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User Blog

Pros and Cons: Are the Broncos any good?

With a defeat of the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday the Broncos moved to 6 and 0 on the season. But they failed miserably in covering the spread the past two games. A lot of people are...


The Fantastic Mr. Fox

In the current 9 game win streak there seems to be plaudits all around for the Broncos success. It starts first and foremost with one Peyton Manning. Last year we lucked into the playoffs through...


Analyzing The AFC West

Good Day Broncos Fans.  This is Rocky Mountain Thunder.  Many of you may not be familiar with me as It's been awhile since I have been a regular fan poster/commentator on this site.  This is for...


Preakness Predictions

Go easy on me this is my first post on here.  I thought I would make some bold predictions for the 136th Preakness Here's what I predict going into Preakness week, some of this is in jest!


Coaching Candidates

Well, I am a bit sad about the canning of Josh McDaniels, and the best way to move on is to speculate who could be our next coach.  I have two names at the top of my list.  1) Troy Calhoun2) Rob...

NFL Network Gives Scathing Review of Brandon Marshall


This was an interesting review of the show Playbook on NFL Network. Mike Mayock and Sterling Sharpe were critiquing Marshall's effort at the end of the game versus the Jets. For 10 million dollars a year, you think he could give some effort at the end of a close game.


State of the League: 3 Game Report

Here are thoughts and comments on how all 32 teams in the National Football League stand after 3 games. 


Beat the Seahawks, Bring the Thunder

You gotta love the home opener.  In the past the Broncos have been very successful in home openers, sporting a 23-3 record since Pat Bowlen took over ownership of the team.  There are going to be...


Unsung Hero: No Marionette GM Here

As Tim Tebow threw a beautiful touch pass into the arms of Eric Decker last Sunday, a tall man in a nifty suit standing near the endzone immediately thrust his arms up in excitement.  The man...


Future Horsetracks

Here are some headlines that you are unlikely to see this upcoming season!


RMT's Preseason Thoughts

I thought I would share a few bullet point thoughts on the upcoming Broncos season.  I also have some general comments about the NFL as well. 

ESPN Analyst Arrested on Child Pornography and Drug Charges


One more reason not to like ESPN analysts. Maybe if they spent more time watching actual football tape instead of looking at innapropriate things and doing drugs then they could get a real analysis. This truly makes me sick though, and I know it's innocent until proven guilty but my word, What the hell was this guy thinking if its true??? Jeremy Green is an ESPN.com analyst, and I now he does lots of scouts inc. stuff and is on the radio quite a bit. He is not usually too positive about the Broncos. He is the son of former NFL coach Dennis Green. When asked about his son's accusation Dennis Green pounded his fist on the table and said regarding his son "He is who we thought he was. And we let him off the hook. If you want to crown him then crown him" Okay I made that up but I wish the rest was not true.


Josh McDaniels and the Big Leather Chair

I am a Josh McDaniels fan, I have been since the beginning.  Why? Because he was the Broncos coach and whoever is coaching the Broncos I am pretty much going to be a fan of unless he turns out like...


The State of the League

A report on where the other 31 teams in the National Football League sit at this point during the offseaseon.  Let the debate began. 


Denver Broncos Scouting Process according to Xanders

Great Interview of Brian Xanders on DenverBroncos.com.  He really got into some nice details about the scouting process and what the Broncos were thinking approaching the draft.  No other teams...


A Fitting End: Jason Elam to Retire As Bronco

I just heard through the Denver Broncos facebook fan page that Jason Elam will sign a 1 day contract with the Broncos on Wednesday so he can retire as a Bronco.  Although I hate the way things...


You Cannot Be Serious: RMT Rants

Ladies and gentleman, I made a mistake today.  I read Woody's mailbag this morning.  A couple of months ago I promised myself I would stop reading because it did nothing of value but I couldn't...


Film Study: Brady Quinn and the Draft

I've spent some time the past couple of months looking at our draft prospects and film and getting as many different opinions about them.  Then after we got Brady Quinn I decided to take a look at...


Darrent Williams Trial Verdict: Guilty

After a couple days of deliberation.  The jury has come back with a verdict for Willie Clark, the man accused of murdering late Denver Bronco CB Darrent Williams.  Clark was found Guilty of the...


How to Scout Players and Mock the Draft

(This is not serious, if you don't like non-serious posts stop reading) Let me start off by saying I love reading everyone's mock drafts and I get so much information about different players that...


Myth Busters: Offseason Edition

Hi again, everyone.  There's so much offseason speculation and media drivel that I decided that it is time once again to set the record straight on a few things that have been reported or said that...


Let's Help Elvis

I understand this isn't typical MHR material.  But I feel it's important and does relate to one of our beloved Broncos.  He's given us so much, it's time for us to give back to him.  Elvis...


An Offseason Plan

Here is a proposal to Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels on how to approach this offseason to get better.  Also I am going to predict a few things happening with certain coaches and players leaving.  ...


Broncos Humor: Christmas gifts

Every so often I try to cheer us up after a loss. Through my many sources within the Broncos organization and the NFL, I was able to find out what some of the players, coaches and personalities are...


Mythbusters: Part Two

A number of weeks ago I posted an article debunking some common myths, mostly about the Broncos but the NFL in general as well.  For example, debunking the myth that Kyle Orton is noodle armed or...


Broncos Vs. Colts: The Game Plan

I've been doing a lot of studying of the Broncos and Colts and I have come up with a few specific tactical strategies that the Broncos can use on offense and defense as they take on the Colts. ...


Quick Hits for Den/KC

Here is a rapid reaction from the Broncos/KC game.  I think the game provided several interesting nuggets or insights.  It looks like we have gone predominantly to a zone blocking team the past...


LIghtening the Mood: NFL related humor

The economy sucks, people are losing their jobs or if you are a state employee, have to take mandatory furloughs.  And you know what the worst part of it all is, I never learned to read.  No...


Mythbusters: What's really true!

As I read articles online and in newspapers, there are so many half-truths, mistatements, and right out lies that I feel compelled to write an article debunking some of the myths that you may read...


Unsung Heroes: Part One

Now that we are at the bye week, this is as good a time to give some plaudits on a few Broncos who have stood out but may not be getting the credit or press that is due.  Of course in many...

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