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Rodger is a recently graduated Northwestern journalism student whose expertise is sub-par basketball on the college, pro, and intramural levels. He likes Ghostface, Left Hand Milk Stout, and has been featured in the New York Times.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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User Blog

D-Rose figurine requires leg assembly.

And so does the Steph Curry model!

'Timber' has an NBA playoffs version

It's going down. The NBA Playoffs! (takes poison)

The most Gregg Popovich press conference

If Gregg Popovich had a microphone to drop, he would drop it.

Tennis player warned for yelling SON OF A BISCUIT

Don't curse. Or doing anything close to cursing.

There's a Packers-specific dating site

The cheesehead of your dreams, a click away.

Jared Lorenzen has the best NCAA snacks take

Bless you, Hefty Lefty.

NU recruiting is KILLING IT despite all the weirds

Despite a brutal year, Northwestern's 2015 recruiting class is looking great early. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT.

Jags' Johnathan Cyprien meets "President Bush"

Hail to the Chief, or perhaps some random guy you met who totally is not a President.

Russell Westbrook, irrelevant shot blocking master

Russell Westbrook NEEDS to stop post-whistle threes, even at the expense of his own body.

The Mariners have a Macklemore bobblehead

Coming to a thrift shop near you (assuming everybody who gets one will try to sell it)

Aaron Liberman transferring

The Great Jewish Hope at Northwestern is dead: Northwestern walk-on Aaron Liberman will pursue his basketball career elsewhere.

Bartolo Colon jiggles

After a shutout performance Tuesday night, Bartolo Colon is leading the league in jolliness.

Mason Plumlee's game-winning block on LeBron

Yeah, you didn't misread that sentence.

Kliff Kingsbury flirts with recruits' moms

Kliff Kingsbury's dreaminess is a gift on the recruiting trail. Or is it a curse?

No, Drake didn't quickly swap shirts

THE DRAKE BANDWAGON FANDOM METER does not appear to cover UConn. He appears to be a true loyal Kentucky fan.


Here's your 2014 One Shining Moment video, and WE ALREADY MISS YOU, COLLEGE BASKETBALL



Shabazz Napier: 'We have hungry nights'

Before he played for an NCAA title at UConn, Shabazz Napier talked about how he doesn't always have money for food.

A compendium of Drake's sporting allegiances

Drake is a fan of every team that is winning. Let's run down the list!

Gene Chizik gives daughter's prom date stankeye

Gene Chizik is every dad ever, just way way way more intense.

Unofficial Cubs mascot punches guy

If you see a guy in a bar with a mascot costume, don't take off his mascot head if you don't want to get wrecked.

Drake is in the Kentucky locker room?

Started from the top, then some stuff happened, now we're here.

Internet = confused by team-specific announcer

There are homer announcers on two stations that are supposed to be homers. People on the internet are BAFFLED by this phenomenon.

the laaaand of THE FRAYYYYYYYY -- Chris Daughtry

The National Anthem at the Final Four is haunted by The Fray. Did that joke just go... over your head?

The College Slam Dunk contest was GREAT

The college Slam Dunk Contest was Thursday night and GAHHHHHH IT WAS GREAT.


Is it better to lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament or win the NIT? WHO CARES, YOU GET TO CUT DOWN NETS AND WE'LL MAKE YOU A ONE SHINING MOMENT VIDEO

Ranking NBA team's VOTE FOR OUR PLAYER campaigns

Buy some Big Al's Paint and get your beard groomed.

The CIT has a rap song

Yale and Murray State squared off for the CIT title and YES CBS MADE A RAP SONG

Fan grabs foul ball from Matt Adams, gives finger

A true Sporting Event Hero saved his team's player from an untimely foul-out, then got to flip off a player on the opposing team.

SELFIE DUNK and more from McDonald's contest

Duke commit Grayson Allen "won" the McDonald's slam dunk competition, but here is a guy taking a picture of himself while dunking and isn't he the real winner?

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