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Rodger is a recently graduated Northwestern journalism student whose expertise is sub-par basketball on the college, pro, and intramural levels. He likes Ghostface, Left Hand Milk Stout, and has been featured in the New York Times.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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User Blog

ESPN3 Chronicles: We watched a dynasty die a bit


ESPN3 somehow coaxed us into having an emotional investment in some weird offshoot of tennis we didn't know existed. There were weird rules and terrifying mascots.

Fat Joe hustles around the basepaths in Celeb Game

More like Fast Joe!

Cespedes struggles with trophy and WWE belt

Yoenis Cespedes has too much awesome to fit in two hands.

Home Run Derby rain delay = CUTE BABIES

The Home Run Derby rain delay is awful, but -- AWWWWWWWWW

Magic congratulates the Lakers for trying

The Lakers didn't get LeBron or Carmelo, but they tried. A for effort!

The ESPN3 Chronicles: We watched a snuff film


A lacrosse team beat another lacrosse team by so, so many lacrosse points. Because it is 2014, we were able to watch it for free instantaneously.


I think there will be several stories/blog posts written about the World Cup but maybe not who knows

ALL THE CELEBRITIES are at the World Cup

Famous people like sports too! The luxury boxes at the World Cup Final are an incredibly awesome and random set of famous people.

Meet some hypocritical golf signs

;Don't use your phone, but DO download our app!

ESPN3 Chronicles: Let's watch Germany play a sport


Germany is playing a sports game today. It is not the sports game you are thinking of.

Shakira is the greatest soccer player of our time

By appearing in her third consecutive World Cup Final, Shakira has done something no soccer-playing nation has ever done. May Shakira continue to appear in World Cup Finals forever and ever and ever.

Thomas Robinson turns reverse dunk into... well...

This might shock you, but sometimes the quality of play at Vegas Summer League is not outstanding.

Here's your 3rd-place Google Doodle

Brazil and the Netherlands are putting on their fuzzy Russian hats and getting this over with.

Crucial missed NED penalty almost rolled back in

Physics almost played a cruel trick on Argentina in the World Cup semifinal.

Guy Fieri threw out a first pitch for the Reds

Guy Fieri took the Reds to Flavortown and we have jokes.

Shocking video of LeBron's announcement not a joke

LeBron James shocked the sports world with his 2014 free agency decision, which is actually just a video of a State Farm commercial from 2009 and we're really sorry you clicked on the link. Please...

LeBron's house is a haven for weirdos, stalkers


Deuce wishes his baby mama a happy birthday

She's his wife and mother of three, but somehow Clint Dempsey calling her his baby mama is simultaneously sweet and hood.

A tribute to BrooklyKnight, the Nets' awful mascot

The Brooklyn Nets are apparently canning their mascot after two seasons. We will not miss it and its horrible metal face.

Star Wars night got weird

LANCE (deep breath) (deep breath) YOU ARE MY STARTER -- Mike Matheny telling Lance Lynn he was starting on Star Wars night

Let's watch a Brazil fan destroy a TV

Dude, it wasn't the TV's fault all those things happened on the TV.

John Wayne's family is suing Duke, let's hate Duke

John Wayne was the Duke. Duke University is Duke. This shouldn't be confusing, but it's confusing enough for a lawsuit, and we know which side we're on.

Dwyane Wade update: Sad sunglasses selfies

What's Dwyane Wade up to? Nothing. NOTHING. HELP.

Brazil is the Facepalm World Cup Logo

A summary of Brazil-Germany in 1,000 words.

Choose your own awful LeBron column

Whether LeBron James picks the Heat, Cavs, Rockets or... uh... other stuff, here is what sports columnists will say about his 2014 Decision.

TdF stage winner gets shut down on stage

He got the yellow jacket, but he decidedly did not get the girl.

MLS player takes post-goal selfie

Dom Dwyer of Sporting KC found out that celebrating with a selfie earns you a yellow card. We don't think he'll mind.

Novak Djokovic ate grass after winning Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic can digest grass by passing it between his four stomachs.

A historic moment in awkwardness at Wimbledon

"Great game, huh?" [blank stare]

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