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It's The New York Jets, Not The Boogie Man

  I’ll leave for others to argue and debate the fashion in which the Denver Broncos got their win on Sunday afternoon. As with the players and coaches, my mind is already in Mile High Stadium...


Like Our Own "Batman", I'm Baack.. But This One Is Actually About "Robin"

  Well boys, I think we certainly got this one right. A few of us were calling Von Miller "special" and "elite" before he even stepped foot on the field - not just saying someday, but clearly...


Hello Again and Then Some Apples to Apples

First off, Hello Again! I'm going to open with a past game, tell you why, and then we'll move on to what I consider to be the best comparison we should be making when it comes to The Tebow. I...


Greatest Advantage on Monday Night; Home Field? VonDoom? Nope, nope.

Hue Jackson One successful NFL season at the 'Coordinator' level... in three tries No Head Coaching experience at any level The greatest advantage for the Broncos on Monday Night is that they...


The Mismatches; The Targets

With the Raiders from OakTown coming into Mile HIgh on Monday, the new Orange Rush will be looking to shove a couple "Welcome Home" presents up the backside of Jason Campbell's britches. Well,...

It's Raiders Week - Go to the Black Hole and Vote for Von!


Silver and Black, the fellow SB Nation fan site for the Raiders has a very recent post up that discusses who should have more sacks in the game and gives a poll. Go vote! Maybe we can beat them in their own house before we beat them on our field on Monday Night!

Raiders preparing for 'Totally Different Defense'


Jackson was asked if he’d watched the Broncos pass-rushing duo of Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller and he was quick to provide an animated response. "Have I watched them? Are you kidding me? These guys are a highlight-reel," Jackson said. "They are very good players — very good pass rushers. Obviously Von Miller is a rookie but he knows how to go to the quarterback and (Elvis) Dumervil has been just sensational at what he’s done over the years. It’s going to be a big task for us, but we are looking forward to it." Later, Jason Campbell gives his thoughts on the VonDoom phenomenon, ending with "They are definitely one of the top five combinations in the National Football League". Maybe now that you've heard it from your own people, maybe now fans will take it a little more seriously.


All Aboard the Preseason Train to Koolaid Town. Choo! Chooooo!

  Let me kick this post off by droppin' some knowledge like VonDoom droppin’ quarterbacks. Statistics can be twisted and turned to fit any desire the writer might have. Pow! Most of you knew...

A couple Bronco related "stats of the week" from Peter King


(Italics is me speaking, the regular stuff is from King's article.) Remember this Fitzpatrick hack from two weeks ago? Apparently he looked like Tom Brady against a good Jags Defense. Hmmm. Guess it must've just been that our defense rocks because we made him look pretty foolish.... Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Jacksonville Comp.......At.....Yards......TD-Int......Rating 11............12.....165..........2-0.........158.3 Thought: On his first three drives, Fitzpatrick, against one of the best defenses Jack Del Rio has fielded in Jacksonville, drove the Bills 74, 82 and 52 yards to a field goal, touchdown and touchdown. Keep thinking of him as roster marginalia. Go ahead. He's not. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here's another "stat of the week" listed in Peter King's column. Something about a man named Miller... Denver rookie outside linebacker Von Miller vs. Seattle Solo tackles.....Assists...Total.........Sacks......QB Hits 4..................... 0..............4...............2.............4 Thought: The best game by a defensive player this weekend gives the Broncos reason to think they struck gold with their first draft choice. He and Elvis Dumervil should make beautiful music together. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On an unrelated note, King also says that he's now convinced Arizona was closer to getting Orton than the Dolphins were. Please allow this to serve as yet another example of just how truly brilliant I am after writing Kevin Kolb flying the coop, headed to Arizona? Not so fast. Ok, that's sarcasm. I'm kidding. Well, not really but sort of. Alright, I guess I am pretty awesome. Just kidding, though. (But not really;)


A Not-Very-Deep Look Into A Brain

Tell me this is the preseason and that it was only the Bad News Bills followed by the Seattle Sea Chickens. I’ll tell you right back - in a monotone, I-could-care-less type of voice - I do not... Falsely Stirring The QB Controversy


The link here takes you to the home page instead of the article itself. I felt it was important that you read the article title as listed on the front page: "Broncos' Fox mum on starter vs. Bills" Wait. WTF? Kyle is getting demoted? Maybe? Click on the article and look up at the top of your browser. All the sudden they pull the bait and switch. The title now reads: "Fox: QB rotation vs. Bills will be 'game-time decision'" So now they're saying it has absolutely nothing to do with the starter but that Tebow might be losing his spot to Quinn. But wait, there's more... Watch the video clip with Fox that's right there on the page. He says very clearly and unequivocally that right now Orton is the 1, Tebow is the 2 and Quinn is the 3. Makes me sick. No story here - just an article with a title that makes you think there might be a story... then the bait and switch. Grrrrrr I want my ten minutes back!

Audio interviews with Fox, Beadles, Haggan, Vick, Royal, Moore, Beadles and more..


104.3 The Fan must've set up camp outside Dove Valley over the last 48 hours because they've got a lot of brand new interviews posted. Just follow the link...


Taking My Bumps and Bruises

Am I the only one that skips every post that has something to do with the Quarterback situation? Can't be, right? We've got some great contributors around and I'm sure they have some enlightening...

Brian Xanders Speaks


Brian Xanders on Broncos Cap Situation... What can Broncos fans expect to be done with the remaining $26.5M in salary cap both over the next few weeks and into the season? "The cap is an interesting thing, this year there is no dead money carried over. So we actually have a lot more room than our cash budget. Our cash budget, we're going to spend the maximum. Pat Bowlen's been a great owner in terms of reinvesting in the team and giving us an aggressive cash budget. And what the fans don't see or what the media doesn't see is the cash budget versus what the cap room is. And so we're maxing out our cash budget for this 2011 team. We're going to have a lot of room jut because there's no dead money rolled in, there's no acceleration. The fans need to know we're going to be agressive and spend to the max. "I can't disclose our cash budget but it's very close to the actual cap number. And so the cash spend is going to be a hundred percent, and that's how we're always going to be." Don't shoot me if I misquoted a word here or there :) On Moreno.. "Knowshon came back in excellent shape, the best shape of his career. He's really lean, He's a lot quicker and faster. His exterior range on runs is really good." Obviously there was some other stuff, including quarterbacks, of course.

First-string offense gets owned in the goal line period.


Offense gets owned in the goal line period. After an Orton-to-Gronkowski TD pass, defense stops the offense five consecutive plays. #Broncos Is that good or bad MHR???

Analysis of the Patriots' release of Ty Warren


This is just a few days old from the front page of New England's site on SB Nation. It's essentially a combination of excuses and denials mixed in with a lot of pertinent information about the guy's days in Boston and why he might have been released. Bear in mind, this is their initial reaction and there was confusion as to his cap number and total salary. One major note here: They really didn't seem to think it has anything to do with his 2009 injury and barely even mention it. And don't forget, Fat Albert was added to their roster at $6M/yr before Warren was cut - so it's entirely possible that the guy was just a cash casualty. Lots of talk about him not being able to use him in a 4-3 going around, but keep in mind that we look at more 3-4 DTs than 4-3 DTs. That's just how Foxy roles.

Another confirmation on Broncos having cap room - over $26.7M


The Denver Broncos own the 7th most available cap space in the league with over $26.7M. With the singular move of trading Kyle Orton, cap room would immediately jump to around $35.5M - a number that only the cheapo Bengals surpass. So here's yet another confirmation of what most of us here already knew... We're not spending much money, even though we have room to spend. And don't forget the rather recent revelation that the salary 'floor' doesn't come into play until 2013 - so the Broncos and other teams aren't actually forced to spend like was originally thought. Now after reported interest in two high-profile, high-priced DEs, it is possible (even if unlikely) that EFX consider that position worth the money, but see the position of DT as not being worth the money. We certainly have cap room available to go after a guy like Osi (or two of him), but it's probably more likely that Mr. B's given us a budget far beneath that number. I would love to be shown wrong on that.


A Quick Update On The Top Defensive Tackles Still Available

There were five major names on most wish lists here at MHR for Defensive Tackles in Free Agency/cheap trades. This is just a quick reminder that three of those five are still available, with Albert...

A Dirty Fat Man From the Division Rival Chiefs?


Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride points out recent twitter traffic from 325 pound Nose Guard Shaun Smith indicating he may have already chosen a new team. Shaun is essentially teasing his follows by letting them know he has a flight in the morning but isn't saying where. We already know the Broncos have DT Derek Landri, TE Daniel Fells and DT Jason Hatcher coming in for visits tomorrow. A bigger DT like Shaun Smith, to pair up with Little Vick and Landri would make sense. Smith is strictly a two down run stopper, but he's very good in that department. This is just a thought, as there really aren't any other signs pointing him to Denver. He's just a fat man at a division rival that looks to be leaving, and he looks to fit what we need here.

And In This Week's Installment Of WTF Were You Thinking..


Andrew Mason of MaxDenver was able to get the scoop on Little Vick's weight... "(It was) my idea," Vickerson said. "It wasn’t the coaches’ idea at all. Just me getting back to my college weight." "I know what I can do at this weight in a 4-3 system and try to go from there. I haven’t seen coach (John) Fox yet; (I’m) hoping he’s thrilled to see that I have lost the weight." John Fox signed Big Vick at roughly 321 pounds as one of his first major moves. Vick was given a bonus and then essentially locked out of the building. Now Vick comes in at 285 pounds? How can he not know that his coach likes big, fat DTs? When this story of Big Vick turning into Little Vick came out months ago, I opined that he probably never asked anybody and that it didn't make sense. He's the only real DT on our roster and he's not even the same guy Fox hired. He's completely changed.Everything about how he plays will be different. So this week's dunce cap goes to you Little Vick. Thanks for taking your money and your extension only to turn around and screw us over. And ignorance is no excuse. If I knew John Fox likes fat men in the middle then why didn't you?

Looks like Shanny got the last laugh - sent Fat Albert packing to another 3-4 team


That makes me laugh-)!!! I really wish we made this trade, though. A 2013 5th rounder for his talents is worth the risk. $5M for the year is worth the risk. And $6M in 2012 is worth the risk. Isn't it time for us to sign a big bertha DT yet???

Orton trade talks heating up; Dolphin fans fired up?


The Miami Broncos now have our ex-Defensive Coordinator (Mike Nolan), our ex-backup QB (Tom Brandstater), our soon to be ex-starting QB (Kyle Orton) and our ex-star receiver (Brandon Marshall). Dolphin fans seem to have a mixed reaction over at the Phinsider, but according to PFT here, fans are pretty pissed off

Denver Post gives MHR and John Bena some love


Bena says that site traffic has quadrupled at MHR. And apparently, not just DP knows the name. I recently contacted the Broncos' PR exec in charge of interviews so that I could ask Brian Xanders some questions. He told me I had to go through Mr. Bena and that he (Bena) has already built a relationship with those in the building, including Xanders. I never followed through because my questions weren't going to be softball questions, so I assume I would have been rejected Anyway, nice to see MHR on the map!

Yep, I'm abusing the FanShot section of this forum, but aren't you happy I didn't use a FanPost?? ...


Yep, I'm abusing the FanShot section of this forum, but aren't you happy I didn't use a FanPost?? -) Any of you who've gotten used to my ridiculous writes and reads - whether we've agreed or disagreed - u probably know that I'm firmly about accountability. Our thoughts are recorded. Our guesses can be tracked. If I'm wrong a lot, people will stop listening. And I take that very seriously. Now, you can take that as my own back pat, or you can take that as a drum-roll of me trying to convince you to believe what I believe. And I just want to put it on record here right quick... Tim Tebow. Not when, but now. Not good, but great. I believe the man will take us to our first Game since Mr. Elway. Tim Tebow. It's OK to believe. I do.

Denver Post Clarifies Broncos Cap Number


Jeff at the DP answered my questions about the salary cap and his recent valuation of $129M . First thing to note is that he confirms his number includes 72 players, even though only the 53 that ultimately make the roster will actually be counted. So shave $10M right off the top (subtract 19 players at an average of $500k per year). Next, trade Orton (-$9M), renegotiate with Dawkins (-$3M), cut Buck (-$2M), Hill (-$2.4M) and Haggan ($-$2M). So that's another $18.4M we should be able to shave off with a scalpel (rather than chopping like crazy with a machete). With those simple adjustments, we're now at $100M as a baseline, but there are still reasons to think we're underneath even that number... Jeff's numbers include all major performance based bonuses as far as I can tell, including Andre Goodman taking 75% of the snaps ($1M), Tim Tebow taking 45% of the snaps ($1.5M), as well as whatever's going on with Brian Dawkins' ridiculous number. Additionally, in my own humble opinion, it looks like Jeff's numbers are set to include worst case scenarios, essentially. I don't know if he's going for the shock factor, or if maybe he had someone from the Broncos send him the numbers, but there is reason to suspect that each estimate was taken with the highest number possible. As to the issue of dead money, which is very much alive, it seemed to me that Jeff Legwold tap danced around it a little. He said his numbers included the dead money, explained what dead money is, but stopped short of committing and never actually said dead money will be included in this year's cap. To be clear, he seems to be leaning toward thinking the dead money will be included, but he doesn't sound sure. He basically said that most contracts last year were put together within cap guidlines, but that just doesn't seem like a good reason to believe cap baggage from an uncapped year will be brought in to the new cap. Why would the league go back and force teams to retroactively take these hits? Why would they want to? What purpose would it serve? Personally, I still doubt dead money will be included. Specifically, I don't think we'll have to take major hits for key guys.. But I'm not sure either. Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan were signed without a salary cap in place and were released before it came back. Riddle me how the league is going to now come in and essentially impose a cap on these ghosts. I have an email in to John Clayton at ESPN (regarding the "dead money" issue), but haven't heard back, yet. Hopefully we get an answer from one of these salary cap gurus pretty soon, because I'm telling you, something still sounds fishy. If I'm right about the dead money, at least on Bannan and J-Wall, then we stand at around $92M - giving us plenty of money to sign our rookies, Brandon Melbane, Marcus Thomas, DeAngelo Williams, Jeff King and a FB. If I'm wrong and we do have to include it, then we can still be at $100M with just the few easy moves listed above - rather than the scary number of $129M. At $100M, we'd still be pretty tight after signing Von Miller and a RB. We wouldn't, IMO, have the money to sign a top-tier DT. So cross your fingers.

A Fresh Crock of You-Know-What


While reading this, I found myself back in 7th grade wanting to do that cheesy little cough-while-shouting-bullsh*t thing. Yeah, how cool was that! Anyway, it's a puff-piece on Brandon Marshall. I won't make a habit of posting on Marshall. I assure you, it's just a coincidence. If you don't want to read it, sorry for taking your 12 seconds... just skip it :) But misery loves company, so here's hoping you read this while eating lunch, because it made me puke in my mouth a little bit -)

Brandon Marshall says wife didn’t stab him; new 911 call emerges


Man, I really miss this guy. Is there any doubt to anyone that he was at it again, she stabbed him in defense, but now they both deny it because his money stops flowing once Goodell finds out and indefinitely suspends him again? Oh, right. Innocent until proven guilty. That's Ok, we'll get him next time. And by next time, I mean no more than a month or so. He's already over due, no?

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