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Second Round Quarterbacks... Just Roll The Dice

Take the chance on a 2nd round quarterback three times and you'll end up with about the same likelihood of success as the teams that just spent a top-three pick on a QB. But you'll have paid less...

A Link And A Question


The link is to the End of Draft Press Conference with EFX. It's posted on The question is - for any techies out there, or anybody with more common sense than me - how do I watch it? I'm a country boy in rural Idaho where we've got satellite internet that fluctuates from like 100kbps to 400kbps. I don't know if my internet is just slower than the rest of America's but it takes me about an hour to buffer a 15 minute video at No other sites take that long. So is it just me or is it the site? The bigger problem I have, though, is that those videos can't be keyed to start buffering from any moment of time except the beginning. My internet stops buffering the video, the video plays to the point where it stopped buffering and then I have to re-buffer from the beginning and do it all over again. It keeps happening. It's like my internet loses connection for a brief second or whatever so then I have to go back and start all over. Is there a way that I can download those videos or watch them on a different forum? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help. Oh, and the link. Yeah, check it out... if you can :)

Kendall Wright; Not Fat, Not a Diva


I wrote a FanPost about Kendall Wright last week and mentioned that his body fat being reported at 16% didn't scare me even a little bit. In the linked article he pretty much just says that it's not true, that teams know he's at 8% body fat, and that he's not really bothered too much by what the media says or thinks. Dynamic. Explosive. Versatile. "This guy would run through a wall for his team". Not a diva. Immediate impact. Welcome, Kendall. I knew you weren't fat all along. Welcome to my football team. Please?


Dear New York: Let's Make A Deal... Again

Is it weird that I know a lot more about Michael Brockers than I know about Andrew Luck? I'm gonna go on a limb here and say no. In fact, I'll go further by guessing that half of my MHR...


What do Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith and Kendall Wright have in common?

Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne were Peyton Manning's elite receivers throughout his career in Indianapolis. Steve Smith was Coach John Fox's elite receiver during his tenure in Carolina. They're...


Bigger Is Better; A Partial Retread From Last Year

In a FanPost written in February of last year, I broke down some tendencies of John Fox's interior defensive linemen while in Carolina. With Von Miller being Von Miller, and because the draft...


Teach Me How to Duggie

Times, they are-a-changing. When I decided to do a mock draft, it made me think of the past. I've been around this site for years now, and changes.. they happen. Last year it seemed like we had...


Strategic Yet Awkwardly Placed Draft Bullets

This post is really just about some general draft strategies, ideas and sort of the guidelines that seem to navigate me through the discussions of who we might choose and why. It's not necessarily...


Broncos Shift Gears With The Addition Of Manning; Drafting Offense?

With Peyton F. Manning now having graduated from a Colt to a Bronco, I truly believe Denver is in position to now grant him the supporting cast that he's been denied for so much of his career...

Mike Adams:A Safety? A Corner? A Team Player, A Teacher


Mike Adams, or "Pops" as they lovingly refer to him in Cleveland, is what I see as both a bet-hedge and also a mentor to our youngsters. He's good enough to start and he's really good in coverage, but Moore and Carter are also both good enough to start, IMO, especially with Adams' continued mentorship and tutelage. Mike Adams is here as insurance and for his veteran presence that he brings to the secondary.


Build Us An Offense With The Goal Of Adding 7 Points Per game..

To all my MHR peeps out there still stuck in limbo land - those that want Manning, and those that don't: Let's play a game, shall we? Let's put down our swords for just a moment and pretend for a...

Taylor Swift and The Tebow; Song Soon?


Yeah, it's news. And yeah, it's FanShot worthy -) So apparently Taylor Swift has a little crush on our boy Timmy. I think I'd draft her in the 2nd round, maybe the first... but not a moment before that. She wasn't at the combine, but I hear she's not real fast. Course neither is Tebow, if ya know what I mean..


Tim Tebow And The Third Rail

Politicians get so firmly entrenched in their ideals that they see no common ground or common sense . Everything is absolute in that world. Say some Senator somewhere believes in lower taxes. He...

Highly recommended reading about Von Miller's Cast


Miller said he is eager to regain his mid-season form but knows he must play with the cast for the remainder of the season. "I'm anxious to get the thumb back in rehab and get it right," Miller said. "But the pins aren't coming out until after we win the Super Bowl." That part made me laugh, but the whole article is absolutely worth a read, as it is really pretty enlightening as to what Miller is dealing with.


The Never-Say-Never Moment Of Fantasy Land

In Nick Cast's MHR fantasy football league of 16 teams, Blue Crush began the season 0-5, narrowly losing each tightly fought contest while banged up by early injuries. With five L's already...


Broncos Beat The Brady Bundchens

I got killed in my boldness of the first Oakland game - the first game of the season. Not really my boldness that killed me, I guess; it was more of my loudness and overtness. Whatevs, though....


Tackling Brady

I interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for this breaking news report: The Denver Broncos go head-to-head tomorrow afternoon with Gisele Bundench's husband. I'm no Tom Brady, and I'm no Tim...

Broncos Undrafted Rookie, CB Chris Harris, Gets Respect From PFF


Four writers from ProFootballFocus are tasked with highlighting a late-round impact player from the 2011 draft class. Three of the chosen players were 5th rounders. The other player chosen is our own Chris Harris, a nice surprise who was actually signed after not being drafted at all. Check out the link above. "Outside of Richard Sherman, no cornerback from 2011 draft class can make an argument for having been more productive on defense thus far than Harris and, in my opinion, Harris is the all-around more valuable player." Here's your sign: You know you got a Grade-A draft day steal when an undrafted player is called the most productive player at his position, regardless of where he was drafted - a position that includes the likes of Patrick Peterson, no less. The future is bright for this kid. Lucky us. And thanks to Brian Xanders for finding this gem.

Digesting The Patriots

Tedd Bartlett at It's All Over Fat Man breaks down the Patriots and feels that we match up well and will win this game. Here are a couple excerts that I most agree with and then his breakdown of the base personnel he would like to see playing... (Read the whole article if you have time. Easily the best breakdown of the Patriots, as it relates to our upcoming game, that I've seen.) "It all starts with Tom Brady, obviously, and he’s outstanding. He does do worse when he’s pressured, but not when he’s blitzed heavily. He spots those blitzes, and he’s great at throwing the ball to where the defense just blitzed from.... " "Up front, I need my four to beat their five, and that’s a reasonable thing to expect. Miller should dominate against Solder, and I don’t think that Light can handle Dumervil consistently either. If you can pressure Brady with four men, and your other seven can cover, you have a pretty good shot against New England." ....... "So here’s my lineup in Cover-1, as I play nickel against the Patriots' base 12 personnel offense, because they don’t run the ball that much, or that well. Pos Player Assignment DE Von Miller Pass Rush DT Brodrick Bunkley Pass Rush DT Marcus Thomas Pass Rush DE Elvis Dumervil Pass Rush LB D.J. Williams Cover Gronkowski (double) LB Wesley Woodyard Cover the RB, or Hernandez if there's a 3rd WR CB Champ Bailey Cover Welker CB Andre' Goodman Cover Branch CB Chris Harris Cover Hernandez, or the 3rd WR if there is one FS Qunton Carter Single high centerfielder SS Brian Dawkins Cover Gronkowski (double)"

Broncos Did Their Job, Now You Do Yours

PRO BOWL IMHO, Tim Tebow is probably a lock. You can't vote against someone, so haters have no vote. Not saying don't vote for him, just underlining that Von Miller, DJ Williams and Champ Bailey probably need your votes more.

Dear Tom Brady: We're Sending Out The Bat Signal. And You've Been Warned

Dear Tom Brady, Mile High Stadium is our MF house.... not yours. Don’t come up in here expecting the Denver Broncos to lay down and just give you the keys to the castle. And this just in: We...


Keys To The Game; Bears Offense Need To Play "Tebow Ball"

Just like last week's Vikings, the Chicago Bears play a 4-3 Defense and also major in Tampa Two. So Tim will see a lot of similarities in this game. Further, the Bears actually play a very basic...

Bill Williamson thinks Chicago won the Cutler Deal


Question: Bill, what are your thoughts on the Cutler trade now ? Do you think it was a smart move that would be done again ? Bill Williamson: I think it was all generated by Josh McDaniels. I thionk Chicago won that deal. ....................... Gentlemen, I think Bill needs to hear from you. We got Kyle Orton, sure. But we also got two first-round picks and a third-round pick. They got Cutler who led Chicago's 31st ranked offense last year and then quit on the team in the playoffs. That team made the playoffs despite Cutler, not because of him. Chicago would never give up that trade again. Never. Never. Never. They would never do that deal if they had it to do over. They'd have used those three high draft picks to actually improve their offense and get them over the hump rather than ranking 31st last year. Bill needs to hear from you. He's already heard from me.

Rang and Reuter's 1st Mock of the year (CBS Sports); Drum roll....


When it's our turn to pick, Devon Still (best DT in the draft) is still on the board in Reuter's mock, and Dre Kirkpatrick (fantastic CB prospect) still remains in Rang's mock... I'm not even telling you who these MFs have us choosing. But I guess I'll give you a hint: They're predicting riots in Denver.


I Think I found Our Next Middle Linebacker

Think about what you want in a middle linebacker before making the jump. Intincts, to me, is always number one. And I want a hard-hitter. He needs to have a willingness to leave his feet to make...

Dave Razzano, You Knuckle Head; We Remember What You Said


Ya'll remember this?... Dave Razzano, who spent more than two decades as an NFL scout and appears regularly on Comcast SportsNet's "Chronicle Live," believes whichever team spends a high draft pick on Miller will ultimately be disappointed. "He's got some Vernon Gholston in him," Razzano said, referring to the sixth overall pick of the New York Jets in 2008. Gholston failed to record a sack in 42 games and was released this offseason. "I'm not a big Von Miller fan," Razzano said. "In looking at Big-12 tape, he does not have a motor. He doesn't chase hard. They run at him, and he doesn't fight off blockers. When he gets sacks, a lot of times he's not getting blocked. He's a one-move guy." Miller recorded 17.0 sacks as a junior, and he was reportedly hampered early last season with a high-ankle sprain. After a slow start, Miller posted 10.5 sacks. "I think that's an excuse," Razzano said of the injury. "I use Pat Willis as an example. He would still be tough and aggressive. But Miller doesn't fight off blocks. He still shows speed on film, but I don't see the effort." "Somebody is going to make a mistake on him." No, I think somebody made a mistake on you. It's one thing to be wrong, but this guy was wrong on epic proportions. Gholston? No motor? One move? Faking injury severity? These amazingly stoopid and ignorant statements made Razzano famous. Literally. His take on Von Miller put him on the national map and in the spotlight. It was aggravating at the time, and now it's either laughable or enraging... not sure which. But I think it should be remembered. I hope he gets reminded everyday. You're a joke, Mr. Razzano. You should be publicly flogged and ridiculed instead of just being silently forgotten about. And you should be forced to apologize to Von Miller's mother, you tool. You should probably apologize to the entire scouting community, too, because you just made that entire trade look no better than Miss Cleo's Taro Card readings.

Mile High Salute To You, Von MIller - And Some Thank You's


Run defense, though, was supposed to be Miller's weakness. "That's what they say," Miller said, smiling. "Just like what they say about Tebow and his throwing motion and how he can't play." "I've never seen a human who can will himself to win like that," Denver linebacker Von Miller said. Break. Not just amazing, but amazingly humble - this guy. And willing to put in the work to get better. "Great teammate." "Team Guy." That was the story on this kid coming out of college. For once, the gossips were true. And I salute you! And thanks Elvis. Thank you Champ. Brian Dawkins you transcend time. Thank you defense. Thank you Mr. McGahee. Eric Decker, we love you too.

Broncos Tackling, Plus ProFootballFocus Man-Crushin' On Some Von MIller


Catching up on some ProFootballFocus articles here. These guys know their stuff, as they break down, and grade, every player on every snap of every game one by one. So here's some sharing... Broncos rank 4th in the NFL in terms of missed tackles as a percentage with 8.33% (47 total). Pretty refreshing, no? That article is linked above. In unrelated news, PFF recently gave a few members of their staff the following directive: "Back in Week 8 we assembled a dream offensive line here. Today I want build a 4-3 front seven that is as strong as possible in all facets (no one-trick ponies on this squad)." Von MIller made the squad. As a rookie. "With the way that teams are trending towards 3-wide offenses, I can afford to put in Von Miller at one spot. He plays well in base and he’s unblockable as a rush end. When was the last time a rookie was this good in his first year? " PFF also has Von Miller ranked at #1 overall for rookie of the year, saying "Without being too smug – since many still disagree – there’s only been one week where Miller hasn’t led our Race for Rookie of the Year, and it’s nice that the praise is starting to flow that should have come so much sooner. He may be head-and-shoulders above the rest.... [1] Von Miller, OLB, DEN, +43.4 (625 snaps) No, that rating is not a typo. Miller has just been that good, making plays in every phase of the game. He used Thursday Night Football to enhance his credentials by making sure Mark Sanchez knew all about him. Now has an incredible 26 quarterback takedowns (sacks and QB hits). Cam Newton is in 2nd place with 698 snaps and an overall ranking of +28.2. More on Von.... "Denver Broncos: Outside linebacker Von Miller has 26 combined sacks and hits, which is six better than any linebacker regardless of 4-3 or 3-4. On 9% of pass plays, he brings the quarterback to the ground." Say what? I say that's one bad MF. I should have given the links to all the different quotes, but I forgot to grab them as I grabbed the quotes. So, tough luck =)


KC Fans Credit Our Defense, See Tebow as Irrelevant to Turnaround

With ex-Broncos QB Kyle Orton now a brand new member of the current division-bottom-dwellers, the Kansas City Chiefs, I recently spent a little time over at Arrowhead Pride. After commenting a few...

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