved. D'Antoni took a very big risk to come to NY to coach the Knicks and frankly he has come up snake eyes.


Hello I am here to fix your offense.

The Knicks offensive problems can be fixed before Davis takes the court. But here is what needs to happen.


The Truth about Baron Davis

Baron Davis is not that big of an enigma as people think. Baron is a front runner who likes money. Put Baron on a playoff caliber team and in a contract year and he will be an absolute beast....


Today is a good day

Even though it is raining here in DC it is a very good day so far.


Talking Knicks

  Now that we are assured that there will be a season it is time to get excited about the 2011-12 Knicks.


Knicks facts or fiction

I decided to play my own version of ESPN's fact or for fiction concerning this Knicks.


How to handle bad contracts.

  Fans love to complain about all of the players with bad contracts in the NBA, and during this lockout the owners are complaining about bad contracts as well. Now solutions like partially...


How the lockout could have been avoided.

Stern and the NBA owner's stay they want more team profitability and competitive balance and that is why they have taken a hard line with the players during this most recent CBA negotiations.  The...


Competitive Balance

The Owners and David Stern will tell you that the NBA Lockout is not just about money but competitive balance. That they are striving to put rules in place that allow all 30 teams to legitimately...


Shumpert Bust or Baller

As with any draft pick there are risks when you take them and Iman Shumpert is no exception. Now since we have not had a chance to see him spin with the Knicks I will take a stab at predicting his...


Making a Point

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player in NBA history.  Yet he needed a lot of help to win his titles and that help cost money. Somewhere here, I forget who so forgive me, said...


Okay I fixed it

In my previous post I raised questions about the risks of signing Chris Paul. However, given that Paul to the Knicks is virtually fait accompli, I have a solution to solve the other problems.   A...


Why the Knicks Should pass on Chris Paul

Despite ESPN's attempts to tell us otherwise, the NBA has never been a point guard dominated league either now or in the past.  Yes it is easier to draft point guards than any other position,...



  The Knicks do not have any superstars on their team and only fancy marketing and over the top nuthugging would have anyone believe that they do. What the Knicks have are two players in Amar'e...


Win now: How Dolan's Delusion is D'Antoni's Reality

  Should the NBA Lockout end in enough time for there to be some semblance of a season, Mike D'Antoni will be expected by the Knicks owner to win the NBA title or get as close to doing so as...


How Kwame Brown could help the Knicks.

  It is not a secret to anyone who has been following the Knicks at all over the last few months that the Knicks primary target in free agency is a veteran center who can be signed cheaply. Now...


Why Defense does not win championships in the NBA

The title of this post is a bit misleading. In order to be a championship team you have to play defense. However the point is that teams that rely on defense to win games do not win championships...


Why D'Antoni will win a championship before Thibodeau or Spoelstra

Defense wins championships. That is what everyone says.  That is the biggest bunch of BS in sports.  Execution wins in sports on offense and defense. In a playoff series a team that executes the...


A Missed Season would suck, but it may turn out great for the Knicks

  Billy Hunter said this week that there may not be a 2011-12 season. While that is just posturing at this point, he may be onto something. It seems that there is a much larger group of owners who...


Why JuJuan Johnson should be the Knicks pick at 17.

JuJuan Johnson is not the sexiest pick the Knicks could take at 17 nor is he one likely to get the fanbase the most excited, however he may be the best pick for us at this moment.  Now I will admit...


Sorry for the Sarcasm

  I know that I have gotten progressively more sarcastic as time goes by and I would like to apologize. However I feel the need to explain myself.


What did Donnie mean when he said he had a difficult job this off season

  Donnie Walsh has said on several occasions that he had a very difficult job ahead of him this off season.  Why is that?  Donnie could run the same roster out there this up coming season and with...

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