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My first live baseball game was at Angels stadium, where Don Baylor hit a three-run, walkoff homer off Goose Gossage, defeating the mighty Yankees. Needless to say, I was stoked.

I'll admit to losing track of baseball through college and graduate school. I began to pay attention again toward the end of the 2002 season. Yes, a bandwagon fan at this point. The playoffs and World Series thrilled me. I just KNEW they'd come back in game six. What a team!

Since then, I've been following them very closely, watching many games (now that I have MLB.TV I watch most games) and checking box scores and trade rumors obsessively. I even saw Mike Trout play in the Midwest League, against my current home's single A club. He was the best guy on the field, as everyone now knows. I had a good time pointing him out to the local baseball fans, who could also see that he was something special.

That's about it for me.

Go Angels!

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User Blog

Skaggs to the DL


Will Skaggs return this season? Sosh: I hope so.

Napoli Calls Tanaka "idiot" After Walk-off Homer


Is there any Napoli love left among Halo fans? If so, or not, do you think he's a classless bore for calling out Tanaka, or is this fair game?

Angels' Burnett on road to recovery


With all the griping going on--and I'm talking to myself as much as anyone--I thought a ray of optimism is called for. Here's the money quote: "In combination with steady offseason signee Joe Smith and effective if unsteady closer Ernesto Frieri, a healthy Burnett would help make for one of baseball's better late-inning trios." I think that's a reasonable statement.

Cleveland Indians Changing Official Primary Logo


We've discussed this on HH before, so I thought it might be of interest on another slow news day. "Wahoo's not disappearing, of course, but the 'phasing out' process has begun."

Another Sports Writer Jumping on the "Angels are Stupid" Bandwagon


Basically repeats the Gammon argument that Jim Gardner brought to our attention. While seeming to claim the idea as his own. Anyway, he may be right, but it pissed me off anyway as rather surface-level criticism.

Pitching Change: Renowned Coach Foresees An Era Of Bigger Staffs And Shorter Outings


I've been predicting and advocating for this kind of thing over the last year or so. Looks like I'm not alone.


Hey Angels: What's Up with the Errors?

Maybe I'm living in the past, but I seem to recall this club priding itself on--indeed building itself around--exceptional defense. Well, we are certainly exceptional this year--exceptionally bad....


One Franchise's Innovative Approach

Back in December of this year I made the mistake of posting on Christmas Day. Predictably, my post about managing MLB pitching received scant attention. In a nutshell, I suggested that since MLB...

OT: Halos Heaven Vet Pens Debut Memoir


Hey Folks. I'm usually not much of a self promoter, but since my first book came out recently, I thought you all, and Rev and company, would forgive me for plugging my work just this once. Also, I hope that some of you might be curious about a fellow Angels fan's scribbling. At the very least, you can learn my real name. Cheers. By the way, how about that three-game win streak?

Astros in First Place!


Rangers in last. Angels tied for second.

Loek Van Mil Defeats Cuba!


Actually, the real story is the walk-off win by the Netherlands to advance to the third round of the WBC. But Van Mil, former Angels minor-league gentle giant, did his part.

More Bad Luck for Torii


His son just broke the hell out of his femur running a "routine route" in practice. Yikes.


Bullpen? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bullpen!: Some Thoughts on the Management of Pitching

No bullpen? Madness, you say. I’ll do you one better. We may not even need a starting rotation either. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Like many around here, I've been scratching my head some...

Kaleb Cowart Shines in Kernel Rally


In other news, I saw a single A game on Monday that featured Kaleb Cowart hitting a bases-loaded, two-out, game-winning triple. He hit it left handed against a submariner closer who actually looked pretty tough. Matt Scioscia went 1-4 at D.H. and seemed fairly confident at the plate. Aside from Cowart, looking intimidating while going 3-5, the Kernels had trouble hitting a soft-tossing lefty for most of the night. Must be an organizational imperative. Two throwing errors by the River Bandits' third baseman set up Cowart's game winner.

You think Sosh is bad?


Bruce Bochy had Aubrey Huff play second base in the ninth inning of a tie game, a position he's never played before. Naturally, Huff forgot to cover second on a routine double play ball, and San Francisco lost the game shortly thereafter. I'm becoming convinced that most managers are fools.

OT: The Long Goodbye Now a Netflix Instant Watch


This may seem a non sequitur to some, but a couple of months back some HH heavies were praising this movie. I wanted to check it out but was too cheap to pay $3.99 on Amazon. Finally appeared on Netflix. Great movie. The link is to its Rotten Tomatoes page. Thanks, Rev, for the tip.

Dodgers Sign Chris Pettit


Remember this guy? Seemed like we were talking about him a lot. Then he got injured and we weren't talking about him at all. Good luck, Chris.

Astros Consider Changing Name


What do you say we give them some suggestions? I'm thinking The Texas Bushes. How about, The Houston Gulf Wars? Meh. So so. Surely there's someone out in Haloland who can do better.

Twins sign Joel Zumaya


I've heard a fair amount of interest on HH about giving Zumaya a shot, and I was one of the interested. Looks like the Twins got there first.

How We Become Sports Fans: The Tyranny of Fathers


Whimsical article about how our fathers force us into rooting for certain teams, at first. Funny Youtube video of a little kid telling his BoSox father that he likes the "Ankees." My father was a surfer dude who thought organized sports were a form of fascism, so I came to the Angels on my own, around junior high. They were local and underdogs, so I liked them. I'd be curious to hear others' stories about how they got turned onto the Angels.

Some Free Agent Guesses


Any thoughts on Kuroda? How about Papelbon?


Scioscia's Shrink

The jury is still out about Mike Scioscia’s current value. Many are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, blaming Reagins for our recent struggles. Others want Scioscia’s head on a platter....

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