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Fixing the Defense

The Knicks are a lousy defensive team and that goes without saying. They were lousy in the years before D'Antoni and they are lousy now with D'Antoni. Now rumor mill has it that the Knicks want...


Fixing Ronny Turiaf

Ronny Turiaf disappointed me more than any other Knick last season. Now  while I realize that we are hoping the Knicks are able to bring in certain big men this off season, until they actually sign...


Let's be realistic for a minute

  This off season Donnie Walsh has a difficult task in trying to upgrade the Knick Roster.  Now we have thrown around enough names of Free Agents especially Centers that there isn't any need to go...


Column A or Column B

I have a buddy who wants the Knicks to acquire Javale McGee and Nick Young from the Wizards, and he figured out that it could be done, The wizards sign Young and trade him to the Knicks for Turiaf,...


My Knicks off season predictions

  I predict the following things will happen in the Knick Universe this off season.  Let's see if they come true.


They are in so now what?

  That was the question I was asked after the Knicks clinched a playoff spot last night.  For me the answer to that question is all about Carmelo Anthony.


How Mike D'Antoni has blown it.

The Knicks are struggling and it is all Mike D'Antoni's fault.  This is not a typical bash the coach post.  For starter's D'Antoni is preaching defense and has done so all year. In fact the trade...


Everybody Chill Out, This is Going to Turn Out Just Fine.

This trade has really bummed me out and has ruined what was for me the most enjoyable Knick season in a decade. As much as it bummed me out to give up young guys who I enjoyed watching play, I...

"[We have to] come up with a scheme or a couple of schemes we're going to stick with and do better...


"[We have to] come up with a scheme or a couple of schemes we're going to stick with and do better at," Anthony said yesterday. "Right now, one game we come in with one scheme. Another game we come in with a different scheme. I think it's a bit confusing at times." Read more:

Carmelo Anthony Via Marc Berman

Note to Mr. Anthony

  Be careful what you wish for Mr. Anthony because you just might get it.  You wanted out of Denver and in with New York.  Well Donnie has put a deal on the table and included a third team just to...


I know what you want but you might have to live with what you need!

  Wake up Knick fans and realize several things.   1. We will make the playoffs this season. 2. That will probably be the extent of our success this year. 3. The Knicks do not have any...


How to move the Knicks forward next season.

  Carmelo Anthony will not be a knick this season and not likely next season.  Denver does not have any reason to trade him to the Knicks except for Amar'e Stoudemire.  Since I don't think Donnie...

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