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Rodger is a recently graduated Northwestern journalism student whose expertise is sub-par basketball on the college, pro, and intramural levels. He likes Ghostface, Left Hand Milk Stout, and has been featured in the New York Times.

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User Blog

People are getting arrested over Jameis signatures

College football people writing their names on things is the most serious thing in the world.

MLB stadiums, ranked by beer

The Washington Post decided to find which stadiums in baseball have the best beer. This is an opportunity for us to laugh at the Yankees.

Yoervis Medina's curve made Alexei Ramirez sit

It's embarrassing enough to strike out. It's more embarrassing when the pitch makes you fall onto your knees because you thought it was going to hit you.

Steve Spurrier has O'Bannon thoughts

Steve Spurrier continues to express he thinks college players should be paid in the most Steve Spurrier ways.

'Paul O'Neill is the greatest Yankee of all time'

Paul O'Neill is the greatest Yankee of all time. In other news, Babe Ruth is a candy bar, Yogi Berra is a cartoon bear, and Mickey Mantle is a cartoon mouse.

This is the Word Association NBA

We can't decide whether we'd root for the Brooklyn Bloggers or the New York Anxiety.

Chip Kelly adjusts headset with prehensile tongue

"Chip Kelly licking his headset" is the new "Les Miles eating grass."



Vikings announcer calls it 'Super Bowl hmmdjkl'

XI actually means "11", not "hmmbllbllhmmmmm."

Kickers are missing the long preseason PATs

Kickers are struggling to hit the 33-yard extra points the NFL is experimenting with this preseason, which makes extra points more interesting and also more aggravating.

Mizzou football in the groin has football in groin

Remember to wear a cup, even in non-contact practice.

Venric Mark suspended for first two games


Northwestern's star running back won't play against Cal or Northern Illinois due to a violation of team rules.

Carlin Isles races a car, wins

Sure, the race wasn't exactly fair from the car's perspective, but, like, 99.99 percent of people still would've lost to the car.

Jimbo Fisher kills a bat

Florida State's first win of the 2014 season came against an unsuspecting bat.

Trevor Siemian's mysterious, scandalous 40 time


Trevor Siemian says he's the fastest QB in Northwestern history -- and almost the fastest in NFL history. So is he a dirty, dirty liar, or has Northwestern's coaching staff failed him -- and us?

Matt Scott throws up, throws up, throws TD

Matt Scott threw up and threw touchdowns at Arizona, and now he's doing it in the NFL. (Never mind the potential health implications.)

Gene Simmons talks about Sterling, WAS team name

Gene Simmons owns a sports team. Here is how he feels about other owners of sports teams and racism.

The Jets are in midseason form


Chiefs fan has a personalized 311 jersey

This is a creative way to support a mediocre band.

The Yankees starting pitcher is :)

Things have gotten dire in the Bronx, and they're turning to emoticons to fill out the rotation.

Colter, Ebert have Lion King themed puppies

The key to making an NFL roster at wide receiver is puppy ownership.

Vin Scully has a nutshot joke, is the best

Vin Scully can joke about genitalia and make it sound homey. He is a national treasure.

Clint Dempsey photobombs D.C. United

Taking a photo in front of Clint Dempsey is an act of treading.

WWE takes on the Red River Rivalry in Austin

The problem with making Texas fans angry is that means you are making Mark Henry angry.

Meet the Mild Hunter Pence insulters

Hunter Pence isn't a bad guy -- he's just got extremely poor taste in a few ways that make it obvious you should never hang out with him. These guys called him out for it.

Spencer Dinwiddie, the loveable NBA rookie perv

He's got a mustache and a penchant for 69 jokes. We're all in on Spencer Dinwiddie.

Rays power outage leads to Looney Tunes

The best performance in a sporting arena by the Looney Tunes since Space Jam came out.

Michael Strahan's bust has his huge tooth gap

Most Hall of Fame busts depict non-smiling faces. Michael Strahan features a huge grin, complete with an even more huge tooth gap.

Introducing the SPORTS HATE MAP

It's easy to guess where fans of certain teams are. It's harder to find out where enemies of certain teams are, which makes this map fascinating.

Let's all listen to Juwan Howard's grandpa rap


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