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Rodger is a recently graduated Northwestern journalism student whose expertise is sub-par basketball on the college, pro, and intramural levels. He likes Ghostface, Left Hand Milk Stout, and has been featured in the New York Times.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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User Blog

LeBron buys his neighbors cupcakes

People trampled all over LeBron's neighborhood as he thought about his free agency destination, but he made up for it with cupcakes!

UVA/Cleveland Cav Joe Harris is (almost) unique

We scanned the record books for examples of previous college-pro team name matchups, because it's July 23, and we are bored.

Patrick Kane shows no mercy in beer league game

Patrick Kane played against some random guys in Buffalo, and unsurprisingly completely dominated them.

Tim Tebow is training for an NFL comeback

Tim Tebow is staying ready if an NFL team calls on him. However, we should point out that's somewhat of a large if.

The best mistaken sports identity on Instagram

Sir, you did not run into Pete Carroll. You ran into someone who kinda has the same hair color as Pete Carroll. Kinda.

UNC WR tweets picture of bare cupboard at NCAA

Jordan Fieulleteau is showing off a cupboard full of Swiss Miss and penne pasta.

WWE rags on Miami fans with altered LeBron jersey

Monday Night Raw is in Miami, so let's rub some salt in those fresh wounds.

This is not how to toss a baseball

"Here, I'll just lightly toss this to you WITH EVERY OUNCE OF STRENGTH IN MY BODY"

Seth 'n' Rodger's Mascot Chat!


Sports have ridiculous team names. We are going to find the best, starting with some nutria and a good engineer dog.

ESPN3 Chronicles: Ultimate frisbee is a sport


Our look at things you can stream on ESPN3 brings us to tossing a disc, which has all the trappings of sportsdom despite you thinking of your college buddy Todd. Hey, what's Todd up to these days?

LeBron, Coach Cal watch mini-LeBron hoop

LeBron watched his kid play basketball, and we have Cute Dad Moments.

Jameis: Scholarship, free education 'enough'


Jameis Winston spoke at ACC Media Days, and the reigning Heisman winner said the free education he gets is worthy compensation for his services.

Rory booed for Man United fandom

Rory McIlroy won the British Open -- and then the crowd turned on him. This is probably the most violent booing in the history of golf, and it happened to a popular guy who just won a huge tournament.

Colby Lewis says dumbest unwritten rules thing yet

Colby Rasmus bunted against the shift and got a base hit. THE HORROR.

Sergio Garcia pleads with a ball

Just be good, ball! It's all Sergio wants.

The ESPN3 Chronicles have gone off the rails


There are too many random things to watch on your computer this Saturday. Stay inside.

Guy in bear suit races LPGA caddies, wins

You're our hero, Beer-Holding Guy In A Bear Suit Destroying LPGA Caddies In Races.

EA employees made a real life FIFA, it's awesome

This is the most realistic FIFA could possibly look.

Zach LaVine threw a shoe at his dog's penis

You probably shouldn't throw shoes at your dog's penis! You also probably shouldn't make videos of yourself doing it and then let everybody see you doing it!

Flava Flav is at Summer League and we have questio

All of which are basically "WHY IS FLAVA FLAV AT SUMMER LEAGUE"

John Daly's British Open pants = women, SpongeBob

Even at golf's most prestigious events, John Daly wears the most preposterous pants.

ESPN3 Chronicles: T-Mac wins a home run derby


Even though he is not very good at hitting and mediocre at pitching, Tracy McGrady was made into the star of a minor league all-star game. Then he retired, because you should always go out on top.

Watch Stuart Scott's powerful speech about cancer

"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live. So live! Fight like hell!"

Watch Michael Sam's ESPY speech

"Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself."

Drake blew in Lance Stephenson's ear

Drake had to clown on Lance Stephenson during the ESPYs.

Welcome to our award show, the SBs!

We have our own awards to give! They are different from ESPN's awards.

Michigan OL offended by tweets about fake games

They are also possibly offended by the Monstars' performance in Space Jam.

Spurs videobomb Aussie reporter with trophy

He thought they were just annoying fans, without noticing they were a) really tall and b) had a gigantic golden trophy with them.

Mesut Oezil uses bonus to pay for 23 kids' surgery

Mesut Ozil got a healthy check for being a part of Germany's World Cup win, so he's helping out some kids in the country where he achieved glory.

ESPN3 Chronicles: We watched another snuff film


ESPN3 allows us to watch a TON of extremely lopsided international lacrosse games, but this one made us feel feelings instead of just asking for the horror to stop.

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