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ACC: Acquaintance Coaching Carousel

Despite a first round loss to Mercer I think K is pretty safe, however there are already a couple of other opening in league as V-Tech and BC have already fired their HCs. VPI just announced that...


Big East: revisionist history aka How a real Northeastern power conference could been had

so on another corner of the interwebs I saw a thread discussing how different conference realignment may have gone had Penn State been granted acceptance to the BE way back when. Before even...


TNIAAM gettin some Buzzfeed (meme) love

22 Hilarious Jim Boeheim Ejection Memes Circulating The Internet almost half of the 22 are credited to this site. 7 of them were mine (only 6 credited but 6 more "RockoutwithyourCockout"s on...


Mount Rushmore of SU

since LeBron recently brought up the topic in the NBA, there has been a lot of discussion (especially on NY sports talk radio) about the Mt. Rushmore in various sports. Over drinks with some SU...


Is there any way we can get the (new) Big East to change their logo?? (NBE vs TBE)

I'm thrilled that the 'Cuse has found a new (and stable) home in the ACC and I'm (pretty much) over the past. I'm also happy that the old BE moniker went where it really should with the C7 hoops...


If Marrone had just waited 1 more year before bolting....

things would be so much cleaner. There would be none of the current dilemma surrounding the "if 'Cuse wins the T-Bowl, should HNHCSMFS still be fired?" controversy. for those few of you who...

+ I ran into about a third of the Seton Hall women's basketball team at Chipotle

True story. I spoke to them for a few, asking first what their take on the split up (and subsequent NEW) Big East was. While they were sad to see the old league go, they actually feel they...


A cute CBB (vs CFB) read...

I saw it linked on from Donna Ditota Last Saturday, Butler beat No. 1 Indiana in one of the most entertaining basketball games you...


let's design the New ACC

so, before we even get there it looks like the terrapins have left the station. other than knocking heads with our former BE brethren, they were probably the only non-Carolina school I gave a crap...


Am I the only one who thinks 'Cuse needs another guard next year??

while Noel woulda been great, the frontcourt is still pretty loaded w/BMK @ the 5, Rak & DC2 @ 5/4, CJ @ 4/3 and Big Game & JGrant @ 3. the backcourt on the other hand is pretty thin, even if MIA...


Is there any academical trouble looming for Orange Hoops?

I know abut 0.0 of the details and inner workings of the newish academic policy that is apparently about to bite it some UConn, and I'm faaar to lazy to research it on Google. With Dion jumping,...

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